The Call

The Call

God has called All Saints Dallas to build a three stream Anglican Church where people will encounter, love and worship Him, multiply disciples of Christ, transform lives through the work and power of the Holy Spirit, and impact Dallas.


The Belief

We are loved by God, we love God and we love others.

Worship is central in all we do.

Scripture is without error in everything it affirms.

The Holy Spirit manifests God’s power and releases God’s gifts.

We embrace sacramental worship and life.

We are reliant on God through expectant prayer.

We are partners with God in His salvation of the world.


The Hope

That we become a community of believers who are:

Authentic                              Inclusive                               Friendly         

Transparent                          Humble                                Engaged

Generous                              Joyful                                   Expectant


The Team

YOU! All Saints Dallas welcomes everyone on this mission. To help please click here.