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Come and See - Praying for 100

This may be my favorite Scripture that characterizes ASD. For so many who ask "what kind of church is ASD?", it is so hard to explain and you have to know some history to talk about “Anglican” and 3 streams, etc. So, along with many of you, I simply say “come and see”...Read More

End of Year Giving Update: Closing the Books and Living as Children of Jehovah Rohe

We closed the books on 2017 yesterday, so +Philip asked me to update All Saints on our end of the year giving for both the Operating and Crossroads funds. As I looked at the numbers this morning, I was powerfully reminded of a blessing prayer from earlier in the day...Read More

When the Light Comes

God has begun another year. Each day he unfolds for us, as we live, he will reveal himself more fully not only to us but through us to those around us. This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany...Read More

Experiencing God

The readings for the 4th Sunday of Advent give us the Old Testament background and gospel narrative of the annunciation to Mary in Luke 1:26–38. One of my favorite passages because of the discipleship model given to us in Mary’s “yes” to God...Read More

Broken Church, Tiptoe People

“Oh, that’s the church where broken people go.” This was a response someone gave to one of our members when asked what church she attended and she said All Saints Dallas. Yes, that is some of what we are known for. The place where broken people go...Read More

Breaking Ground Downtown and Fire and Brimstone

Yep. It’s happening! This Saturday, December 9, at 10 AM you are invited to 901 S. Ervay for the Crossroads Groundbreaking of our new church site. Who knew that a year ago we would own this building, raise the funds for design and construction, and prepare for our move in November 2018...Read More

He has Come, He is Coming, He will Come

In our tradition, we celebrate the liturgical seasons of the year because we believe that time runs through the church not the church running through time. One of the clearest expressions of this is the season of Advent...Read More

Joy and Sacrifice

Today, this day before Thanksgiving Day, we prepare to celebrate and give thanks for God’s generosity. Generosity it is the basis of his authority in our life. His generosity in giving us life, salvation through Christ, community, talent, daily provisions, friends, and communion...Read More

Giving Thanks to God in All Things

Thanksgiving blessings to you all. We are grateful for the bounty and blessing of All Saints Dallas, and for the compassion you continue to show. Kingdom abundance is measured not by what we amass but by generosity in what we give away in time, talent and treasure...Read More

Moving the Hand of God

Six weeks ago I wrote a newsletter following the events of tragic hurricanes and violence in our country. Given the most recent tragedy at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, I think it is important to revisit suggestions on how to respond...Read More