Archives for Aug 2011

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Hope In God

With all the bad news of impending hurricanes in the east coast, failing financial markets, continued unrest internationally and all the political and social turmoil in the U.S. one could really get depressed and discouraged. Like the psalmist we ask of our own hearts, "…why are you in turmoil within me?" The psalms speak to and reflect our everyday emotions....Read More

From Whom all blessings flow

It has been one year since Claudia, the family and I moved to Dallas. God has really been moving in our lives and in the ministry of All Saints Church. It's exciting to see what He is doing to establish a 3-stream, Spirit, Sacrament, Scriptural body of believers. ...Read More

Are You Walking On Water?

We read or hear the news about the economy, politics, weather, etc. and a wave of depression heaves upon us. More so than ever in times like these there is a call for us to get out on the waves where the wind is high and the water deep. It's a call to exercise faith in a sovereign God and trust Him. ...Read More

The Holy Spirit Rests Upon Us

What Jesus was showing the people in His hometown of Nazareth, and us, is the Holy Spirit dwells inside every believer for their sake. Every Christian has Him living in them. But, not every Christian knows that the Holy Spirit rests upon them, like a dove, for the sake of others. ...Read More