Archives for Dec 2011

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With thanks for great things

2011 was a tremendous year for All Saints Dallas, full of "firsts". We give praise to God for the great things he did among us as his Spirit has hovered over us, lived inside us and worked through us. ...Read More

The scandal of particularity

As we celebrate our first Christmas together at All Saints Dallas, it is a time for hope. The Word made flesh is the surest sign of hope, ever. ...Read More

The Hovering Holy Spirit

In the beginning, at creation, when the earth was 'formless and empty and dark' the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters of the earth. As our ministry in and from Oak Lawn is created, he hovers over us, forming us, filling us, making his light shine through us....Read More

Heart Exam

When I played football in college at Sewanee our coach used to say, "Don't be late for the kickoff!" It was his way of making sure we were awake and ready for game day. One day I was late for the team bus and therefore required to run laps around the bus to wake up. Embarrassi...Read More