Archives for Jan 2012

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Living out the mission

Too often we treat church like a destination, a place to settle in, when it is supposed to be a place from which to be sent out in mission. Mission to neighborhood, office, family, to the poor and poor in heart....Read More

Questions Not Asked

All around us are those who are not yet woven into the Body of Christ. I encourage us to think and pray how we can reach this group. Instead of answering questions about church that they are not asking, let's learn what questions about life and God they are asking. ...Read More

Power for Mission

All Saints Dallas is a mission outreach, part of an Anglican mission movement. As you participate in the life of All Saints Dallas, you are a missionary, called to love others in name of Christ. Empowered by the Holy Spirit to change your environment. Enabled by God to bless others. ...Read More

The Feast of Searchers

Like the star for the Magi, the Holy Spirit sheds just enough light so that we can take one more step, and then we must look at Him again. Always a fresh twist, a new pain, a new joy. Likewise, we are called to be sensitive and open to welcome others who are also seeking....Read More