Archives for Feb 2012

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Give it Up

Come and see this Sunday as we begin our Lenten study called "Give it Up." Give up the counterfeit idols that dominate our world and cloud our relationship with a living God. Give up our guilt and shame by receiving anew his grace and forgiveness. Give up our need to control life and instead receive his life. ...Read More

A Generous Response

If I were to ask you what is the basis of God's authority in your life, how would you answer? Scripture? The church? Jesus? (always a good answer!) I submit that the basis of God's authority is His generosity. He gives and gives and gives....Read More

Stewards of Generosity

Bonhoeffer's theology taught that God is bigger and more involved than we could ever imagine. God has entrusted more to us than we dare to believe. He has made us to be stewards of His generosity....Read More

Healing, holiness and hope

There are so many healing stories in the gospels and the book of Acts. Does God heal today? How? What's our role? Do we believe He can? Does talking about healing hold out false hope?...Read More