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Being Teachable

Are you teachable? One of the aspects of Christian maturity is the humility of being teachable. The fruit of the cross of Christ and the resurrection is the atonement made for our sins and the out pouring of the Holy Spirit. Through these are hearts are able to be made soft, moldable, teachable. There is always more we can learn from scripture and the experience of the Holy Spirit....Read More


All of what happens at All Saints Dallas, through scripture, praise, confession, sermons, signs and wonders, miracles, prayers, Holy Communion and fellowship, have as their goal to open our hearts to a greater love for God, to glorify Christ, and walk lovingly with each other. Through these we are prepared to serve Him by serving our community and loving our neighbors....Read More

Leading with grace

I believe grace is God's own self-giving to us, for our good and His glory. We see this self-giving at the cross, again at Pentecost, and if we are watching, we see it everyday in our lives. When God leads us with His grace, He is giving us Himself. ...Read More

Third Sunday in Lent

The Third Sunday in Lent takes us deeper into the battle Jesus is waging against Satan and more importantly, further along his road to the cross -- the place of death and sacrifice, and ultimately, victory....Read More

With thanksgiving

What about answered prayers? God is so faithful and gracious to respond to our prayers. There are many answered prayers and we want to hear about them. As we have shared in the praying, should we not also share in the praising? We truly believe that the more we pray the more we experience His life. Let us know how you have experienced prayers answered because it encourages all of us. ...Read More

Been there

The One we worship, Jesus, has been where we are. He leads the way through the wilderness, aware of every trick of the devil. We see our faithful high priest being assaulted with deception, mocked, and tempted in every way we are, and even more. ...Read More