Archives for May 2012

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He Abides with Power

Pentecost Sunday. What a celebration! Streamers, kids, great crowd, one reading done in 6 languages at the same time, and great eagerness for the Holy Spirit......Read More

Let the Fire Fall

Something like tongues of fire and a rushing wind fell upon them. Weak, scared and powerless, this group had been praying for 10 days when the Father's promise came....Read More

Ascension Day

What a fantastic week we've had here at All Saints Dallas. Sunday +Philip further elaborated on the process of conversion reminding us that we are constantly being formed in the image......Read More

A lifelong conversion into the life of Christ

The book of Acts provides rich historical accounts of the early church that help point the way for evangelism and discipleship for us in the 21st century. Who converts? The Holy Spirit. Where does real conversion take place? In community....Read More

Continually Converted

For all of us the Christian life is a constant conversion of being transformed. It's not just a "one time" conversion. How each of us is first converted and continually converted is a unique story....Read More