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Moving into town

A year ago last Sunday, Amy, the kids, and I arrived in Dallas to join the All Saints community. We had just marked three wonderfully formative years in Florida and were very sad to leave. And at the same time, we were so eager......Read More

Peace! Be still!

All Saints Dallas has experienced some wonderful stuff over the last week. We had our first Healing Prayer service last Friday, June 15. We gathered to worship God through song, heard teaching from Holy Scripture, then we offered prayers asking...Read More

Healing Prayer and the AMiA

Big things this weekend......Read More

What went wrong?

This Sunday we will take a look at the story of Genesis 3. It, too, is an archetypal story of the breakdown. The drama played out in that story, is displayed every day in our lives. The breadth and depth of the sin in Genesis 3 is a mirror to our own lives. ...Read More