Archives for Jul 2012

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Go Forth in the Power of the Spirit

"The Church doesn't stay inside the sanctuary." In a word, we are to go out - to be sent. This is actually the latin meaning of the word missio where we get our word mission....Read More

Being a Gospel Presence

In the biblical story, no place is just a place....Read More

God delights in _______.

At the end of his sermon last week, Philip exhorted us to meditate on God's delight in us. He asked us to fill in the blank with our names and say "God delights in ____."...Read More

Build Community, Share Life, Share God

This Sunday I have asked Michael and Hannah King so share about places God has opened for them. The Kings are heading up a ministry downtown......Read More

In Christ, we have favor

Amos is called by God to deliver some tough words to king Jeroboam of the northern kingdom of Israel. Amaziah is the high priest for the king and does not like Amos......Read More

Hanging Upside Down

Ok, so you heard it last Sunday from the mouth of Rev. Allen Hughes. He had to use an embarrassing illustration of me in his sermon. Two weeks ago I was repelling down a cliff in Colorado. Someone was holding the rope......Read More