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God's People Gathered, Following Christ

All through scripture we see God's people being shaped and formed to learn to respond to God. Patriarchs, prophets, priests, kings, women and men speaking God's word for over 2500 years in the OT. From the "tent of meeting" to the Temple in Jerusalem God was preparing His people, not for a place, but for a person. In the gospels, we see the beginnings of people accepting the reign of God as it comes through Jesus....Read More

The Cross Before the Crown (Mark 9:30-37)

Like Daniel, the disciples heads must have been full of similar visions every time Jesus called himself the Son of Man. For one, they would have known their Bibles and known this prophecy from Daniel. For another, they lived in a time thick with Messianic expectation. So when Jesus came along speaking of the kingdom and self-identifying as the Son of Man, the disciples couldn't have helped but entertained visions of personal power, prestige, and honor in the kingdom to come....Read More

Overflow of God in Us

Fall is beginning to creep up on us here in Dallas. One of my favorite parts of late Summer and early fall, besides lower temperatures and lower humidity, is the deep green hue of the grass and leaves just before they change colors. It’s almost as if you can see the light and radiant heat each blade and leaf has been soaking up from the sun all ...Read More

Jesus and the Liturgy of the Psalms

Reading the Psalms (Responsively) with Jesus, The Psalter (the Psalms) is the original hymnbook of God’s people. At All Saints, when we sing (or read responsively) from the Psalter, we join with God’s people throughout the ages, who have sung these songs to God....Read More

Surprising Savior

As the reading from Isaiah this week illustrates, the faithful in Israel expected and believed that God would come in power to heal his people and to heal his creation. For them, this day of healing was also a day of judgment, the great day of the Lord....Read More

The Searching Questions of Life

Anyone can join. Laughter will fill the room. Food will be shared at a common table. Helping people along their spiritual journey is the focus of the enterprise. Asking any question one would like is the level of inclusivity and hospitality....Read More

Invite, Invest, Include

Recently, Claudia and I made our 11th move in 35 years of marriage. Yes, we have had 11 different addresses. Each move brings a mix of sadness in leaving the memories of one house and an excitement about another. Each house has been...Read More

Lovers of Liturgy

Each morning as my wife and I are walking out the door for work and for school, one of us says, “I love you.” and the other responds, “I love you too.” When we talk with each other on the phone during the day, the conversation always ends with “I love you"......Read More