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Exercising our Gifts

Last weekend I led the Holy Spirit Retreat weekend for the Alpha Course (next retreat will be open to the church and visitors). In one of the sessions I talked about what the Holy Spirit does. He gives gifts. If we are followers of Jesus, we have gifts to be used. Most churches can be divided up into 3 types: pulpit centered, altar centered, or gift centered. The first, pulpit centered, focuses mainly...Read More

Radical Generosity

Our first picture of God's generosity is creation itself. The world God creates is a world of abundance. God fills the oceans, the land, and the sky with teeming life, and then God generously gives his creation to us, so that we might steward the goodness...Read More

Time, Talent, Treasure

Remember what Jesus said, "Go where the money is." Wait, really? Did he say that? No, not exactly, not even close. Instead he talks a lot about the spiritual danger of money. Jesus is very nuanced about it. He has no idealogical bent against money per se but He knows its danger to take us over. Living around so much affluence in the US and north Texas can seriously weaken our trust in Him unless we take certain action steps....Read More

Generosity Unto Death

Last night we had an Apartment Life event for our residents. Some of the first residents to show up were a young couple with their six-month-old boy. As Stacey and I introduced ourselves, the six-month-old reached out his arms, as only a child can, and gestured as if desiring for me to hold him. His father laughed and handed him to me. As we all......Read More

Truly Human

If you've ever seen pictures from the Hubble telescope of the deepest reaches of space, of galaxies so far away we can only measure the distance in terms of the speed of light, you have probably asked a similar question to David's in this Psalm....Read More

One Call, One Culture, One Community

What does it mean for me to be a bishop in the AMiA? In 2008, I was consecrated a bishop in the province of Rwanda for the AMiA. At the same time I was still the senior pastor of St. Andrew's in Little Rock, Arkansas. As a bishop, of Christ’s one Holy Catholic and Apostolic church consecrated by then Archbishop Kolini of Rwanda, I had and still have clear responsibilities for defending the faith, pastoral care and oversight for the flock, as well as taking counsel with my brother bishops under the pastoral leadership of Chuck Murphy....Read More

Let us go to the house of the Lord!

While some of you were led to believe that I was sleeping in last Sunday, the fact of the matter is that Amy and I had the privilege to be godparents while we were away in Florida. We had a wonderful time seeing old friends and colleagues at New Grace Church...Read More

Christian Practice Takes Practice

The past few Sundays we have heard readings from the Epistle of James. The Epistle of James is a letter about Christian practice. For years when I heard the words “Christian practice” I thought of a few standard things: reading my Bible, praying, and going to church. Those are of course good things, things every Christian should practice....Read More