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On Mission

God is on mission and Jesus is His first missionary. Does that make sense to you? I hope so. We worship a God on mission and that makes us a mission people called by God to reflect Him. Reaching out to the unchurched, dechurched, overchurched with radical inclusivity and profound transformation. That is God's DNA and ours by His grace....Read More

Bowing Before the King

This past Sunday we celebrated the Feast of Christ the King. Pope Pius XI instituted the feast in 1925 amid the rise of nationalism, secularism, and fascism in Italy. Three years earlier Benito Mussolini had marched into Rome and taken control of the government....Read More

Come, Let us Adore Him

Here we are at one of my favorite moments of the year - the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is the season which marks the beginning of the liturgical calendar. In this season we prepare for the coming of Jesus, for that is what advent means, "coming."...Read More

Thankful for Abundance

His life, teaching, death, resurrection, ascension, and pouring out of the Holy Spirit is so far superior to me than anything I have done for myself......Read More

Why Christmas?

Why Christmas? That’s not really a question we ask ourselves very often and for good reason. We get Christmas, the Virgin birth of the Son of God, the shepherds, the angels, and the manger. Not only do we understand Christmas,...Read More

The Great (Thanksgiving) Day

Recently, New York City put a ban on large sugar-sweetened drinks. Starting spring of 2013 if you want a Diet Coke larger than 16oz. go to Boston. Why? According to mayor Michael Bloomberg, “The cost of treating obesity is out of control.” People thirst, but they thirst for drinks that not only hurt them but the whole city. A couple weeks ago a friend of mine traveled to Guatemala. He went to build wells. People thirst, but there is no clean water to drink....Read More

Playing it Shrewd

There is something deeply satisfying about watching a good caper movie. Seeing a master conman or thief put one over on the casino or bank or hapless businessmen brings a certain kind of pleasure, even if it is a little strange that we end up rooting for dishonest men. What is so interesting about movies like Ocean's 11 and The Italian Job is that we aren't necessarily commending the heroes' bad behavior.....Read More

Be Ready, Be Open

Last Sunday was another high point in worship. There were 7 baptisms, an All Saints Day celebration, "little saints" dancing in the aisles, a testimony by Brent and Adrienne Jackson about their personal stewardship and 2013 Commitment Cards filled out....Read More

Your Real Treasure

It is the story of the dishonest steward. I have chosen to preach on this passage this Sunday, November 4, Commitment Sunday. It is not exactly the clearest passage to preach on, particularly on Commitment Sunday. Nevertheless, I believe it has some important principles about God's generosity that we must hear. Remember, as I have said many times, God's authority in our lives is based on His generosity. He gives and gives and gives. Even in creation, the son gives, the moon gives, the earth gives, the beast of the field give, the ocean gives, the sky gives, we.........?...Read More

Trees Walking

The past few weeks +Phillip and Jay+ have been preaching about generosity. Their sermons have reminded me of my mother. Not because they have sounded like motherly rebukes but because my mother is someone who has given generously throughout her life. She has launched multiple non-profits, catalyzed the exoneration of an innocent man from prison......Read More