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More Testimonies

You are now hearing the refrain more and more, "you are blessed in order to bless others." Reggie McNeal a few weeks ago encouraged us to bless those people he puts in our path. Not just people we know or like....Read More

Christ Our Shepherd

This past Sunday we glorified Christ for being our Good Shepherd. Since shepherding is not a common vocation in our culture, metaphors like this ask us to pause and reflect on what they mean. In doing so, we are given a powerful picture of Christ's character, how He feels about us, and what our relationship with Him is like. The week's reading from John 10 gives us a few hints of this....Read More

Bombings, Blasts, and the Bible

This past Tuesday morning I met with a group of guys who I've meeting with since September. The Boston marathon terror attack was fresh on our minds. It seems so far away, so violent and tragic. One feels helpless and vulnerable....Read More

Seeing the Lord

When reading Revelation it is easy to become overwhelmed with the strange imagery and easy to imagine that these things, if they are real at all, wait for the far off future. But this throne room vision of Revelation 5 is not merely symbolic or even a distant reality....Read More

The Meaning of Blessing

A few weeks ago Reggie McNeal challenged us to bless others as we go about our daily lives. I remember one example he gave. He asked the waitress how could he bless her. She responded with a life story of needs. He told her he would pray for her and then started to finish his meal. He looked up and saw her waiting with her head bowed. She didn't realize the words "I will pray for you" are words that end a conversation! He then prayed with her on the spot as he should....Read More

Cultivating Easter Faith

As Philip said this past Sunday, the resurrection is an act of new creation. Through Christ's resurrection God promises to make a new humanity. Just as he formed the first man, Adam, from the dust of the earth and breathed life into his nostrils, so he breathed life into the nostrils of the last man, Christ, and raised him from the dead. And so he will raise us too. As Paul puts it, "'The first man Adam became a living being'; the last Adam became a life-giving spirit" (I Cor 15:45)....Read More

Finding Peace and Freedom in a Broken World Pt 2

As we continue our message series on "Finding Peace and Freedom in a Broken World" let us hear the words of the risen Jesus as he appears to his disciples in the upper room, "peace be with you." That our world is broken and that our lives are broken is no surprise. It was no surprise 4,000 years ago. What was a surprise to the disciples and still is to many in our world today is that God has been, is, and will continue to be at work to free us from the gods that enslave us. How?...Read More