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I am Mary AND Martha

Last week in his blog, Chris Myers suggested we “get inside” Jesus’ stories before jumping to whatever moral lesson we think they might contain. In doing so, we might find more than we expected...Read More

What makes a church successful?

What is success? That’s a great question. Success can take many forms and perhaps even definitions depending on the circumstance. For example, we had a successful vacation last week because I did almost nothing related to my job. But, this week doing my work is imperative because I’m no longer on vacation...Read More

Bounded up by Christ

There are few stories as famous or familiar as “The Good Samaritan”, and the danger of a familiar story is that we can become convinced we already know what it is about. In fact, we may feel that we don’t even need the story itself any more because we have extracted the principle, in this case, be like the Samaritan and go be a neighbor...Read More

There and Back Again

Our new staff introductions continue, however, some of you already know our next team member as she has been with us since the beginning months of All Saints Dallas. We welcome Caroline Norris back on board full-time...Read More

God's Complete and Gracious Provision

This summer we are introducing to you several new staff members, and we continue that today. So far you have met Ken Dean, Anna Carol Brymer and Chris Myers. Now let me introduce Cassie Lewis. She, her husband, and two children have been worshiping with us for two months. Cassie is our new Communications Coordinator, and we are excited to have her on staff...Read More

Rejoicing and Remembering

Our passage is from the last part of Isaiah, where Israel has recently been released from being a captive nation in Babylon. Along with their freedom, they have been given resources to rebuild their temple that had been destroyed! It seems natural to obey the command “REJOICE!” (v. 10) along with the original readers...Read More

An Impossible Command and the Power to Obey It

Having grown up in an age of democracy, it always surprises me that Jesus did not try to convince people to follow Him. In fact, Sunday's gospel reading shows us that His approach was almost the opposite: when people expressed their desire to follow Him, Jesus said things like, “Foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the son of man has no place to lay his head.”...Read More

Introducing the New Children's Pastor

Last week Philip introduced to you one of the new members of the All Saints Dallas team, Chris Myers. This week, it’s my great privilege to introduce to you another new team member. Anna Carol Brymer will be serving as our Children’s Pastor, a key role on our leadership team and in our growing community...Read More