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The Narrow Door

When what Jesus says goes against the grain of our expectations, we find ourselves with a choice. We can say, “Jesus, you are wrong, and here’s why.” Or we can say, “Jesus, I am wrong; remake me.” Statements like the one above fall into this category...Read More

Living a Sacrificed Life

Today is the celebration of the passion of John the Baptist. Think about his situation. He is to lie in prison and be blessed by his unquestioning acceptance of God's will...Read More

Do We Miss Our Messiah?

The Roman government did not take too kindly to a dissenting religion in their midst. Great pressure was regularly put on the Israelites to change, to give into Roman culture, including their religious sensibilities. By the time our reading from last Sunday (Luke 12:49-56) takes place, the Israelites had already begun responding to such oppression...Read More

A Church About Divine Connection

This Sunday is Connection Sunday. It’s our way of kicking off the year and ramping up for the fall. One great part of Connection Sunday is that it’s a great day to bring someone with you to church...Read More

It's Back to School Time!

Yes, it's that time again. Back to school. I still can't help thinking in terms of semesters. Either with my own schooling or raising seven kids, life simply makes more sense to me in semesters. From preK through graduate school, a new semester is beginning and we want to honor that...Read More

Why Weekly Communion?

At All Saints Dallas, we celebrate the Eucharist every week. For some of our congregants, this is what they’ve always known. For others of us- who come from different church traditions- the weekly breaking of bread might feel foreign. There are many reasons the church throughout history has prioritized this important practice...Read More

Serving and Inviting at All Saints

Excitement has been building over the last couple of weeks as we anticipate what God will do next here at All Saints Dallas. Our Fall Ministry season officially begins on Sunday, August 25th with what we are calling “Connection Sunday.” This is a day where we are hoping everyone will consider inviting a friend, neighbor, or colleague to church...Read More

Coveting and Contentment

In the satirical film The Joneses, a seemingly happy family of four moves into an affluent suburban neighborhood. But they aren’t really a family at all...Read More

Exactly Where I Should Be

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the gospel as an impossible command: to follow Christ, no matter what. This past week, I've been thinking about the aspects of following Jesus that feel "impossible" in my life. One particular struggle I've been aware of for about a year now is my seeming inability to relax...Read More

A Day in the Life Of

There is so much I enjoy about being a pastor, especially at All Saints Dallas. Leading, teaching, preaching, communicating the good news, getting to know people, listening to them, and praying with them are all high values of mine. Following is a brief summary of a typical day relationally...Read More