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High Church or Low Church?

Growing up in Christian subculture, I attended lot of different churches. Attending a choir college, I sang in a lot of different churches. I've learned that there are lots of ways to "do" church, but that they generally fall into two categories: high and low...Read More

The Mission and All Saints Dallas

All Saints Dallas began as a seed in the 17 members of a Christ Church Plano Anglican Small Group. In the summer of 2010 God called +Philip Jones from St. Andrew’s in Little Rock to be the Senior Pastor of this growing group...Read More

The Anglican Way of Following Jesus and Being Church

Growing up, my mother was a Roman Catholic, my father was a country-style Methodist, and I was confused! When I went to college, I discovered the Anglican Church and suddenly everything made sense. I felt at home...Read More

Lost and Found

In the midst of three very earthy stories about lost things, about smelly sheep, dirty floors, and a prodigal son languishing in a pig pen, Jesus peels back the curtain and offers a glimpse at the angelic rejoicing over a repentant sinner...Read More

What We Truly Need

I was recently remembering my high school years in all their *ahem* glory. I rolled into school on the first day, large glasses, butt-cut hair, not having lost all of my, let’s say, baby-fat yet. As I took in my surroundings, I quickly realized I couldn’t cut it as I was â€" I needed to be re-made...Read More

Ordination Weekend

From the beginning, God has richly blessed All Saints Dallas to be a missionary church plant drawing all kinds of people from a variety of backgrounds. As an Anglican bishop, it continues to be a joy and encouragement to serve as the founding pastor...Read More

Star Wars, Sin, and What it Means to be Human

A few months ago, I watched the Star Wars films as an adult for the first time. Han Solo was a bit less cute than I remembered, and Leia's hairstyles were a bit more fascinating. A lot of Yoda's advice made more sense, and Vader's mask was way less scary...Read More

What is God doing?

First, a lot has happened in the last several months. God is on the move. There is a great deal of information you may want to know, or have questions about...Read More