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Preparing for Advent

The word 'advent' is formed from the Latin word for 'coming.' At Advent we note our anticipation in awaiting the celebrations of Christ's comings. We prepare our hearts to remember his first coming as the Messiah in a manger, and we look for his second coming as King of Kings at the end of age. The Advent Season begins the new year in the Christian calendar....Read More

Thanksgiving and Advent

It's that time of year. My personal favorite being the next few days. Thanksgiving is my favorite. As one of my children said, "It's only the best eating day of the year." Well, yes, but it also says so much more spiritually...Read More

Living with Paradox

Last week, Philip talked about some of the paradoxes at the heart of the Christian faithâ€"the nature of the Trinity, the divine and human nature of Christ, the tension between God’s sovereignty and human freedom. Thinking about such paradoxes can sometimes be intellectually stimulating, or they can leave our heads spinning...Read More

Who is King?

Last Sunday was quite a celebration with 27 people joining All Saints Dallas in membership by being confirmed or received. Lots of friends and family came to witness God's work and presence. We praise God for His power and love...Read More

God is on the move....again!

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday I would like to share some things that God is doing here at All Saints Dallas in and through His people that should move us to thankfulness. Thankfulness for His work in our lives and in the life of our church, and for using us in His work around the world...Read More

Asthmatic Sin

I try to avoid commercials like the plague; I am easily convinced by their arguments, like why I need 5 blades on my razor rather than my current 4. BUT one caught my eye this morning before the mute button was able to take effect...Read More

Confessions of a Food Hoarder

Philip talks a lot about generosity: God’s and ours. He encourages us to be a generous church because we belong to a generous God. Even from the very beginning of the story, this has been the case: God calls Abraham and says, I will bless you….that you may be a blessing...Read More

A Kingdom Moment

Last Sunday you were given a bookmark with specific opportunities for you to make a commitment in 2014 regarding time, talent and treasure. This bookmark represents your commitment in these areas, and is for you to take home as a reminder throughout 2014...Read More