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Christmas: Feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ

We have now journeyed together through the season of Advent and arrived at Christmas Day, the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas is marked as a feast unlike the fast character of repentance and sobriety we experienced in Advent....Read More


Recently, I came across a meditation from the Poor Clare Monastery on "wonder." The human heart is always filled with some kind of wonder. It is one of the first signs of the growing awareness of a small child. Who has not smiled when an infant discovers for the first time that he or she has feet and hands...Read More

Advent: Fourth Sunday

In the Fourth Sunday of Advent our attention moves from John the Baptist and his cries for repentance to a young Jewish girl named Mary. The final Sunday of the Advent season hones our focus on the Angel Gabriel’s message to this young lady and her response of obedience...Read More

Beauty, Drama and Truth-Christmas Hope

This is a little heady, so, bear with me. Recently, I was having an extended conversation with Rev. Aaron Jeffery. He is on staff at Redeemer Seminary here in Dallas. His role is to shape and offer an Anglican track for those students who want to consider ministry in Anglican churches...Read More

Advent: Third Sunday

Here we are closing in on the third out of four Sundays of Advent. The scriptural focus for this week again highlights the ministry and preaching of John the Baptist whose message of repentance is the tenor of this season...Read More

Radical Inclusivity...Profound Transformation

This Sunday, the second Sunday of Advent, is also the 2-year anniversary of worshiping in this sacred space, our church home. God clearly led us to this location and we are so grateful...Read More

Advent: Second Sunday

In the Second Sunday of Advent our preparation for the coming of Jesus takes on a slightly different angle than the one last week. We move from considering Jesus’ own teaching on his second advent at the end of Mark’s gospel to the preaching of John the Baptist at the very beginning of Mark’s gospel...Read More