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Ashes to Ashes

Lent is upon us. Ash Wednesday is next Wednesday, March 5th. This is the beginning of a high holy season in the life of the church. Celebrating the return to our rhythms of the year, the church for centuries has set apart this time of roughly 40 days before Easter...Read More

The Why of Our Worship

This Sunday, February 23, we will lead our worship with an instructed Eucharist or instructed communion service. It has been a couple of years since we did this. It proved to be a very valuable tool to help people understand how we worship...Read More

Shine a Light

As a group of people, His disciples, the body He leaves on earth, His church, His bride, we are in effect a city and He is elevating us to an honored position on a hill, a position from which we cannot be hidden, and as light, from which we will necessarily illuminate the world and drive out darkness...Read More

Three Streams--What is that?

For many of you, coming to All Saints Dallas has been a whole new experience in church life. Rooted in the Anglican tradition, ASD has a historical connection to the church through the ages. This Spirit filled, Christ centered, Bible teaching liturgical style has been both a welcome way to worship God and a mystery to some...Read More

Pass the Bread, Please

In college, I attended a church where the pastor and his wife really reached out to students on my campus. He would always greet students by name at church, even if he had only met them once before. She came and taught a Bible study in the student center every Tuesday night for students who had questions about Christianity...Read More

New Heart--New Life

Beginning this Sunday, February 9, we will begin a new sermon series on Matthew chapters 5-7, entitled "New Heart--New Life." The Sermon on the Mount is regarded as one of the most sublime in all of world history...Read More

Disciples Together

Here at All Saints Dallas, we hear a lot of “Great Commission” language: being sent, being a Gospel presence, supporting (and being supported by) the nations. A couple of weeks ago we heard a message from Bishop McGregor from Madagascar. He explained a major emphasis of the Great Commission passage; we are called (commissioned!) as Christians to make disciples...Read More