Archives for May 2014

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Christ's Ascension

As the disciples gather around Jesus on Ascension Day, so much had changed. Jesus had risen from the dead, and during his appearances over the preceding forty days, he had assured them that they would receive the promised Holy Spirit. Therefore they concluded that the Messianic era had dawned and the final salvation of Israel was imminent....Read More

Reflections on Becoming a Priest

Even though I have been a Christian most of my life and have been pulled toward ministry for quite awhile, I didn’t grow up Anglican. In fact, even starting seminary about five years ago the thought of Anglican priesthood wasn’t even in my mind. That may seem surprising considering that I was ordained an Anglican priest this past Saturday...Read More

The Enduring Grey

I’m a pretty happy person, and I always have been. I also suffer from depression. In the summer of 2008, I moved from Côte d’Ivoire to Vancouver, British Columbia. Starting that summer I experienced my most intense battle with depression to date. There were many possible causes: moving internationally for the second time in two years, starting grad school, the grey Vancouver weather...Read More

Who Sinned?

In the ninth chapter of John’s Gospel we find Jesus doing one of the things He does best. Healing. He heals blindness–two kinds of blindness. First and obvious, is the sight he gives to a blind man. But perhaps an even greater miracle happens as he exposes and begins to heal the blinding darkness of stigma woven by the man’s family and community...Read More

Dinners for 9

It's back! Certainly one of the most popular ideas ASD has ever had is Dinners for 9. We started these 3 summers ago as a way to create community. The number "9" is important as it shows this is for all people not just couples. Dinners for 9 will begin in June and last through the summer...Read More

Easter In Real Time

Last night, I had the unique experience of getting to see a documentary about someone I know. It was a friend who, quite literally in a former life, started a nightclub that revolutionized music culture in Dallas and club culture across the country. The interviewees in the film described this club as "wild," "lecherous," and to some degree a drug haven...Read More


One of the great joys in kingdom living is to participate in or hear about breakthroughs in people’s lives. At ASD we talk a lot about profound transformation. This kind of transformation takes place when we have a safe place to be transparent, be honest, take the masks off, and allow the Holy Spirit to do His transforming work...Read More

Blessings within our Community

What a joy-filled and blessed Holy Week and Easter Sunday! Our All Saints community welcomed and served well over 600 people on Easter with over 200 observing Maundy Thursday and Good Friday with special services. Many thanks go to our Sunday Service Leaders and their teams that prepare for and assist during these special services and every Sunday...Read More

Profound Transformation Trip

This summer All Saints Dallas is planning a “Profound Transformation Trip” to Juarez Mexico. Partnering with Casas Por Cristo In 4 days our team of 15 All Saints Members will transform an otherwise empty lot into a safe and secure home...Read More

The Battle with Disappointment

The pursuit of a living faith is a pursuit that is not without its conflicts. One of the great conflicts occurs in the heart of the believer when the unexplained happens.When things don’t go as we expect, when God doesn’t answer our prayers in a way that we think he should, when life throws things at us and the lord does not intervene as we hope we encounter disappointment...Read More