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The Unwavering Faith of Abraham

For Paul, James, the writer of Hebrews, and even Jesus, Abraham is an exemplar of faith. Indeed, Paul calls him the father of all who have faith. This is an amazing legacy, but when we read Abraham’s story in Genesis, and when we encounter him in the midst of his everyday, I don’t imagine that Abraham often felt like he was an exemplar of faith...Read More

What is Hope?

For the Christian, hope is based on the work of Christ in my life. In our culture, hope is a wish in an uncertain situation. For the believer, hope is the waiting for the full outworking of the presence of God in my life that began with conversion. There are specific criteria, a foundation...Read More

Meet Brent Meeting Others

As I have said before, God continues to bring incredible Christian leaders to All Saints Dallas. This is true for people who lead ministry organizations as well as most of you who work either in the house or outside the house in day to day jobs. Let me introduce you to Brent Mccune and his wife Kim....Read More

A God Who Sees No Failure

In Romans 4 Paul paints a picture of Abraham’s observance of Jewish religious customs and how that made him a man of favor in God’s eyes. It was Abraham’s willingness to be forgiven by God, the promise he received came by faith, so that it was by grace that it is guaranteed to all Abraham’s offspring...Read More

What Is Man that You are Mindful of Him?

The grand things of God can overwhelm us so easily. It is tempting to leave these grand realities to the professionals, to say, “Let the theologians sort out the complicated and complex inner-workings of God, I’ll just love Jesus.” And certainly a simple faith is worth protecting and nurturing. But what if these grand things about God are difficult to comprehend for reasons other than complexity? What if it is their profound simplicity that makes them hard for us to fathom?...Read More

Relational Wisdom: Community

As the early church reflected on Scripture and their experience, the reality of the three persons of the Trinity became clear. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. You will note in our liturgy after the reading of the Psalm each Sunday we say "Glory to God the Father...." Also, the collect for the Sunday always ends in a Trinitarian formula. The creed likewise reflects that truth as do the words in the Eucharistic prayer...Read More

Christ's Ascension: Gospel Detonator

On Sunday, Dave+ said it another way: Jesus did not go into “early retirement” when He ascended to Heaven. Rather, He brought the flesh and bone of this world into the very throne-room of God, and He sent the life and power of His Spirit into the very flesh and bone of this world....Read More

Pentecost and the Power of Story

This Sunday, we will remember and celebrate one of the most significant events in the story of the Church and the history of the world—the pouring out of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. This act of remembering is important. It reminds us of all the ways in which God has fulfilled his promises. God had told his prophets, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Joel, and others, that there would be a day when he would pour out his spirit on all flesh...Read More