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On Being a Saint

Back in the days of the Roman Imperial cult, the emperor Vespasian was said to remark on his deathbed, “Oh dear! I think I am becoming a god!” Clearly he wasn’t too enthusiastic at the thought of trading mortal life for the prospect of ascending to an exalted plane. I wonder if we sometimes share Vespasian’s confusing distaste for our own prospects—prospects which are, for us, not only realized after our deaths but in our lives as well...Read More

All Saints' Day

Centuries ago, the early church would gather in church cemeteries on the Eve of All Saints, called All Hallows’ Eve, to tell stories and remember ancestors who lived and died in the faith. I know that culturally we think of Saints as those people who have attained a certain spiritual status. However, biblically, saints are simply those people who recognize their need for Savior...Read More

Filled and Formed: The Goodness of Creation

At creation's height is the mystery of humanity. As image bearers we survey along with God all that he has made and say with him that it is very good. We, as part of the world, are able at one and the same time to be part of creation and to survey, experience, and in some ways understand creation. This is one of the many wonders of our humanity...Read More

I Googled

"A Margarita?" I asked, "what’s a margarita?” I was new to All Saints, new to Dallas, and new to the Republic of Texas. I had heard that church culture in Dallas would be different than what I had known in Canada and Britain but I wasn’t prepared for this. I quietly confessed that I had never had one, made an excuse to use the restroom and once safely inside the Men’s room, I googled...Read More

Life and Taxes

This week’s reading from Matthew contains one of the most brilliant rhetorical flourishes in literature. The simple turn of phrase, “Therefore render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s” not only diffused an incredibly difficult situation, one whose nuance may be lost on many of us today...Read More

Experiential Learning

Have you ever noticed how Jesus taught in a very experiential way? He used a myriad of objects, situations, and resources all around him to get his point across and connect with people. Once he even used saliva and mud to heal a blind man - that would have been quite an experience. There are two fantastic opportunities for experiential learning coming up at All Saints Dallas...Read More

You Are Cordially Invited

I’m pretty sure that if I had received a hand-written invitation to Will and Kate’s wedding in London a few years back I would have found some way to make it; even if it meant taking the rest of my sick days at work and borrowing money for a plane ticket. I certainly wouldn’t have burned the invitation or shot the poor courier who delivered it...Read More

Exploring the Theology of Creation

Thanks to so many of you for taking the time out this past Saturday to hear the presentation by Christopher West. Through lecture, dialogue, song, and video, we were presented with a vision of what it means to desire God more than anything. One of the things we've learned is that God loves us faithfully, totally, freely, and fruitfully...Read More

The Covenantal Householder

As you will recall if you heard him, Philip preached on this passage a couple of weeks ago. It is also sometimes referred to as the parable of The Eccentric Employer. Some translations refer to him as a landowner, but the NT Greek text uses a word which means the head of a family, a goodman (male head of a household), a householder, or the master of the house. However one refers to him, the actions of this man doing the hiring, the agreements he makes with the laborers, remind me of the covenants of the Old and New Testament...Read More

Terrible Tenants

This weeks Gospel reading is parable about failure, namely the failure of Israel’s religious leaders. God entrusted them with a position of great privilege and they responded through acts of utter betrayal. Consider this then, God had given the religious leaders of Israel a wonderful vineyard to cultivate; he had given them all the necessary equipment to do the job...Read More