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Get Behind Me Satan!

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Really? Names do hurt us. But these words, which Jesus spoke to Peter, don't just hurt they are wounding. Is this really what Jesus said to Peter? How are we like Peter? Why does true friendship so often necessitate these kind of wounds? This Sunday we will be looking at a pivotal moment in salvation history...Read More

The Most/Least Popular Sin

Gluttony is not a very popular sin. Or perhaps, more precisely, gluttony is an incredibly popular sin that is hardly ever recognized for what it is. We have probably all been guilty of it at one time or another, yet so often the only discomfort it causes us comes from the pangs of indigestion and not pangs of conscience...Read More

The Greenhouse of Grace

On Ash Wednesday we began our Lenten journey toward Easter. Over the next 40 days, we all have the chance to engage in some self-reflection, some introspection, and as a community, to confess and repent of all those things done and left undone. But this can seem like a scary thing, because self-knowledge often is a scary thing. When you start digging into yourself, who knows what you might find....Read More

The Tinfoil Kingdom of Lust

When we lust, we act like someone other than Our Lord. If we push our lens out even wider, we can see that at its root, lust is about stripping another person of their nature. Lust is our way of dehumanizing someone else and forcing them into our tinfoil kingdom. We create an alternative universe, doomed to destruction, where we are like gods...Read More

The Beauty of Alpha

Alpha is off to a great start this spring here at All Saints Dallas. For the past few Wednesdays a group comprised of our gifted team and a slew of curious and hungry guests, have gathered to grapple with the tough questions of life...Read More

Faith: what's hope got to do with it? (Part 2 of 2)

In Spe salvi, Benedict 1) reasserts that the Christian hope is a realistic one in contrast to failed secular visions, and 2) reaffirms the importance of hope in the face of suffering. The Christian hope, that a loving God is present (even if seemingly in the shadows), and provides a secure and stable framework against which people can lean as they cope with suffering, which is unfortunately a large part of daily life for many people...Read More

Faith: what’s hope got to do with it? (Part 1 of 2)

Faith; to paraphrase the Grammy Hall of Fame inducted song written by Terry Britten and Graham Lyle, and recorded by Tina Turner in 1984 (her most successful single, 3rd Grammy Hall of Fame Award and 11th Grammy Award): “What's hope got to do with it?” As Christians, aren’t we expected to have faith? Isn’t a mustard seed’s worth supposed to be enough? If so, then what do we need hope for...Read More

Annual Parish Meeting

God leads His people. He provides a place and a promise. There are times that we, as a church, are led to gather and be faithful stewards through communication and elections. This Sunday, February 8th at 10:25, we will hold our Annual Parish Meeting in the sanctuary. All are invited for this short 25 minute meeting. In our time together, the following will take place...Read More