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Let Revival Come

If there is ever a Super Bowl week for the Christian faith this has to be it. Big things, cosmic things happened during this week almost 2000 years ago that fulfilled the trajectory of biblical prophecy and radically altered the world’s view of life, death, the dignity of humanity, and the power of God. Christianity is full of paradox. In order to gain your life, you have to lose it. In order to be exalted, we have to be humble...Read More

The Earthquake Within

Most people think envy is the same thing as jealousy, but within the theological reflection of the church, they are two distinct things. Whereas jealousy is the inordinate desire to possess those things others have which we do not, envy is the ill-feeling towards those who have what we do not. As Aquinas succinctly put it, envy is “sorrow for another’s good.” By the same token, envy can also be joy for another’s sorrow...Read More

What About the Church?

In a Bible study and worship service that I lead on Thursday mornings, I was talking about the need for repentance in our life. Repentance is a reminder that we are made for something much more than the things we settle for in this world. Like the prodigal son in Luke 15, we often find ourselves in a far country where the spiritual beauty of our relationship with God is broken. It is up to the church to perpetually help us remember who we are and whose we are...Read More

Why Are You Sad?

Not long ago, Matthew Perryman Jones, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, held an intimate evening of stories and songs at All Saints. I really love music, but that night was particularly bewitching because Jones said something deeply profound. In describing the genesis of one song, he talked about some time spent with a therapist where he was dealing with anger. He laid out his condition, and the therapist responded with a curious question: “Matthew, why are you sad?”...Read More

Rethinking Slothfulness

Americans tend to be busy. We might think that because we're so busy we are not slothful. But we can be so busy that we don’t think we have time to worship the Lord. After all, there is so much to get done, what tangible benefit does worship bring us? The question belies a mindset that is antithetical to a Biblical view of human purpose. We exist not to do things for God but to live in relationship with him...Read More

The Beauty of God's Humility

Recently, I was giving a Bible study on the topic of humility. A Wikipedia definition of humility defines it as "a low view of one's own importance." C. S. Lewis says that humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. A still better definition of humility might be "radical dependence upon God.” We can all define humility in different ways but in the parable of Luke 18:9–14 Jesus offers us a picture of humility...Read More

A Hidden Leprosy of the Heart

I have served as a priest for eleven years and I have had people come to me to confess all manner of struggles ranging from every manner of sin, except one. At this time no one has come to me saying, “my approach to money is harming my family, friends even my own soul”. As Tim Keller writes, "Greed hides itself from the victim"...Read More

Going Deeper Into Fasting and Mission

On Ash Wednesday, Chris+ Myers gave a talk on our Lenten journey and the significance of fasting. I have heard many people positively respond to it, as I did. Fasting has a goal to draw closer to God by spiritual disciplines. We often draw closer by recognizing our need for him. Fasting from something like food can have a profound affect for us. Actually, he said, fasting can have something to do with more than just food...Read More