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Vacation is an important part of family rhythm. Family rhythms play an important part of the spiritual formation of our families. For example, last week, I wrote about our growing Family Ministry. There were several big ideas that came out of a parents meeting last week. Perhaps the most important was that we, as a church, are not primarily responsible for the spiritual development of children. But, we are responsible for building into the lives of the parents and children and teenagers to bring about healthy environments at home...Read More

Living Out God's Love at Sam Houston

A couple of weeks ago we received a request from Madel Mendez, the instructional coach that works with the Sam Houston faculty, about a particular and immediate need. This is a great opportunity for those here at All Saints who may have been thinking about tutoring but are unsure about whether or not it is a good fit for their particular gifts and skills. It is a short-term commitment with an opportunity to interact with the whole Sam Houston experience and give tutoring a try...Read More

Focusing on the Future of Family Ministries at All Saints Dallas

Allow me to spend a moment to address a wonderful growing ministry and need at ASD: Family Ministry. By Family Ministry we mean children’s, middle school, and high school ministries. This newsletter deals primarily with 5th grade and below though we are focusing on middle school as well. Over the past 3 and a half years we have been blessed with all ages of people. Many of the younger people are coming with children and we have been blessed with lots of babies...Read More

Our Secret Weapon

Humility is the secret sauce of the Christian life. It is the flavor that should distinguish us from the rest of the world. It is counter intuitive, as we are not predisposed to seek humility. It is difficult to learn – and it is extremely difficult to live in an ongoing posture of humility. Humility is also however the only remedy for pride, and the redemption of all fallen human nature...Read More

Unplug and Connect

It is a sad irony of our contemporary society that we are more connected than ever, yet no better engaged in real community because of it. In two minutes time I could send a mass email full of pictures of my kids to my entire extended family. I could catch up with my high school or college buddies via Facebook. I could send a pithy remark or humorous observation to some of my favorite public figures via Twitter...Read More

Clear Eyes and Keen Ears

In the classic pairing of virtues with their corresponding vice, kindness is the flip side of envy. Which is true to a certain extent. It is difficult, after all, to be kind to those we envy. If we begrudge the good that happens to others, it would be pretty hard to turn around in the next moment and ask them how they are with any sincerity. But there are other vices that are the flip side of kindness...Read More

Creating a Space of Peace

Long lines at the DMV. Security checkpoints at the airport. Central Expressway backed up like a parking lot. A long, boring sermon. A pedantic blog post. What do these things have in common? They all test our patience. We live in a world of immediacy where patience is nearly impossible to cultivate. Most innovations in our technological society seem to be the exact opposite of experiencing patience...Read More

Mothers and Others

Mother’s Day; even the sound of it usually brings a softness in our hearts and appreciation for all that mothers are and do. As we remember our own mothers, alive or not, it is usually with great affection and gratitude. My mother died 13 years ago; yet, from time to time, I still pick up the phone and try to give her a call just by habit...Read More