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New School Year, New Opportunities to Serve

As part of our mission of living out God’s love in our neighborhood, we have been partnering with Sam Houston Elementary School, located just around the corner, over the past few years. But Sam Houston has been around for over 100 years, and is the oldest school in operation in the Dallas Independent School District...Read More

Submitting to One Another Out of the Fear of Christ

This text, of the husband and wife in marriage, is so often misunderstood and reduced only to certain culturally defined roles. But it actually is part of a much larger context that God has created called “church.” It is in the context of the church where the power of the Spirit resides in God’s people, people like you or me. The fruit of this transformation by the Holy Spirit is humility and spiritual authority...Read More

Holiness and Submission

What does St. Paul mean when he says we need to keep on being filled with the Holy Spirit? So many of us are unacquainted with the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, or even who or what the Holy Spirit is much less how to be filled by it. So we are particularly going to look at this aspect of the Holy Spirit and how it transforms our hearts both in relationship to God and other people...Read More

Stilling the Storm

When reading through the narrative passages of Scripture I often find it helpful to imaginatively engage with the story. This sort of exercise can pay huge dividends in helping us understand the message of the stories being told. The stilling of the storm is one such example. Imagine Jesus and the disciples crossing the Sea of Galilee in a small boat...Read More

The Movement and Arithmetic of God

People often ask me, “How’s it going with what you’re doing?” They know I’m doing something church-ish at a different location than All Saints, and they’re nice and want to hear about it. My reply is often, “Great.” And that is not a pat answer because, by God’s grace, things are going very well. Here’s a brief update for all of you...Read More

Dress Right

We learn at a young age that there are different kinds of clothes we wear for different occasions. Some are specialty outfits for things like sporting activities or uniforms for work. Others are for "dress up". The point is, we take care to choose the right kind of clothes for the right occasion...Read More

Family Matters An Important Announcement

As you know, at All Saints Dallas, we highly value the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of our kids. That’s why we include them in parts of the worship service to be with their parents to sing, pray, and take Holy Communion. With more kids coming every week and so many new babies, we want to be sure we meet the needs of this fast growing part of our congregation...Read More

Anglican Bishop Promoted to Glory

On Sunday, July 5th at sunrise, Bishop Terence Kelshaw of Albuquerque, NM died peacefully in his sleep at home. He was 78. Terence was born in Manchester, England into a wonderful, loving family and was the seventh of 10 children. His passion from a very early age was to serve the Lord, and he was called to be a preacher and teacher at the young age of 15...Read More

Hope Flourishes in Unlikely Places

It may seem, like it did with St. Paul in prison, that there are so many forces against us. Suffering may come. In this context, what do we treasure? Even in prison, St. Paul’s faith was unwavering. And what’s more, even more churches were planted. Hope in Christ flourished. If our treasure is in Jesus Christ, we possess an inheritance that can never be taken away. Here at All Saints Dallas we will never stop offering this hope to those who do not know Christ...Read More