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Working Out My Salvation With "Fear and Trembling"

At its heart “Fear and Trembling” is about what it means to have an authentic relationship with God. Taking the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac as a case study, Kierkegaard reimagines the tale in a variety of ways where each alteration in turn makes the story monstrous, or pitiful, or absurd. The burning question Kierkegaard is trying to answer is what about this event makes it so that Abraham’s faithfulness to God in offering up Isaac is counted to him as righteousness...Read More

Learning Worship as We Worship

This Sunday, September 27, we will lead our worship with an instructed Eucharist or instructed communion service. It has proved to be a very valuable tool to help people understand how we worship, both what we do and why we do it. We all come from a variety of backgrounds whether unchurched, Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Orthodox. For many of us, coming to All Saints Dallas has been a whole new experience in church life...Read More

Opportunities to Connect

I love people. I love meeting new people. I love staying connected with old friends. I love being with people. As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, relationships with other people are some of the most sacred spaces that we have. And the Church is a prime place to initiate and cultivate those relationships...Read More

Pay Attention

David knew his identity and purpose was to be the king of Israel. It had been thirteen years since he had been given that prophetic word. Both the Israelites and the Philistines had refused him. His “mighty men” were a collection of rejects and even they were now conspiring against him. Rejected, discouraged, disappointed, and in despair the Scriptures say, “David strengthened himself in the Lord”...Read More

A Life Line to Goodness and Love

A Wrinkle in Time may have saved my life. I pulled it at random from a library shelf when I was in the 8th grade. It was an intriguing mixture of speculative science, science fiction, early teen angst, and philosophy. As I escaped into the pages of that marvelous adventure I felt something in my soul unwind and find hope. Here was a story about an invisible but powerful world where things never looked like what they really were...Read More

Sacred Spaces

All Saints East Dallas had its second Preview Service Sunday night, and it was a wonderful time! I loved the worshipful atmosphere that filled the church and the grounds. God was beautifully and faithfully present throughout the service. I loved preaching about Beauty that Saves...Read More

About Family Ministry at All Saints Dallas

The spiritual formation of our children shapes the generations to come. God specifically exhorts his people to teach the faith to our children. Our view of God is formed in the context of family and parenting. If these are unhappy beginnings, it is difficult to revise the emotional imprinting in our attitudes towards God and spiritual things...Read More

The Holy Spirit and Us

I participated in my first Alpha program at Oxford in 2001, where I was starting Theological College. Up until that point, I hadn’t had an experience with the Holy Spirit, and was a cynical believer. What I liked about the Alpha course was that I was able to ask questions. I met some amazing people there that made me feel welcome and normal. What hooked me, though, was seeing during the first four weeks of Alpha how the tools of academia were being used to give evidence for and explain the faith...Read More

Field Report: Seed Effect in South Sudan

In August, Denny Slaton, Mandie Peace, and I traveled to South Sudan on a mission trip with Seed Effect, a Christian microfinance nonprofit based in Dallas. From what you might hear on the news, South Sudan is the last place in the world three American women should go. Two tribes in the country’s oil-rich north are fighting. Despite all of this, each of us felt a call from God, a call to go, a call to serve...Read More

What is Beauty?: An All Saints East Update

I’m really excited about All Saints East Dallas' next Preview Service coming up Sunday night. I hope you can be there and celebrate the beginning of this community. It is really beautiful to see God weave his people together in the power of the Holy Spirit. You may think “beautiful” is a funny description for beginning a church community, but I really like using this word...Read More

Fertile Fields of Creative Collaboration

I wouldn’t have sought out someone four decades older than me to co-write songs. But what Nelson and I stumbled into is a fertile field of creative collaboration. Nelson tossed in some seed by sending me a “request.” What has grown over the past several months, what would not exist otherwise, is the crop of two simpletons separated by two generations...Read More

Paying Attention to the (Extra)Ordinary

As it is with most beloved things, my relationship with the book is complicated. I care for it deeply, but it also confuses and frustrates me. At the points where I disagree with it, the book challenges me to rethink fundamental things, things essential to the spiritual life, like the question of our place in the creation and the question of the wildness and violence of that creation. But mostly the book fills me with wonder and awe, the exact sort of things I find happen when you pray things like “Teach me thy ways Lord.”...Read More

Being the Church

All Saints East Dallas had its first Preview Service Sunday night. Two hundred adults and children came out to celebrate this new season of ministry, worship the Lord together, and witness the birth of a new community. It was fantastic having so many familiar faces from All Saints on Oak Lawn present to celebrate with us. It was truly a great night...Read More