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The Feast of All Saints

This Sunday, November 1, is All Saints Day throughout the world. This important feast day is celebrated throughout the world in most Christian traditions. But why? The church has always understood that the resurrection of Jesus Christ has opened the way to a new life after death. Consequently, those who have gone on before us in the faith are, in one sense more alive than we are...Read More

A Testimony of God's Healing

It all started with a text message. "Help. I’m in tremendous pain. Can you pray for me to be healed?" A member followed-up with her, offering to pray for her at our weekly Noonday Prayer Service. She accepted his invitation and numerous All Saints members gathered to pray for her healing. She had received prayer before but never like this...Read More

All Saints' Day: Our First Day

This Sunday, November 1, marks our first weekly worship service, and it’s a very special day to launch. Each year, November 1 marks All Saints' Day. This day is the annual feast where we celebrate every saint, known and unknown, living on earth and in heaven...Read More

Remembering Those Who Have Gone Before

G. K. Chesteron once quipped that democracy denies no man a vote on account of his death, and tradition denies no man a vote on account of his death. The continuity of our faith with those who have gone before is something precious, that time and again has been preserved. Throughout the year we take time to mark the various feast days of those great men and women of the faith whose lives or teaching have been a lasting blessing...Read More

Launching Soon

Sunday night's final Preview Service was a fantastic evening! We had a great crowd worshiping together and enjoyed dinner afterwards in the Parish Hall. I loved seeing new relationships being forged and existing connections being deepened. In case you missed the service, I talked about how God is building His Church at All Saints East Dallas...Read More

I Know It When I See It (But I Can't Define It)

When I was in law school, we were discussing Supreme Court cases dealing with the issue of obscenity. Believe it or not, there was a time when the law allowed for there to be curbs on obscenity. The hard part was to define it. One Supreme Court justice remarked regarding obscenity, “I know when I see it but I can’t define it.” This is often the case when people talk about the Holy Spirit in the church...Read More

Preview Service and Dinner Sunday Night

On Sunday night, All Saints East Dallas will conclude one season of its ministry as it prepares to launch the next. We will have a final Preview Service and Dinner afterwards to show our friends and neighbors what God has been doing in this community. In addition, we’ll have a wonderful Fellowship Dinner in the Parish Hall immediately following the service...Read More

Spiritual Formation and Stages of Moral Development

Faith formation in a child is composed of so many elements; temperament, stage of development, family relationships, how faith is practiced at home. As we all know, our relationship with God is a life long process with all the joyful meetings, false starts, detours and adventures that are part of any journey...Read More

Parenting Teaching

This Saturday, October 10, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., Tim Kimmel will be leading a teaching on parenting, here at All Saints Dallas. Entitled “Grace-Based Parenting” he will focus on the three basic needs that all of us, both male and female need. These three needs are hard-wired by God into every human being. They are 1) The need for security, 2) the need for significance, and 3) the need for strength...Read More

The Word is Very Near To You

What do the first few lines of the book say? This is the criterion I tend to use when I buy the books I really want to read. The opening line of this book struck me and gave me great pause. It reads: “Why have you picked up this book about prayer? I wish I had the courage to insist that this book begin with a good number of blank pages which you could fill with your answer to that question.” I was not expecting this kind of opening...Read More

Leaving a Legacy

I lost my dad last Wednesday morning. I have never experienced grief like this before. Three of my 4 grandparents were dead by the time I was 12, so I haven’t experienced death in my family for some time. And needless to say, this grief is different...Read More

An Enduring Legend In Print

Michael Hyatt, the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, has called "On the Incarnation" by St. Athanasius one of the top 5 Christian books of all time. In this book, Athanasius explains and defends God’s plan of salvation and the necessity of Christ’s incarnation in the redemption of mankind and the world. C.S. Lewis said, “the influence of this writing on all later theology could not be overstated”...Read More

The Experience of Being Christ's Body

Membership is important because we believe that we experience the universal reality of Christ's body, the church, through a local worshiping community. But what does membership at All Saints Dallas mean? In membership class you will hear us talk about the mission of All Saints and about who we sense God has called us to be as a local expression of the body of Christ...Read More