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Be Prepared!

As we wrap up the liturgical year this week and launch into the season of Advent I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be prepared. A thought that has been recurring in my prayers and meditations the last few weeks is that our life of worship is rehearsal. The church year is a cycle that replays the story of salvation in microcosm every year...Read More

Empty Nest and Transitions

After 34 years of raising kids, Claudia and I are enjoying being perched in an empty nest somewhere high in a tree, looking upon seven children and nine grandchildren with great joy. To be sure, some come back to live with us for a season. Nevertheless, for us it is a time of change. It is an Advent time. A transition time...Read More

Christ Our King

Like anything that happens together in marriage, choosing a light for our new dining room was not easy. While the kids were being patient, we had looked at every chandelier in the store and were no closer to finding something that we could both enjoy. It may seem to be a small thing, but for two opinionated spouses, no detail was insignificant in our new home...Read More

Culture of Invitation and Wild Turkey

Many, almost 250 of you, have signed up for the All Saints Christmas party on December 2nd from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Arboretum. We have room for 500, so keep signing up! Bring friends, family, neighbors and enjoy the feast and live entertainment. The culture of invitation is a high value at ASD and we are excited about this opportunity...Read More

The Close of Another Year…

This Sunday is the final Sunday in the Christian year. The following week Advent will begin and thus a new liturgical year. But before we begin a new year, we’ll look at the kingship of Christ in all things on what is commonly called “Christ the King Sunday”...Read More

God at Work

Growing up in Michigan, we would joke that there were two seasons: winter and construction. Every summer, the hard work would commence with the awareness of winter’s coming close at hand. Construction is hard work and the building we inhabit at Oak Lawn & Congress did not build itself! Much like a construction crew, Our Triune God is at work in His church...Read More

Christ and Culture

Tomorrow night, November 13, at the Arboretum in Dallas, I will be part of a panel discussing the question of how Christians are to respond to a changing cultural landscape. It is interesting to me that over the past 10 weeks we have been discussing this very same issue in our sermon series on 1 Peter ...Read More

Don’t Just Get Through the Holidays

We are almost to the middle of November, and before we know it Thanksgiving will have flown by bringing in its wake the Christmas season. This is my favorite time of the year because before Christmas arrives we’ll go through the season of Advent...Read More

The Humility That Exalts

Peter was well acquainted with the power of pride. He had boasted that although all others might deny Christ, he, Peter, would remain true. From the height of that proud boast he fell into the abyss of denial. Yet Peter had been chastened, humbled, and then restored...Read More

Tooth Decay and Burning Cars

The last two Sundays have been powerful moments. Two Sundays ago we celebrated the sending out of the East Dallas campus leaders, Jay+ and Chris+. Last Sunday was likewise powerful. We had many baptisms at both services. So, it was a great morning. How quickly things change...Read More

Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Season

One of the great challenges of our consumer culture is how to monetize Thanksgiving. Dang! How can we make money from thankfulness? The answer is “we can’t!” Which is why we mostly skip from Halloween to Christmas. The Christian faith has always taught the importance of gratitude and having a thankful heart. Now science is catching up...Read More

Giving Out of Our Poverty

Sunday night was a fantastic start to our weekly worship at All Saints East Dallas! We had a lovely baptism of two sweet girls bringing them into the fellowship of Christ’s church, we celebrated All Saints Day, and we stood before God beholding his beauty in worship, prayer, and silence...Read More