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Mourning Into Joyful Dancing

A blank page. Thirty years ago that’s what the Bible looked like in Mayogo, a language spoken by 100,000 people living on the edge of a rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Thirty years ago, a Congolese church asked Wycliffe Bible Translators to help them change this. So Mike, I, and our month-old daughter moved into a Mayogo village...Read More

Reporting Live from the Lake Cities

Last weekend 32 of us retreated from the world around us for the Holy Spirit retreat. In a city such as ours where the messaging has been and continues to be mixed, and often ill-informed, in terms of Holy Spirit’s role in the journey of faith...Read More

Three Questions

The devil is crafty, but he is not the most creative. Much of the time he doesn’t have to be. We are frail creatures and the same designs and devices work on us time and time again. So just as he sought to tempt Christ by drawing his identity as the Son of God into question. And it should come as no surprise, when we in our own lives experience similar questions...Read More

El Paso and Beyond

Whenever El Paso is in the news, I pay attention. As most of you know, Claudia and I spent seven years in El Paso raising our family while I was the Dean of the Church of St. Clement in downtown El Paso. I grew up in Dallas. Most people who grow up in Dallas, or Houston, or Austin, or most anywhere don’t dream that some day that they may live in El Paso...Read More

More Is Yours

God always has more to offer than we can ask for or imagine. This is what my friend Simon+ Ponsonby told me while we walked across Christ Church meadows on a damp wet day in Oxford, November 2001. "The more of the Lord can be yours David, all you need to do is two things: Desire and die."...Read More

Kissing Frogs

We all know the fairy tale; the princess must kiss the revolting frog and he suddenly turns into a handsome prince. It’s a great fantasy but not such a happy ending in real life. We’ve all known friends and relatives who have bought into this noble ideal and lived to regret it. No matter how many kisses are bestowed, the frog is still his slimy green self...Read More

Dispatch From Winter Conference

I hope most of you have been able to take in at least some of Winter Conference. Last night we had a beautiful worship service to kick things off. It was a powerful time at communion as brothers and sisters from around the country and the world came together to share the body and blood of Christ and in singing and praying together...Read More

Living Out God's Love in Nicaragua

As a family, we feel very blessed and excited to be given the opportunity to lead an All Saints Dallas short-term mission trip to Nicaragua during the upcoming summer. Last year was our fourth year leading teams from our old congregation in El Paso to Nicaragua and we are still amazed at God’s grace and blessings from each and every trip...Read More