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"For Such a Time as This"

"For such a time as this..." We are all familiar with these words from the book of Esther. While preparing for the 10th Dialogue for Peace, one of our presenters lead us through the Old and New Testaments focusing on the phrase “In those days…”. Both Luke and Matthew introduce Jesus and John the Baptist with these words. God is at work stirring up the Islamic world...Read More

The New/Old Moral Order

The basic problem in our culture is a lack of a shared center. The bottom has dropped out. There is a giant vacuum in our moral and spiritual life. Nature abhors a vacuum and so those with a different worldview are filling it with what perceived to be true to them. This is true, of course, for people outside the church but it is also true for a majority of people within the church as well...Read More

A Funeral and a Wedding

The Bible doesn’t always fit nicely into polite society. Thomas Jefferson famously took scissors to his New Testament in order to make it more palatable to his refined sensibilities. While we might not go that far, we too often want our religion to serve a merely therapeutic role. To only ever tell us that everything is alright...Read More


In his book “More”, Simon Ponsonby makes the claim that despite the invitation from God and the constant wooing by the Holy Spirit there seems to be a reluctance on the part of many Christians. He lists seven handbrakes on the Holy Spirit. They are: an unexpectant heart, an unyielded life, an unconfessed sin, an undiscerned enemy, an unclaimed inheritance, unwanted gifts, and unbelief because of unworthiness...Read More

The Centrality of Delight

I am not very gifted in mathematics, so in High School I never looked forward to math class. I was fortunate enough that I always seemed to get along well with my math teachers. It wasn’t that at all, it was just that the subject matter didn’t capture my imagination. But that all changed my junior year when I had pre-calculus ...Read More

Do You Love Me?

Failed. Fickle. Faltering. This describes Peter in John 21. It describes us often. It’s so hard to admit to brokenness, weakness, and failure. It hurts our pride and our self-worth. The problem is we can repent in a Christian way or a non-Christian way. To repent in a Christian way is to recognize our full complicity in sin and need for Jesus...Read More

The Joy of Nature

Delight in nature is instinctive in the young. In all the world it is the one thing (besides a newborn child) that comes to us directly from God’s hand, in many cases, unmediated by the fall. We see the marks of the Creator still upon his work. We resonate with it whether we acknowledge Him or not...Read More

A Different Citizenship

As I was getting ready to live in the Ivory Coast for an extended season, the question of how I could minister to people when I am separated from them by such a large gap of opportunity and wealth was incredibly pressing. One of the most tangible symbols of that opportunity gap was the fact that as an American citizen, I carry an American passport...Read More

Presence, Promises, and Property

This Sunday I will be talking about the third resurrection appearance. Out of all the many post resurrection appearances, St. Luke picks three for his gospel. In Luke 24:36-49, Jesus appears, gives them the peace, shows them His wounds, and eats fish. The disciples are startled, in awe, disbelieving, and yet they marvel. The presence is not only the miracle of resurrection but a sign of God’s forgiveness...Read More