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Extraordinary Times

Anyone who has worshipped in a liturgical tradition for more than a couple of years has probably picked up on the fact that a good portion of the year is taken up with feasts and season that commemorate the life of Christ. For many Holy Week is a real high point of the calendar with so many important events happening in such a short time. But that’s not the end of Christ’s ministry, nor is it the end of the drama of the Church year...Read More

No Casseroles

May is Mental Health Month, which has been used by churches and a number of institutions in our culture to help eradicate the various stigmas associated with mental illness. When a member of the community breaks a leg or undergoes medical treatment there is always an outpouring of love and support followed by a wake of casseroles left at the door. Sadly, when the medical issue in question has to do with mental health, the casseroles don’t come...Read More

I Wish Somebody's Soul Would Catch On Fire

The band played softly after the announcements which was my cue to get ready to speak. "Hallelujah Thine the Glory," sang the choir, I picked up my bible and notes and waited. Suddenly all heaven broke loose. Words fail me as I try to describe what happened next. Dan Scott led the choir in a Gospel-Spiritual-SisterActEsque-Camp Revival Song...Read More

An Update from Kibondo

The people of the region of Tanzania known to us as the Diocese of Kibondo are in desperate need of hope and salvation. To meet that need God has raised up a dynamic, charismatic, evangelical Bishop named Sospeter Ndenza. He rides the rough and tumble roads into the bush and preaches the Good News of Jesus with enthusiasm. Many are coming to faith, being baptized, and confirmed...Read More

A Second Triduum

A couple months ago now, we marked the end of Holy Week with what is called the Triduum, or “Three Days”. That rich and intense period of 72 hours wherein we remember Christ’s passion, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection. It can be a lot to take in. But as we draw near to the end of Eastertide there is now another set of three days...Read More

Driving Into the Uncontrollable Cloud

Growing up in the Texas Panhandle, I am no stranger to severe weather. I remember vividly as a child watching the huge thunderheads and wall clouds rolling across the vast sky. The feeling it evoked in me was one of awe and fear. But I never felt unsafe because I knew my dad was there...Read More

Highlight of the Month

Really? First Fruits is your highlight for the month? That is what many people are giving me feedback about. Our monthly First Fruits worship takes place the first Friday night of each month at 7 p.m. It’s a special time of worship (led by Ryan), teaching, and prayer. Tomorrow night, May 6, we will have as a special guest, the Rev. Mark Browne...Read More

I, Onesimus

Paul’s letter to Philemon is an odd little book all about a particularly thorny issue as it was faced by a single Christian man and his recently converted run-away slave. The most striking thing about Paul’s letter is that he identifies himself with Onesimus. Saying that by sending him back is sending back to Philemon his own heart...Read More