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For Our Country

As we all prepare to celebrate Independence Day this weekend, we invite you to invite others to our worship this Sunday, July 3rd. In addition to our normal worship schedule, we will continue to focus on Theology for the City as it relates to our country, Dallas, and ourselves. The response I have received so far from the sermon series has been very encouraging...Read More

Fulfilling Our Common Humanity

This sermon series on living in God's presence and living out His love in Dallas is particularly timely for us. In +Philip’s first message on June 5th he talked about a Collect which asks God to “…Enable us to eliminate poverty, prejudice, and oppression, and that men and women from different cultures and with differing talents may find with one another the fulfillment of their humanity; through Jesus Christ our Lord"...Read More

What Kind of a Culture War Do You Want?

A couple of Sundays ago, in our continuing sermon series “Theology for the City,” I quoted from a New York Times op-ed article by David Brooks. The title--“Let’s Have a Better Culture War”--caught my attention and the content was even better. As we think about theology for the city, we must have a deeper, richer view of the culture we are in, so that we can rightly contextualize the gospel...Read More

Orlando, the World, and Me

Almost every national tragedy allows us the need to speak prophetically. I am sure there are countless articles you have read, and many more will come, trying to make sense or give perspective on the recent massacre in Orlando. Of all that I have read this week, the following article is one I want to share with you. It goes to the darkness of the heart of humanity and the reality of the good news of the gospel...Read More

Eucharistic Art Creates Kingdom Culture

Art creates culture. Art forms and expresses the values and institutions of a culture. It directs hearts toward the object or cultural text on display. So art is not neutral. It either gives us a glimpse of something beautiful, good and true or it reinforces a base system that does no good for the human heart...Read More

A Vision for Dallas

As we looked for property in different areas in or near downtown, I felt that the Lord would take us on a journey. In this journey we would learn more about his particular vision for who we are supposed to be at All Saints Dallas. Yes, we were called to plant a 3-Stream Anglican church in or near downtown Dallas. But now, having opened up another campus in East Dallas, the Lord seems to be deepening our call to the city of Dallas in particular ways...Read More

The Orphan Crisis

Orphan. I am an actual orphan. My parents divorced, and my dad moved out. Then five years later, my already disabled mother died suddenly of heart failure. I was thrust into the orphan demographic. It took some time to stomach that thought. Thank God I didn’t have to enter foster care. In terms of orphanhood, I had it very, very easy...Read More

Seeking God's Heart for Dallas

Over the past several weeks we have been saying this prayer together; as part of our recent Saturday special prayer meetings, as part of our prayers of the people during Sunday morning services, as well as at various other All Saints meetings. Incorporating this simple yet powerful prayer into our prayer rhythms can help us shape and enlarge our heart for the city of Dallas. Notice some of the themes in the prayer...Read More