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Getting Political

Don’t panic. This isn’t a screed against a candidate or candidates. This isn’t another argument how not voting for candidate X is really just a vote for candidate Y. Nor is it an argument against that argument. This is going to be something a little different. I am not going to tell you who to vote for. I am only going to tell you how I think you should go about voting...Read More

Can We Talk About Race?

Race and racism is always an important issue much of which goes to the heart of our Christian faith. Some call it the “original sin” of our country. There are lots of strong and good opinions on all sides of this issue. I just believe there needs to be a time we can come together and hear each other, what we’re thinking, what God may be doing, and how we can be involved as a church...Read More

Unchurched? Unasked? Unreachable?

Last Sunday I talked about the need to be “proximate” with others. For example, in the story of the good Samaritan, the Pharisee and the Levite assumed that the man in the road was dead when, in fact, he was only half-dead. They didn’t take the time to be proximate with this man and go over and look for themselves. Likewise, if we really want our own church neighbors to receive Christ by faith or even to go to church, we have to get personal...Read More

Transitions: The Time in Between

Life is a series of transitions from one stage to another. Dawn to sunrise to morning. Child to adolescent to adult, single to married to parent to grandparent. Moving from one stage to another is part of life. We see it all around us, recorded in the rhythms of the days and seasons and in our lives...Read More

Racial Tensions

On Thursday, July 14, I attended a meeting with over 150 clergy and religious leaders in Dallas to begin discussion on the issues raised by the recent events in Dallas. These were clergy and religious leader from all over Dallas. I will share more about this on this coming Sunday, July 17. The timing was providential for me as I had been thinking long and hard about a way we, at All Saints Dallas, can come together to talk about some of these issues...Read More

The Feast of John Keble

As Anglicans we see ourselves as a part of an unbroken line of faithful Christians stretching back through the ages to the early church, the Apostles, and Christ himself. We look to this great and varied tradition to guide us as we try to live faithful lives in our current age. One way we do that is by remembering the lives of faithful Christians who have gone before us...Read More

A True Tragedy

This day will go down as one of the saddest days in the history of Dallas and even in our nation, especially as it relates to those who put their lives at risk to protect ours. The murder of police officers who were protecting a peaceful protest is almost too much to even take in...Read More

Devoted for the City

A city has a number of things to offer. Take Vancouver for example, it offers a cooler summer climate, the beach and the mountains - all in one location. For this reason, in addition to others it has become one of the more popular destinations in North America. Amongst Canadians, Vancouver is a motivation killer. Once you live there you don't want to relocate, ever...Read More

A Ministry of Justice

West Dallas was once called “the devil’s back yard” by our local sheriff and has long been synonymous with hopelessness. Today, roughly one third of the adults living there have neither a high school diploma nor a GED. Reports indicate that a meager 10%, perhaps even as low as 3%, of the neighborhood high school graduates are deemed “college ready.” So in a very simple sense you can say that West Dallas Community School is a ministry of justice. Our founders refused to accept the narrative that a child’s zip code determines their future...Read More