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A Legacy of Testimony

The Gospel of John has provided us with rich readings the last three weeks; Nicodemus, the woman at the well and the man born blind. How Jesus meets each one of them, with grace, truth, and healing, and penetrating questions speaks to His role as the Good Shepherd...Read More

Congolese Company's Coming

We first met Pastor Atulu 30 years ago. He was on break from revising the Bible in Bangala (a regional language) and joined a group of us for a week to help establish the alphabet for Mayogo, his mother tongue...Read More

The Annunciation

It's easy to get lost in the Church calendar. We remember Christmas, of course, and Easter. In our Anglican tradition Ash Wednesday, Lent, Pentecost, and Advent all are given a fair bit of attention. Here at All Saints we make a point to remember All Saints' Day (which makes sense) and in the broader culture we mark St. Patrick's Day, but sadly not for the Holiest reasons....Read More

I Was Blind but Now I Can See

The gospel lesson for this Sunday, John 9, sets forth a conversation rich in theological profundity and identity recognition. There is a man born blind. The disciples ask questions of causation. The Pharisees seek to refute his healing. In this adversarial position, the man born blind becomes stronger and “sees” who Jesus is. Those who think that they can see, like the Pharisees, become blind...Read More

Sweet All Saints Friends

Most of you have probably heard by now that I am no longer the Executive Pastor of All Saints. I hope you were able to be at All Saints last Sunday when I addressed the church to give some of my prospective on this transition. If you were not able to be there here is a summary of what I had to say...Read More

Staffing Transition

It is with mixed emotions that I need to inform you of a staffing transition here at All Saints. Rev. Ken Dean will no longer be our Executive Pastor...Read More

What is Lent?

Lent simply means “springtime.” It is the season in the Christian year when followers of Jesus walk with him to his death and burial, so that we can participate fully with him in his resurrection. Lent is the forty days (not including Sundays) leading up to Easter. It begins Ash Wednesday and ends Holy Saturday (the day before Easter Sunday)...Read More

Good News Keeps Coming

Our Gospel reading for this Sunday, March 12th, is John 3:1-17. It is about being “born again.” Nicodemus, a devout Pharisee, comes to Jesus at night. This is a controversial meeting for him. There is something about his daytime life that is empty. He sees something in Jesus...Read More

Downtown News

As most of you know by now, ASD is now the proud owner of 901 S. Ervay. The Lord has clearly guided this process over the past several years. Working through your generous and sacrificial hearts, to date we have raised in upfront cash and 3-year commitments over $5.5M. Interestingly, the property closed on the same day that I was giving the opening invocation at the Dallas City Council meeting...Read More

Art House Dallas Featured Artist

This post was written by a staff member of Art House Dallas to feature Ryan Flanigan on their website. All Saints and Art House have been in partnership over the past few years offering concerts, songwriters events, and other artist enriching events. AHD seeks to cultivate creativity for the common good by encouraging and equipping everyone to live imaginative and meaningful lives....Read More