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The Holy Spirit and Evangelism

In a matter of days he was completely transformed. Peter, the one who denied Jesus, suddenly addresses the multitude and three thousand people receive the gospel. There is a pattern in Acts that emerges - charismatic experience of the Holy Spirit leads to bold evangelistic witness...Read More

From Pain to Peace

Our scars tell stories - stories about what we have experienced, endured and even suffered. In John 20:19 we read that though Jesus suddenly came and stood among the disciples - they did not “see” him until He showed them His scars...Read More

The Art of a Good Question

When I was a trial lawyer, one of the skills that had to be learned was asking good questions. Penetrating questions. Open ended questions. However, if I ask questions on cross-examination of a witness on the stand, I better know for sure what the answer is going to be...Read More

Silent Saturday

It is the day slid between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Not much is said in the Scriptures about the time between the filling of the tomb and its emptying. Perhaps that is because, unlike us who wait with anticipation the arrival of Easter morning, no one was expecting anything...Read More

Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday we begin Holy Week and commemorate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the place of his suffering and death, resurrection and glory. At All Saints Dallas on this special Sunday, we will begin our celebration with the Liturgy of the Palms...Read More

A Weekend with Bishop Todd Atkinson

Turning vision to action, this is always the challenge the people of God have faced when the Lord has birthed a fresh vision within a worshiping community. In these new seasons of life, the Lord often brings new graces to these communities through new people...Read More