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Guest Post by Megan Carpenter

“Strengthen them when they stand…” words from the blessing spoken over those celebrating their birthday each year. As I received the “Birthday Blessing” this phrase seemed to be written across my forehead as the hand of blessing passed over me...Read More

Festival of the Good Shepherd

Music, food, and fun. You are cordially invited to our end of year celebration, Sunday, May 21 right after the 11:00 am service. We will be set up at Craddock Park (4613 Lemmon Ave. Dallas, Texas 75219) with with box lunches (if you ordered them), cold drinks for everyone, and a sweet treat for the young ones...Read More

Make-Believe and Transformation

October is the month of make believe. Imaginary play is good for children! First of all it is fun and children learn a lot when they are having fun. Although the research supporting the following points is mixed, even if there is not a direct correlation statistically, teachers and parents know that imaginary play encourages many positive outcomes...Read More

August Reboot

In our culture, we associate New Years resolutions with January 1, but during child raising season, August is our “new year”. After 25 years as a principal and teacher I have a few suggestions to help the new school year go well...Read More

Transitions: The Time in Between

Life is a series of transitions from one stage to another. Dawn to sunrise to morning. Child to adolescent to adult, single to married to parent to grandparent. Moving from one stage to another is part of life. We see it all around us, recorded in the rhythms of the days and seasons and in our lives...Read More

The Joy of Nature

Delight in nature is instinctive in the young. In all the world it is the one thing (besides a newborn child) that comes to us directly from God’s hand, in many cases, unmediated by the fall. We see the marks of the Creator still upon his work. We resonate with it whether we acknowledge Him or not...Read More

Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, and You.

So what does the Apollo 11 mission have to do with moms and boys? A lot, it turns out. As you would expect, Dads connect with their sons by “doing” stuff and moms connect by “being” there. The research shows that boys who have a secure attachment to their mothers are less aggressive in later life and indulge in less risky behavior...Read More

Kissing Frogs

We all know the fairy tale; the princess must kiss the revolting frog and he suddenly turns into a handsome prince. It’s a great fantasy but not such a happy ending in real life. We’ve all known friends and relatives who have bought into this noble ideal and lived to regret it. No matter how many kisses are bestowed, the frog is still his slimy green self...Read More

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Your Kids

We’re talking about executive function here. This is not about your child as CEO in training, but a very important child development concept. Executive function skills are what help us plan, focus, remember directions, and keep multiple balls in the air. There are three main components of executive function: working memory, mental flexibility, and self control...Read More

The Christmas Crazies

The Christmas Crazies is an epidemic that infects entire populations around the globe from November 29 through January 2. Symptoms include: compulsion to dress entire families in matching colors; multiple visions of nutcrackers and sugar plums in households; fantasies regarding snowmen, snowflakes and white Christmases no matter what climate you live in...Read More

Thanksgiving: The Forgotten Season

One of the great challenges of our consumer culture is how to monetize Thanksgiving. Dang! How can we make money from thankfulness? The answer is “we can’t!” Which is why we mostly skip from Halloween to Christmas. The Christian faith has always taught the importance of gratitude and having a thankful heart. Now science is catching up...Read More

Spiritual Formation and Stages of Moral Development

Faith formation in a child is composed of so many elements; temperament, stage of development, family relationships, how faith is practiced at home. As we all know, our relationship with God is a life long process with all the joyful meetings, false starts, detours and adventures that are part of any journey...Read More

About Family Ministry at All Saints Dallas

The spiritual formation of our children shapes the generations to come. God specifically exhorts his people to teach the faith to our children. Our view of God is formed in the context of family and parenting. If these are unhappy beginnings, it is difficult to revise the emotional imprinting in our attitudes towards God and spiritual things...Read More