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Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday we begin Holy Week and commemorate Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the place of his suffering and death, resurrection and glory. At All Saints Dallas on this special Sunday, we will begin our celebration with the Liturgy of the Palms...Read More

Feast of the Epiphany

The Feast of Epiphany is an incredibly important day in the life of the Church. Celebrated upon the completion of the twelve days of Christmas, Epiphany falls on January 6th of each year and brings to completion what is called the Cycle of Light - the seasons of Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany...Read More

Entering Easter Through Baptism and Confirmation

On this Second Sunday of Easter we will celebrate Holy Baptism. Holy Baptism is one of two Sacraments we celebrate at All Saints Dallas along with the global Anglican family. Baptism is the rite of initiation into the Body of Christ. Through sign and symbol we recognize our union with Christ through God’s covenant with us...Read More

Fourth Sunday In Lent

Commuting is a huge part of living in Dallas. Whether your commute is 5 minutes or 25 minutes, you are driving, riding the bus, or riding the train to work or wherever it is you’re going each day. One interesting aspect of commuting is that we often drive by, or some of us fly by, the same landmarks each time. At some point you notice new places or landmarks and they leave an impression on you...Read More

First Sunday in Lent

On the First Sunday in Lent, our worship service had some marked changes. First, we did not say the word "alleluia" throughout any portion of the service. That may seem like a small thing, but when you think about how many times we say "alleluia" during the service, it is quite a drastic change...Read More

Second Sunday in Lent

As we think about this Second Sunday in Lent, it is important to remember that Lent not only has its beginnings as a season of baptismal preparation (and thus Easter preparation), but also as a season of devotional walking with Christ. ...Read More

Ash Wednesday and the Season of Lent

Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the season of Lent. On this day, the Church gathers to remember its humanness and mortality. One way we remember our mortality is the imposition of ashes. The clergy take ashes and make the sign of the cross on our foreheads with these words, "Remember, from dust you came and to dust you shall return"...Read More

The Sundays after Epiphany

The Sundays after Epiphany focus in successive order on the beginning of the ministry of Jesus, the fullness and breadth of his revelation through his ministry and to us today. These Sundays begin by observing and celebrating the Baptism of our Lord, when Jesus, to fulfill all righteousness, is baptized by John the Baptist...Read More

Christmas: Feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ

We have now journeyed together through the season of Advent and arrived at Christmas Day, the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas is marked as a feast unlike the fast character of repentance and sobriety we experienced in Advent....Read More

Advent: Fourth Sunday

In the Fourth Sunday of Advent our attention moves from John the Baptist and his cries for repentance to a young Jewish girl named Mary. The final Sunday of the Advent season hones our focus on the Angel Gabriel’s message to this young lady and her response of obedience...Read More

Advent: Third Sunday

Here we are closing in on the third out of four Sundays of Advent. The scriptural focus for this week again highlights the ministry and preaching of John the Baptist whose message of repentance is the tenor of this season...Read More

Advent: Second Sunday

In the Second Sunday of Advent our preparation for the coming of Jesus takes on a slightly different angle than the one last week. We move from considering Jesus’ own teaching on his second advent at the end of Mark’s gospel to the preaching of John the Baptist at the very beginning of Mark’s gospel...Read More

Preparing for Advent

The word 'advent' is formed from the Latin word for 'coming.' At Advent we note our anticipation in awaiting the celebrations of Christ's comings. We prepare our hearts to remember his first coming as the Messiah in a manger, and we look for his second coming as King of Kings at the end of age. The Advent Season begins the new year in the Christian calendar....Read More

Good Shepherd Sunday - the Fourth Sunday of Easter

This Sunday is commonly called Good Shepherd Sunday because the Gospel lesson in each of the three years in the Lectionary cycle is from Jesus' discourse in John 10 where he proclaims, "I am the good shepherd." What do you normally think of when you hear the word shepherd? ...Read More

Baptism and Confirmation

Holy Baptism is one of two Sacraments we celebrate at All Saints Dallas along with the global Anglican family. Baptism is the rite of initiation into the Body of Christ. Confirmation recognizes the faith an individual has placed in Christ, prays for an increasing work of the Holy Spirit in each person, and admits them into the global Anglican family. ...Read More

Easter Day

Easter was known in the early Church as Pascha, from the Greek "paschein" and closely related to the Hebrew Passover....Read More

Third Sunday in Lent

The Third Sunday in Lent takes us deeper into the battle Jesus is waging against Satan and more importantly, further along his road to the cross -- the place of death and sacrifice, and ultimately, victory....Read More