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An Open Letter to the Alpha Team

Over the years I have been asked time and again what does it look like to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Another way it is phrased is - How do I know if I am filled with the Holy Spirit...Read More

Giving Time Through Prayer

Throughout history - Outpourings of God and even revivals have always been preceded by forerunners. Forerunners are those who sought to give of their time to the Lord - seeking the Lord’s face on behalf of their family, community, city or nation - seeking that God Almighty would intervene...Read More

Receive as Much as You Can, Give as Much as You Can

Recently over coffee with a visitor to All Saints Dallas, I was asked "what is the first step in seeing revival in Dallas?". My answer surprised my guest. “Receive as much as you can, and give as much as you can...Read More

You're Invited! :: Equipping the Saints

God is doing something in Dallas. By God’s grace we hope to have our opening service in the new building All Saints Day in the Fall of 2018. How do we prepare ourselves spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally for His call on All Saints Dallas...Read More

God's Fulfilled Promise in Pentecost

This is a big weekend for the church. Pentecost marks the fulfilment of the promise of the Father, the birth of the church and the moment where the ministry of the Ascended Christ carries on through his followers...Read More

The Holy Spirit and Evangelism

In a matter of days he was completely transformed. Peter, the one who denied Jesus, suddenly addresses the multitude and three thousand people receive the gospel. There is a pattern in Acts that emerges - charismatic experience of the Holy Spirit leads to bold evangelistic witness...Read More

From Pain to Peace

Our scars tell stories - stories about what we have experienced, endured and even suffered. In John 20:19 we read that though Jesus suddenly came and stood among the disciples - they did not “see” him until He showed them His scars...Read More

A Weekend with Bishop Todd Atkinson

Turning vision to action, this is always the challenge the people of God have faced when the Lord has birthed a fresh vision within a worshiping community. In these new seasons of life, the Lord often brings new graces to these communities through new people...Read More

Signs and Wonders Today

In the New Testament, the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was confirmed by signs and wonders. We are learning, at All Saints Dallas, that through the use of the gifts of the Spirit, the gospel is still confirmed in this way today in the city of Dallas. This weekend has two great opportunities for you to see first hand what the Lord is doing in our midst...Read More

Christ the King

This Sunday is the last Sunday of the church year where we will be celebrating the feast of Christ the King. This feast day is a newer addition to the church calendar. Established in 1925, it was done so in response to the challenge of growing nationalism and secularism in the culture. And so the church chose to mark the end of the year with a day dedicated to the Authority to which every knee will one day bow ...Read More

Late, Irritated, and Demolition Gone Wrong

I was late. I hate being late. So I was irritated and going to be late for staff meeting. So I took a shortcut to avoid traffic, the light was green: excellent. Then I heard a bump. I had just driven past a demolition site and a brick had hit the car. I parked got out to inspect the damage; no dent but a significant amount of paint was gone...Read More

Devoted for the City

A city has a number of things to offer. Take Vancouver for example, it offers a cooler summer climate, the beach and the mountains - all in one location. For this reason, in addition to others it has become one of the more popular destinations in North America. Amongst Canadians, Vancouver is a motivation killer. Once you live there you don't want to relocate, ever...Read More

No Casseroles

May is Mental Health Month, which has been used by churches and a number of institutions in our culture to help eradicate the various stigmas associated with mental illness. When a member of the community breaks a leg or undergoes medical treatment there is always an outpouring of love and support followed by a wake of casseroles left at the door. Sadly, when the medical issue in question has to do with mental health, the casseroles don’t come...Read More

I Wish Somebody's Soul Would Catch On Fire

The band played softly after the announcements which was my cue to get ready to speak. "Hallelujah Thine the Glory," sang the choir, I picked up my bible and notes and waited. Suddenly all heaven broke loose. Words fail me as I try to describe what happened next. Dan Scott led the choir in a Gospel-Spiritual-SisterActEsque-Camp Revival Song...Read More

Reporting Live from the Lake Cities

Last weekend 32 of us retreated from the world around us for the Holy Spirit retreat. In a city such as ours where the messaging has been and continues to be mixed, and often ill-informed, in terms of Holy Spirit’s role in the journey of faith...Read More

More Is Yours

God always has more to offer than we can ask for or imagine. This is what my friend Simon+ Ponsonby told me while we walked across Christ Church meadows on a damp wet day in Oxford, November 2001. "The more of the Lord can be yours David, all you need to do is two things: Desire and die."...Read More

The Humility That Exalts

Peter was well acquainted with the power of pride. He had boasted that although all others might deny Christ, he, Peter, would remain true. From the height of that proud boast he fell into the abyss of denial. Yet Peter had been chastened, humbled, and then restored...Read More

The Word is Very Near To You

What do the first few lines of the book say? This is the criterion I tend to use when I buy the books I really want to read. The opening line of this book struck me and gave me great pause. It reads: “Why have you picked up this book about prayer? I wish I had the courage to insist that this book begin with a good number of blank pages which you could fill with your answer to that question.” I was not expecting this kind of opening...Read More

The Holy Spirit and Us

I participated in my first Alpha program at Oxford in 2001, where I was starting Theological College. Up until that point, I hadn’t had an experience with the Holy Spirit, and was a cynical believer. What I liked about the Alpha course was that I was able to ask questions. I met some amazing people there that made me feel welcome and normal. What hooked me, though, was seeing during the first four weeks of Alpha how the tools of academia were being used to give evidence for and explain the faith...Read More

Blessing Our Educators

The first time I was called into the principal’s office, was on the first day of school in grade 1, and the note I carried to the principal, written in French, accused me of being the anti-Christ. I was attending a French school and had been told by some of the boys in my class that it would be good for me to go up to the teacher (who was a nun) and say "Blessed Host and Tabernacle"...Read More

Being a Part of Something Bigger

One of the big stories of the NBA Championship series is Lebron James, and how he has almost single-handedly lead the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 2-1 series lead over Golden State. Love him or hate him, if Lebron manages to lead his team to an unlikely Championship his reputation as one of the all time greats in the history of basketball (a sport invented by a Canadian, by the way) will only grow. North American culture is no small part defined by a rugged individualism, and as helpful as this can be in certain instances, individualism is not a hallmark of the Christian life, community is....Read More

Renovation of the Heart

“Who are you?” was the question my mentor asked. I began to answer him by talking about work, the things that I’d done, accomplishments, and achievements; and to my surprise he began to shake his head. “David, I didn’t ask you what you do… I asked about who you are.” I didn’t really know how to answer that question. I had so gotten wrapped up in the doing of ministry that my sense of Identity had been drowned out and my mentor was helping me see that I needed help to rediscover who I am...Read More

Responding to the Richness of the Gospel

It was a cold Wednesday morning in Central London, when someone walked into the church crypt with dreadful news. A member of our congregation who had been drug free for a number of years, had relapsed and disappeared taking with him all of the money his family was relying on for Christmas. I discovered that day what generosity looks like. I didn’t have time to say a thing before a woman in her 80s, who had just put her life into the Lord’s hands, got a bowl from the kitchen and began passing it around...Read More

A Hidden Leprosy of the Heart

I have served as a priest for eleven years and I have had people come to me to confess all manner of struggles ranging from every manner of sin, except one. At this time no one has come to me saying, “my approach to money is harming my family, friends even my own soul”. As Tim Keller writes, "Greed hides itself from the victim"...Read More

A Cause for Giving Thanks

Thank you so much for taking part in our Thanksgiving Outreach last Monday. Originally, we had asked for 55 grocery bags and you responded generously with 80 bags of groceries. The plan was to bless 50 local Oak Lawn families identified for us by the Principal and staff of the Sam Houston Elementary School. On Monday afternoon we had 75 volunteers come help distribute the groceries and turkeys....Read More

Sharing Hope

Outreach is so much more than simply doing something to help someone in need. True outreach looks to the TOTAL CARE of a person - asking the questions to discern their physical, emotional and spiritual health and then thinking creatively to see how through the bonds of fellowship, how can the local church increase their health be it physically, emotionally and/or spiritually...Read More

I Googled

"A Margarita?" I asked, "what’s a margarita?” I was new to All Saints, new to Dallas, and new to the Republic of Texas. I had heard that church culture in Dallas would be different than what I had known in Canada and Britain but I wasn’t prepared for this. I quietly confessed that I had never had one, made an excuse to use the restroom and once safely inside the Men’s room, I googled...Read More

Terrible Tenants

This weeks Gospel reading is parable about failure, namely the failure of Israel’s religious leaders. God entrusted them with a position of great privilege and they responded through acts of utter betrayal. Consider this then, God had given the religious leaders of Israel a wonderful vineyard to cultivate; he had given them all the necessary equipment to do the job...Read More

Unlimited Forgiveness

Leave it to Peter to ask the question on everyone’s mind. In Matthew 18:21-35, he steps forward and says, “I know ‘three strikes and your out’ is a bit harsh… so instead of only forgiving people 3 times, we’re to forgive 7 times right?” Peter probably thought he was being generous in suggesting that many times for the obligation to forgive...Read More

Changing the World One Child at a Time

According to the U.S. Border Patrol, more than 52,000 unaccompanied children have attempted to cross the border between October 1, 2013 and June 15, 2014, more than twice as many as the previous 12 months. The majority of these children are coming from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, and are attempting to flee violence and exploitation...Read More

A God Who Sees No Failure

In Romans 4 Paul paints a picture of Abraham’s observance of Jewish religious customs and how that made him a man of favor in God’s eyes. It was Abraham’s willingness to be forgiven by God, the promise he received came by faith, so that it was by grace that it is guaranteed to all Abraham’s offspring...Read More

Christ's Ascension

As the disciples gather around Jesus on Ascension Day, so much had changed. Jesus had risen from the dead, and during his appearances over the preceding forty days, he had assured them that they would receive the promised Holy Spirit. Therefore they concluded that the Messianic era had dawned and the final salvation of Israel was imminent....Read More

The Battle with Disappointment

The pursuit of a living faith is a pursuit that is not without its conflicts. One of the great conflicts occurs in the heart of the believer when the unexplained happens.When things don’t go as we expect, when God doesn’t answer our prayers in a way that we think he should, when life throws things at us and the lord does not intervene as we hope we encounter disappointment...Read More