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Consider the Poor

This Sunday, we will hear from an obscure farmer named Amos, who God used to send a message to His people. As we make our way through the Lectionary, the passage we draw speaks seriously about our need to consider our heart for the poor among us. Often, we see the poor at a distance, people who are not like us or are removed from our world...Read More

Christ Our King

Like anything that happens together in marriage, choosing a light for our new dining room was not easy. While the kids were being patient, we had looked at every chandelier in the store and were no closer to finding something that we could both enjoy. It may seem to be a small thing, but for two opinionated spouses, no detail was insignificant in our new home...Read More

God at Work

Growing up in Michigan, we would joke that there were two seasons: winter and construction. Every summer, the hard work would commence with the awareness of winter’s coming close at hand. Construction is hard work and the building we inhabit at Oak Lawn & Congress did not build itself! Much like a construction crew, Our Triune God is at work in His church...Read More

A Testimony of God's Healing

It all started with a text message. "Help. I’m in tremendous pain. Can you pray for me to be healed?" A member followed-up with her, offering to pray for her at our weekly Noonday Prayer Service. She accepted his invitation and numerous All Saints members gathered to pray for her healing. She had received prayer before but never like this...Read More

Inspired to Life and Freedom

I pulled into the Taco Bell parking lot and promptly forgot what I had intended to ask. I was there to meet one of my mentors and since he had raised three children, I wanted to ask his opinion about what mattered the most during those growing up years in his home. My mentors give me advice but they also know me well. When the relationship is strong, the content of the conversation takes care of itself...Read More

A Passionate Pursuit of Greater Goods

We took a chance. Sometimes you know what you’re getting into when you rent a movie, other times you try to make an educated guess. Well, about 45 minutes into this movie, it became clear that the main character in this movie was driven to educate his audience about the futility of chastity. Instead of pointing out the joy of knowing God through greater goods, the movie told its story atheistically...Read More

The Tinfoil Kingdom of Lust

When we lust, we act like someone other than Our Lord. If we push our lens out even wider, we can see that at its root, lust is about stripping another person of their nature. Lust is our way of dehumanizing someone else and forcing them into our tinfoil kingdom. We create an alternative universe, doomed to destruction, where we are like gods...Read More