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Driving Into the Uncontrollable Cloud

Growing up in the Texas Panhandle, I am no stranger to severe weather. I remember vividly as a child watching the huge thunderheads and wall clouds rolling across the vast sky. The feeling it evoked in me was one of awe and fear. But I never felt unsafe because I knew my dad was there...Read More

In Search of a Tribe

In January of 2009 I was experiencing a lot of change in my life. A few months earlier I had just moved my wife and three children to Fleming Island, Florida, to serve at Grace Anglican Church. In this transition we left behind our beloved Texas, our extended family, a familiar culture and landscape, and the denominational family both of us had been formed in...Read More

Deeply Rooted

I love my job. I have the distinct privilege of walking alongside people and seeing God at work in their lives. I take this calling and privilege seriously, and I enjoy it immensely. Reflecting back to the first week of Membership Sundays, I can’t help but be so very excited for what God is up to at All Saints East Dallas...Read More

Membership Sundays

I love new stuff. Any occasion I receive a gift is cause for celebration because I love getting new stuff. Recently our fireplace bellows was punctured and a gaping hole developed. I was excited because I was going to get a new bellows. But my eldest son, being enterprising and a talent with the duct tape, fixed it instead. Se la vie...Read More

A New Year, A New Mission

The new year is now in full swing, and most of us have broken - some miserably - our resolutions. That’s ok, because Chris+ reminded us Sunday night that being on pilgrimage with God is so much more than attempting to do something in our own power. It’s completely re-orienting ourselves to God and the path of following him...Read More

A Christmas Eve to Remember...

I'll never forget my first Christmas Eve service in an Anglican church. Amy, the kids, and I had just moved to Jacksonville, Florida, and we were away from extended family for the holidays for the first time. My folks were able to come out and celebrate with us, but everything felt so foreign...Read More

Your Lowly Servant…

This Sunday is the last one before Christmas! I’m so excited because in our Advent waiting we’re getting closer to the birth of Christ. And of all the sentiments, themes, and characters of Advent, Mary is one of the most important. We’ll be talking about her this Sunday...Read More

Lord, Open Our Lips

Each Wednesday in the season of Advent All Saints East is gathering for Morning Prayer. Admittedly the name sounds a bit innocuous, but this corporate moment of prayer serves a few important functions in the life of the Church. First and foremost as prayer it places us, God’s people, in an act of self-giving at His feet, in His service, and at His mercy...Read More

The Waiting Is Over...

Well, not exactly. Advent is upon us, yet we find ourselves in a season of waiting. Waiting to celebrate Christmas. Waiting for Christ’s second coming. And perhaps waiting for any number of other things in life. No matter what it is we’re longing for, this is an ideal moment to re-direct our desires and re-order our loves...Read More

The Close of Another Year…

This Sunday is the final Sunday in the Christian year. The following week Advent will begin and thus a new liturgical year. But before we begin a new year, we’ll look at the kingship of Christ in all things on what is commonly called “Christ the King Sunday”...Read More

Don’t Just Get Through the Holidays

We are almost to the middle of November, and before we know it Thanksgiving will have flown by bringing in its wake the Christmas season. This is my favorite time of the year because before Christmas arrives we’ll go through the season of Advent...Read More

All Saints' Day: Our First Day

This Sunday, November 1, marks our first weekly worship service, and it’s a very special day to launch. Each year, November 1 marks All Saints' Day. This day is the annual feast where we celebrate every saint, known and unknown, living on earth and in heaven...Read More

Launching Soon

Sunday night's final Preview Service was a fantastic evening! We had a great crowd worshiping together and enjoyed dinner afterwards in the Parish Hall. I loved seeing new relationships being forged and existing connections being deepened. In case you missed the service, I talked about how God is building His Church at All Saints East Dallas...Read More

Leaving a Legacy

I lost my dad last Wednesday morning. I have never experienced grief like this before. Three of my 4 grandparents were dead by the time I was 12, so I haven’t experienced death in my family for some time. And needless to say, this grief is different...Read More

Opportunities to Connect

I love people. I love meeting new people. I love staying connected with old friends. I love being with people. As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, relationships with other people are some of the most sacred spaces that we have. And the Church is a prime place to initiate and cultivate those relationships...Read More

Sacred Spaces

All Saints East Dallas had its second Preview Service Sunday night, and it was a wonderful time! I loved the worshipful atmosphere that filled the church and the grounds. God was beautifully and faithfully present throughout the service. I loved preaching about Beauty that Saves...Read More

What is Beauty?: An All Saints East Update

I’m really excited about All Saints East Dallas' next Preview Service coming up Sunday night. I hope you can be there and celebrate the beginning of this community. It is really beautiful to see God weave his people together in the power of the Holy Spirit. You may think “beautiful” is a funny description for beginning a church community, but I really like using this word...Read More

Being the Church

All Saints East Dallas had its first Preview Service Sunday night. Two hundred adults and children came out to celebrate this new season of ministry, worship the Lord together, and witness the birth of a new community. It was fantastic having so many familiar faces from All Saints on Oak Lawn present to celebrate with us. It was truly a great night...Read More

Being in Community: An All Saints East Update

As a kid, I wasn’t the best at finishing stuff. But I was a great starter. If you were getting together a pickup football game in the park, I’d be there ...Read More

Being Filled: An All Saints East Dallas Update

A friend recently told me, “the Christian life isn’t meant to be difficult, it’s meant to be impossible without the Holy Spirit.” And as I look back on my experience of following Jesus, I can say that is true...Read More

Getting Ready by Being Still: An All Saints East Update

All Saints East Dallas is a three-stream Anglican church - rooted in Scripture, sustained by the Sacraments, and animated by the Spirit. All Saints East Dallas exists to live in God’s presence and live out his love and hopes to connect with the people of the neighborhoods of East Dallas and beyond...Read More

Being Led by God: An All Saints East Update

I saw her walking down the stairs at our college gym. She thought I was a nice guy, but not really worth her time. I had already demonstrated my ineptness at a relationship with her in the past. But as I saw this girl walking by, I knew I was going to marry her...Read More

Being a Child: An All Saints East Update

Being a child. What does that statement bring to your mind? Does it bring back good memories from a time when life seemed simpler? Does it seem derogatory or like a lowering of status? Or does it make you think of your own children, nieces, nephews, or friends’ children...Read More

The Movement and Arithmetic of God

People often ask me, “How’s it going with what you’re doing?” They know I’m doing something church-ish at a different location than All Saints, and they’re nice and want to hear about it. My reply is often, “Great.” And that is not a pat answer because, by God’s grace, things are going very well. Here’s a brief update for all of you...Read More

Creating a Space of Peace

Long lines at the DMV. Security checkpoints at the airport. Central Expressway backed up like a parking lot. A long, boring sermon. A pedantic blog post. What do these things have in common? They all test our patience. We live in a world of immediacy where patience is nearly impossible to cultivate. Most innovations in our technological society seem to be the exact opposite of experiencing patience...Read More

Why Are You Sad?

Not long ago, Matthew Perryman Jones, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, held an intimate evening of stories and songs at All Saints. I really love music, but that night was particularly bewitching because Jones said something deeply profound. In describing the genesis of one song, he talked about some time spent with a therapist where he was dealing with anger. He laid out his condition, and the therapist responded with a curious question: “Matthew, why are you sad?”...Read More

The Beauty of Alpha

Alpha is off to a great start this spring here at All Saints Dallas. For the past few Wednesdays a group comprised of our gifted team and a slew of curious and hungry guests, have gathered to grapple with the tough questions of life...Read More

The Wild Promise of God's Generosity

God makes an accusation and a wild promise speaking to his people through the prophet Malachi. This promise is wild for two reasons. First, what king says to his subjects “you have robbed me” and then turns around and says but if you bring “the full tithe into the storehouse” then see if I don’t open the windows of heaven upon you? Even more, then he says “test me” in this...Read More

Experiential Learning

Have you ever noticed how Jesus taught in a very experiential way? He used a myriad of objects, situations, and resources all around him to get his point across and connect with people. Once he even used saliva and mud to heal a blind man - that would have been quite an experience. There are two fantastic opportunities for experiential learning coming up at All Saints Dallas...Read More

Celebration Dinner

If you’ve been around All Saints for at least a little while you’ve probably heard Philip Jones’ famous ecclesiastical dictum: “We built this church one margarita at a time.” This Wednesday night at Mattito’s (at Oak Lawn and Cedar Springs), you will get to experience that in action at the Celebration Dinner...Read More

Worship and Work

One of the beauties of the Anglican community is its worship. Rooted in common—or corporate—prayer, the worship of Anglicans has long been a noted characteristic of its life and mission in the world. This beauty drew me to the Anglican family a decade ago. The Book of Common Prayer—the standard formula for worship for the Anglican Communion and the source from which we derive our Sunday liturgy—is full of services for the Christian year...Read More

Walking on Water

Sunday’s Gospel lesson recounts Jesus walking on the stormy waters and Peter daring to walk to him. I don’t know about you, but rarely do I find myself in situations like Peter. He and the other disciples see what they think is a ghost. Then, realizing it is Jesus, Peter calls out, “If it is you, call me out on the water.” My typical approach in life is very different from this...Read More

I Am the Resurrection and the Life

I hope your personal observance of Lent has been meaningful, consistent, and life-giving. To be sure, our Sunday services have marked this season liturgically, but I pray the shape and posture of Lent has begun to leave its mark in each of our lives. On this the Fifth Sunday in Lent, we’ll be looking a beautiful statement by Jesus that curiously finds its place in this season of penitence and devotion: “I am the resurrection and the life...Read More

Celebrating Together

I love meeting new people - that’s probably one of my favorite things about life. Meeting someone new is especially exciting to me when they’ve just visited All Saints for the first time. I love to hear their stories, get a sense of their spiritual journey, and begin to see who God has made them....Read More

A Year of Opportunities

The new year is upon us whether we are ready for it or not. I don’t know what 2013 was like for you, but if you’re like me, you had plenty of ups and downs, twists and turns that you had not accounted for at the beginning of the year...Read More

A Church About Divine Connection

This Sunday is Connection Sunday. It’s our way of kicking off the year and ramping up for the fall. One great part of Connection Sunday is that it’s a great day to bring someone with you to church...Read More

What makes a church successful?

What is success? That’s a great question. Success can take many forms and perhaps even definitions depending on the circumstance. For example, we had a successful vacation last week because I did almost nothing related to my job. But, this week doing my work is imperative because I’m no longer on vacation...Read More

Introducing the New Children's Pastor

Last week Philip introduced to you one of the new members of the All Saints Dallas team, Chris Myers. This week, it’s my great privilege to introduce to you another new team member. Anna Carol Brymer will be serving as our Children’s Pastor, a key role on our leadership team and in our growing community...Read More

Summer Connections

Memorial Day has come and gone, school is letting out all over the city, and it feels like summer is in full swing. Many of you will be setting off on vacation in the coming days and weeks. Maybe you’ll spend hours in a crowded car driving to a destination that you’re not sure you want to go to...Read More

Seeking the Spirit

God is always ready to hear our prayer. We can bring before him any request, any problem, any issue because of Jesus Christ our mediator. There is nothing too difficult for the almighty God. In my praying life I’ve discovered in the past couple of years that it’s never wrong to ask for the Holy Spirit......Read More

Jumping in!

What an exciting week! We’ve been busy at the office preparing for some special events. We have a lot of exciting things happening this weekend at All Saints Dallas, and each one of these events revolves around becoming a missional church, a church joining with God in his saving mission to the world....Read More


Have you ever seen an eagle soaring through the sky? In sublime effortlessness the great bird makes its way across vast expanse. It is quite breathtaking to behold. Isaiah employs this imagery in encouraging his readers: “Even youths shall faint and be weary......Read More

Cycle of Light

We are now in the throes of Advent, that season of waiting and anticipation, the season of light slowly breaking into the dark, and the season of expecting the coming of Christ. The last few weeks we have explored the apocalyptic realities that surround Jesus’ final days on earth and the need for our expectant waiting and watching....Read More

Come, Let us Adore Him

Here we are at one of my favorite moments of the year - the first Sunday of Advent. Advent is the season which marks the beginning of the liturgical calendar. In this season we prepare for the coming of Jesus, for that is what advent means, "coming."...Read More

Why Christmas?

Why Christmas? That’s not really a question we ask ourselves very often and for good reason. We get Christmas, the Virgin birth of the Son of God, the shepherds, the angels, and the manger. Not only do we understand Christmas,...Read More

Let us go to the house of the Lord!

While some of you were led to believe that I was sleeping in last Sunday, the fact of the matter is that Amy and I had the privilege to be godparents while we were away in Florida. We had a wonderful time seeing old friends and colleagues at New Grace Church...Read More

Overflow of God in Us

Fall is beginning to creep up on us here in Dallas. One of my favorite parts of late Summer and early fall, besides lower temperatures and lower humidity, is the deep green hue of the grass and leaves just before they change colors. It’s almost as if you can see the light and radiant heat each blade and leaf has been soaking up from the sun all ...Read More

Go Forth in the Power of the Spirit

"The Church doesn't stay inside the sanctuary." In a word, we are to go out - to be sent. This is actually the latin meaning of the word missio where we get our word mission....Read More

Moving into town

A year ago last Sunday, Amy, the kids, and I arrived in Dallas to join the All Saints community. We had just marked three wonderfully formative years in Florida and were very sad to leave. And at the same time, we were so eager......Read More

Ascension Day

What a fantastic week we've had here at All Saints Dallas. Sunday +Philip further elaborated on the process of conversion reminding us that we are constantly being formed in the image......Read More

In the midst

Looking at this coming Sunday's Gospel lesson we see Jesus' friends gathering in community after his death and resurrection. As they experienced loss, fear, and an inexplicable turn of events, these people went back to their basic network of relationships to try and sort things out. It was in that place that Jesus appeared in their midst...Read More

Leading with grace

I believe grace is God's own self-giving to us, for our good and His glory. We see this self-giving at the cross, again at Pentecost, and if we are watching, we see it everyday in our lives. When God leads us with His grace, He is giving us Himself. ...Read More

Commemorating The Saints

This Sunday we will be celebrating All Saints' Day. This feast is so very important to us at All Saints Dallas not only because we derive our name from it, but because in it we commemorate the saints who have gone before us, celebrate their redemption and witness in Christ, and anticipate the day when we will join with all the redeemed and see God's face and worship him for eternity....Read More

Holiness in community

In Sunday's sermon, +Philip spoke about holiness in community and how this quality must be present in the All Saints Dallas community for us to be effective followers of Jesus in the world. One way we enact holiness in community is through table fellowship. ...Read More

We bring to God an offering

Psalm 72 is a messianic or royal psalm. It was written as a prayer for King Solomon and perhaps by him, but it can also be interpreted Christologically if we think of the King as the Messiah, the anointed one. This psalm came to mind one day while singing a song we do often at All Saints Dallas. ...Read More

God has made us for the Harvest

“And Jesus said to them, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.’” (Luke 10:2) When Jesus uttered these words, He was sending out the seventy-two, a band of disciples appointed by the Lord Himself who would go into every town and village where Jesus himself was about to go......Read More