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Update on the Deans

We know that trials are food for our faith, and that godly reaction to trials should be joy and perseverance, but when big trials hit (as they have for us lately) we have also learned that it is only possible to walk through the trials when you have the prayers and outpouring of love from Christian family and friends...Read More

Sweet All Saints Friends

Most of you have probably heard by now that I am no longer the Executive Pastor of All Saints. I hope you were able to be at All Saints last Sunday when I addressed the church to give some of my prospective on this transition. If you were not able to be there here is a summary of what I had to say...Read More

Seeking God's Heart for Dallas

Over the past several weeks we have been saying this prayer together; as part of our recent Saturday special prayer meetings, as part of our prayers of the people during Sunday morning services, as well as at various other All Saints meetings. Incorporating this simple yet powerful prayer into our prayer rhythms can help us shape and enlarge our heart for the city of Dallas. Notice some of the themes in the prayer...Read More

An Enduring Legend In Print

Michael Hyatt, the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, has called "On the Incarnation" by St. Athanasius one of the top 5 Christian books of all time. In this book, Athanasius explains and defends God’s plan of salvation and the necessity of Christ’s incarnation in the redemption of mankind and the world. C.S. Lewis said, “the influence of this writing on all later theology could not be overstated”...Read More

Our Secret Weapon

Humility is the secret sauce of the Christian life. It is the flavor that should distinguish us from the rest of the world. It is counter intuitive, as we are not predisposed to seek humility. It is difficult to learn – and it is extremely difficult to live in an ongoing posture of humility. Humility is also however the only remedy for pride, and the redemption of all fallen human nature...Read More

Curving In Upon Ourselves

Pride is widely considered to be the “Grand Daddy” of all vices. After all, it was because of pride that Satan fell from heaven. It was pride that motivated Adam and Eve to disobey God when they listened to Satan (who told them that they could become like God). And yet, there are times when being proud of something seems right and good. However, it is important to note that many of our great church fathers in the first eight centuries of the church saw pride as the root issue behind all sin...Read More

Serving and Inviting at All Saints

Excitement has been building over the last couple of weeks as we anticipate what God will do next here at All Saints Dallas. Our Fall Ministry season officially begins on Sunday, August 25th with what we are calling “Connection Sunday.” This is a day where we are hoping everyone will consider inviting a friend, neighbor, or colleague to church...Read More