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Vision Sunday and Elections - February 11, 2018

What do you value as a follower of Christ? People will always be attracted to you for what you value, whatever that may be, good or bad. You may value integrity. People with integrity will most likely be attracted to you. Or, if you value gossip people who love to gossip will be attracted to you. In a church like All Saints Dallas our vision “live in God’s presence, live out His love” will result in certain values that lead to change in behavior...Read More

100 Opportunities

Momentum is building for our winter Alpha course. It begins this Tuesday, January 30 at 6:30 PM at the Eberhard restaurant and bar. We are praying for 100 new guests that you will bring to at least this first Alpha event. There is no pressure to come to the weeks after and there is no follow-up or spamming those who come to Week 1. Just simply, come and see...Read More

Come and See - Praying for 100

This may be my favorite Scripture that characterizes ASD. For so many who ask "what kind of church is ASD?", it is so hard to explain and you have to know some history to talk about “Anglican” and 3 streams, etc. So, along with many of you, I simply say “come and see”...Read More

When the Light Comes

God has begun another year. Each day he unfolds for us, as we live, he will reveal himself more fully not only to us but through us to those around us. This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany...Read More

Experiencing God

The readings for the 4th Sunday of Advent give us the Old Testament background and gospel narrative of the annunciation to Mary in Luke 1:26–38. One of my favorite passages because of the discipleship model given to us in Mary’s “yes” to God...Read More

Broken Church, Tiptoe People

“Oh, that’s the church where broken people go.” This was a response someone gave to one of our members when asked what church she attended and she said All Saints Dallas. Yes, that is some of what we are known for. The place where broken people go...Read More

Breaking Ground Downtown and Fire and Brimstone

Yep. It’s happening! This Saturday, December 9, at 10 AM you are invited to 901 S. Ervay for the Crossroads Groundbreaking of our new church site. Who knew that a year ago we would own this building, raise the funds for design and construction, and prepare for our move in November 2018...Read More

He has Come, He is Coming, He will Come

In our tradition, we celebrate the liturgical seasons of the year because we believe that time runs through the church not the church running through time. One of the clearest expressions of this is the season of Advent...Read More

Joy and Sacrifice

Today, this day before Thanksgiving Day, we prepare to celebrate and give thanks for God’s generosity. Generosity it is the basis of his authority in our life. His generosity in giving us life, salvation through Christ, community, talent, daily provisions, friends, and communion...Read More

Giving Thanks to God in All Things

Thanksgiving blessings to you all. We are grateful for the bounty and blessing of All Saints Dallas, and for the compassion you continue to show. Kingdom abundance is measured not by what we amass but by generosity in what we give away in time, talent and treasure...Read More

Moving the Hand of God

Six weeks ago I wrote a newsletter following the events of tragic hurricanes and violence in our country. Given the most recent tragedy at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, I think it is important to revisit suggestions on how to respond...Read More

Praying for Glorious Change

I'm not sure what type of prayer person you are – someone that feels excited to bring your personal requests to God, or someone that would rather bring the needs and joys of others before the Lord, but this weekend you will have the opportunity to do both...Read More

Obligation or Volunteer

In a recent article, Claude Alexander writes that what we call a “Post–Christian culture strikingly resembles the pre–Christendom era before Constantine, when the church was a fringe, marginal, prophetic body. Before it became mainstream...Read More

Tragedy and Opportunity

Recently, ASD was invited as one of the American Alpha centers to spend a few days in London with other churches that are running Alpha courses. Claudia and I had a chance to spend a week before the meeting to travel, disconnect from duties here, and reconnect with each other without all the responsibilities ...Read More

DCC Worship and Bible Study

On Thursday mornings at the Dallas Country Club Sports Grill, I and others lead a morning prayer service using the Book of Common Prayer. It is free and open to anybody. In our prayer time we praise God, confess sin, read psalms and canticles, pray for needs, and our families...Read More

You're Invited to Invite

Welcome back! It was great to see so many of you this past Sunday. This has been an eventful summer for many of us. Joys, opportunities, trials, tribulations, etc. Just like there are seasons in life, there are seasons in our church rhythms...Read More

Reflections on Charlottesville

I wrote a piece earlier this week that was sent to clergy and members of the AMiA. There have been tweets, retweets, reaction to tweets, impromptu news conferences, and pundits plenty on all sides. This is a time for the church to be the church...Read More

Who are we? Where are we going?

Over the last several years God has built into us a certain DNA that we have come to embrace and celebrate. Based on the 3 streams of scripture, sacrament and Spirit, there is a peace, presence and desire to love and serve others...Read More

Who Sinned?

Many of you responded to my newsletter from last week regarding mental illness issues and suicide. It seemed to touch a nerve. Thankfully, both of these issues are more “on the table” to be discussed, addressed, and prayed about than ever before. Because of my own family tragedy earlier this summer, I am naturally paying more attention...Read More

Dying of Despair

In the August/September issue of “First Things”, author Aaron Kheriaty explains why more Americans are committing suicide. As many of you know, this is an issue very close to my family as a result of the recent tragedy in our lives. I share this with you knowing that this issue has not only affected my life but many of yours as well...Read More

Dysfunctional Families

We hear this phrase a lot, dysfunctional families. No one should be surprised. The Bible begins with a breakdown in family between Adam and Eve, continues with Cain and Abel, Noah and his family, Abraham and Sarah. But, probably, there is no greater dysfunction than the family of Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob, and Esau...Read More

Within our Body

As we prepare to move downtown in the next 1-1/2 years, I have been praying about our potential impact. With the downtown area having so much that affects all of Dallas in business, politics, medical, law, retail, residential living, etc., how can we find people in our congregation that might have impact in these areas...Read More

All We Have is From God

At All Saints Dallas generosity and transparency are two of our core values. We believe we are called to be generous with our time, talent, and treasure because God has been so abundantly generous with us. As I often say, God's generosity towards us is the basis of his authority in our lives...Read More

Still Laughing

In last week’s Old Testament lesson, Genesis 18:15, there was this tongue-in-cheek exchange between Sarah and the Lord. Sarah denied laughing that she would have a child in her old age within a year’s time, but the Lord says, “no, but you did laugh.” A funny exchange...Read More

A Value of Transparency

God has been moving in lots of ways in the life of All Saints Dallas over the past six months. As transparency is one of our ASD values, I would like to share with you where we are as we approach the last two weeks of this fiscal year. At ASD we talk about giving as an overflow of discipleship; you are giving back to God a portion of what He has given you. It’s all His anyway ...Read More

Tragedy and the Trinity

This coming Sunday is Trinity Sunday. It is a time to reflect on that which is the foundation and background of everything we believe in as followers of Christ. The God revealed to us in Scripture is one God in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit...Read More

The Cycle of Generosity

I have often said that generosity is the basis of God’s authority in our life. Think about it. His generosity in creating the world, you, me, our families. Generosity in giving His word, His Son, His Holy Spirit, the church. His generosity in our friendships, our financial resources, our gifts and talents. It really is the basis of His authority...Read More

Buildng Walls or Punching Holes

A few weeks ago, Rev. Samira Page of Gateway of Grace spoke about her life journey as a Christian in Iran and a refugee in America. Raised in a different religion, she came to know the Lord through a series of circumstances. When I was a young lawyer, anything connected with Iran was troublesome...Read More

Important Times for Friends of All Saints

This past weekend I made a trip down to San Antonio, and currently I am making my way up to Nashville. Both trips are made with much joy in celebrating the consecration of two new Bishops in the Anglican Mission in America...Read More

Do you love God?

The underlying foundation of all that we do is theology, biblical theology. For example, notice Hebrews 9:14, "how much more will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without blemish to God, purify our conscience from dead works to serve the living God...Read More

God is on the Move...Again

Last Sunday you were introduced to Mark and Cate Walz. Mark and his family, three kids and one on the way, moved to Dallas last week from Ohio. We have been in conversation with him for the past two years about the possibility of moving to Dallas and planting a church...Read More

The Art of a Good Question

When I was a trial lawyer, one of the skills that had to be learned was asking good questions. Penetrating questions. Open ended questions. However, if I ask questions on cross-examination of a witness on the stand, I better know for sure what the answer is going to be...Read More

A Legacy of Testimony

The Gospel of John has provided us with rich readings the last three weeks; Nicodemus, the woman at the well and the man born blind. How Jesus meets each one of them, with grace, truth, and healing, and penetrating questions speaks to His role as the Good Shepherd...Read More

I Was Blind but Now I Can See

The gospel lesson for this Sunday, John 9, sets forth a conversation rich in theological profundity and identity recognition. There is a man born blind. The disciples ask questions of causation. The Pharisees seek to refute his healing. In this adversarial position, the man born blind becomes stronger and “sees” who Jesus is. Those who think that they can see, like the Pharisees, become blind...Read More

Staffing Transition

It is with mixed emotions that I need to inform you of a staffing transition here at All Saints. Rev. Ken Dean will no longer be our Executive Pastor...Read More

Good News Keeps Coming

Our Gospel reading for this Sunday, March 12th, is John 3:1-17. It is about being “born again.” Nicodemus, a devout Pharisee, comes to Jesus at night. This is a controversial meeting for him. There is something about his daytime life that is empty. He sees something in Jesus...Read More

Downtown News

As most of you know by now, ASD is now the proud owner of 901 S. Ervay. The Lord has clearly guided this process over the past several years. Working through your generous and sacrificial hearts, to date we have raised in upfront cash and 3-year commitments over $5.5M. Interestingly, the property closed on the same day that I was giving the opening invocation at the Dallas City Council meeting...Read More

For Such a Time as This

You know the story. From the biblical book of Esther we hear these words spoken by Esther’s uncle Mordecai calling on her for courage in the face of risk to tell the king about a plot against the Jews, “if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, then you and your house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to this kingdom for such a time as this?”...Read More

Invitation to Fasting and Prayer for Crossroads

Fasting and prayer are a form of worship mentioned often in scripture including times during which people are set apart to do the work of the Lord and are making important decisions. Prayer has been a constant for the last year about a possible move and our location, especially in the last month as the vision has become clear to me, our clergy and our Board of Stewards...Read More

Fight for It

“Philip, I want you to fight for it.” This is what the Lord told me last week and I spoke about it last Sunday. The time is now. There is no turning back. He has spoken and we must obey. It has taken some time to be sure we have heard correctly. But, I, we, believe that God is calling us to a deeper responsibility with the opportunity that is before us...Read More

Warehouse, Therehouse

In my favorite comedy, “Young Frankenstein”, Dr. Frankenstein asks “where wolf?” and Igor responds, “there wolf”. Well, the play on words made me think about Crossroads. There probably is not much of a parallel except that I love that comedy and just had to use that line. I hope it got your attention and I hope you’ll see the movie. Mel Brooks’ best...Read More

More to Come

So much is happening. Our First Fruits prayer and worship service is tonight at 7 p.m., a prayer service at the potential new site (901 South Ervay St.) at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow, and then Sunday services at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. where I will be laying out the vision of Crossroads...Read More

Annual Parish Meeting

God leads His people. He provides a place and a promise. There are times that we, as a church, are led to gather and be faithful stewards through communication and elections. This Sunday after each service, we will hold our Annual Parish Meeting in the sanctuary...Read More

Anglican Mission Winter Conference

All Saints Dallas is a member of the Anglican Mission in America, and I am the Apostolic Vicar of the AMIA. We are an Anglican society of mission and apostolic works that focuses on recognizing, raising up, resourcing, and releasing church leaders around the country to plant churches and start new works...Read More

Epiphany Proclamation of Easter

The church universal has a couple of significant and meaningful traditions related to The Feast of the Epiphany. First, it is a common practice to bless homes on the Feast of the Epiphany and during the following week. Second, the ancient Church had a practice of announcing the dates of Easter as well as other feasts and fasts that do not have a fixed date ...Read More

New Year’s Declaration

According to a Gallup poll report several years ago, there are six needs people have today. Frankly, I believe that all of these needs are ones that can be found, sustained, and grown in the life of a healthy church community. The only requirement, it takes your participation and desire to grow as a follower of Christ...Read More

Christmas Proclamation

The Christmas Proclamation historically is read or chanted on Christmas Eve. It sets the birth of Jesus in relationship to the events of the Old Testament as well as the Greek and Roman worlds preceding Jesus’ birth. It is a way of dating His birth different from modern dating systems...Read More

Advent Transitions

This Sunday’s Gospel reading, Matthew 1:18–25, reflects a significant transition in the life of Joseph, the husband of Mary. He had heard of her pregnancy. They were engaged. He was perplexed, scared, and angry. Just imagine how he felt when Mary gave him the news, “I am pregnant...Read More

Faith and a Rising Tide

Last weekend we were blessed in a way that I have rarely experienced. Anglican Bishop Todd Atkinson talked at our Friday night First Fruits service and preached on Sunday. Personally, with his teaching on the spiritual gift of faith from I Corinthians 12, I experienced a rising level of faith...Read More

A Thanksgiving Prayer

I know you are all busy with Thanksgiving preparations, so this isn’t long. But, here is a Thanksgiving prayer that you may want to use tomorrow. It is a litany of thanksgiving that you could read and everyone else respond “We thank you, Lord.” I am deeply thankful for all of these things, and for all of you...Read More

Cheers, Jeers, or Vision?

Our heads are still spinning. In the most remarkable turnaround election of our time, regardless of which side you were on, the people have spoken and it is not what everyone thought would happen. By now you have been inundated with blogs, comments, and articles dissecting and diagnosing this historic election...Read More

Kingdom and Election

You probably think this article is going to be about the presidential election. No such luck. I figure you have heard enough. Both of the presidential candidates have laid out their vision and their party platforms have been written. But, I do think it is interesting that the presidential election falls just a few days before Sunday, November 13th when I will be sharing with you a vision for All Saints Dallas...Read More

Only Death is Resurrected

In last week’s gospel reading, Luke 18, the tax collector prays the prayer “Lord, have mercy on me a sinner.” In this week’s Gospel lesson, Jesus will look into the eyes of Zacchaeus hiding in a tree, have mercy on him, and call him down from the tree to come into his house...Read More

October Surprises

In the run up to Presidential elections everyone talks about October surprises. Certainly, we have had a few this time around. But the October surprises I want to talk about are much more life-giving. Tomorrow October 14th, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. here at the church, retired Rwandan Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini and Bishop William Bahemuka-Mugenyi from the Congo...Read More

The Holy Spirit and Law School

Law school was tough. I have compared it to an intellectual boot camp. But, one of my most significant spiritual moments came during law school. After my first quarter, the exam grades did not come for about a month. The first exam grade to come back was on Real Property. I was already scared to death to known how I did because the whole grade depends on one final exam...Read More

Got Liturgy?

This weekend we are offering two opportunities to know more about all Saints Dallas, our values, and vision and help answer some of the questions regarding how and why we worship the way we do. That word “liturgy” means work of the people. This Saturday, October 1st, we will have a one-day membership class from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the church...Read More

Spanning the Globe

I remember the ABC Wide World of Sports. It came on the television every Saturday. I was always fascinated by the sports events around the world coming into our living room. The past two weeks I have found the AMiA and myself “spanning the globe.” We are connected to the Anglican Communion throughout the world by our partnership relationships with overseas bishops and archbishops...Read More

How To Hate Your Mother and Father -- And Other Good News

This Sunday’s Gospel lesson is a very sharp and provoking call to discipleship. For some, this kind of statement regarding family relationships is absurd and for others it is unnecessary. They already have strained relationships with her mother and father. Of course, this really isn’t about hating anyone but rather discipleship...Read More

A Feast for All Saints Dallas

This Sunday, August 28th, is our Fall Kickoff Sunday. It is a time of expectation, celebration, and feasting. As people return from vacation and began the start of school, this would be a great Sunday for you to invite family, friends, neighbors, seekers, etc. because we have a lot planned for celebration and feasting. At All Saints Dallas we get so excited about these kinds of Sundays that feed into our values of hospitality...Read More

Listen and Learn

I was listening to a podcast on leadership by Andy Stanley. He was interviewing Glen Jackson, the head of a large advertising agency located in Atlanta, Georgia. He was talking about the seven pillars of preeminence. One of the pillars is “relational.” He tells his employees not to use the word “networking” as that implies, for him, a sense of using other people ...Read More

Provoking A Crisis

Jesus shocked his disciples when he declared that he would cast fire and cause division rather than peace upon the earth. But, isn’t he the “Prince of Peace?” Or is he the “Prince of Division?” Jesus regarded the coming of the kingdom of God as a time of judgment. His word of judgment was meant to help people take seriously the consequences...Read More

Can We Talk About Race?

Race and racism is always an important issue much of which goes to the heart of our Christian faith. Some call it the “original sin” of our country. There are lots of strong and good opinions on all sides of this issue. I just believe there needs to be a time we can come together and hear each other, what we’re thinking, what God may be doing, and how we can be involved as a church...Read More

Unchurched? Unasked? Unreachable?

Last Sunday I talked about the need to be “proximate” with others. For example, in the story of the good Samaritan, the Pharisee and the Levite assumed that the man in the road was dead when, in fact, he was only half-dead. They didn’t take the time to be proximate with this man and go over and look for themselves. Likewise, if we really want our own church neighbors to receive Christ by faith or even to go to church, we have to get personal...Read More

Racial Tensions

On Thursday, July 14, I attended a meeting with over 150 clergy and religious leaders in Dallas to begin discussion on the issues raised by the recent events in Dallas. These were clergy and religious leader from all over Dallas. I will share more about this on this coming Sunday, July 17. The timing was providential for me as I had been thinking long and hard about a way we, at All Saints Dallas, can come together to talk about some of these issues...Read More

A True Tragedy

This day will go down as one of the saddest days in the history of Dallas and even in our nation, especially as it relates to those who put their lives at risk to protect ours. The murder of police officers who were protecting a peaceful protest is almost too much to even take in...Read More

For Our Country

As we all prepare to celebrate Independence Day this weekend, we invite you to invite others to our worship this Sunday, July 3rd. In addition to our normal worship schedule, we will continue to focus on Theology for the City as it relates to our country, Dallas, and ourselves. The response I have received so far from the sermon series has been very encouraging...Read More

What Kind of a Culture War Do You Want?

A couple of Sundays ago, in our continuing sermon series “Theology for the City,” I quoted from a New York Times op-ed article by David Brooks. The title--“Let’s Have a Better Culture War”--caught my attention and the content was even better. As we think about theology for the city, we must have a deeper, richer view of the culture we are in, so that we can rightly contextualize the gospel...Read More

Orlando, the World, and Me

Almost every national tragedy allows us the need to speak prophetically. I am sure there are countless articles you have read, and many more will come, trying to make sense or give perspective on the recent massacre in Orlando. Of all that I have read this week, the following article is one I want to share with you. It goes to the darkness of the heart of humanity and the reality of the good news of the gospel...Read More

A Vision for Dallas

As we looked for property in different areas in or near downtown, I felt that the Lord would take us on a journey. In this journey we would learn more about his particular vision for who we are supposed to be at All Saints Dallas. Yes, we were called to plant a 3-Stream Anglican church in or near downtown Dallas. But now, having opened up another campus in East Dallas, the Lord seems to be deepening our call to the city of Dallas in particular ways...Read More

Highlight of the Month

Really? First Fruits is your highlight for the month? That is what many people are giving me feedback about. Our monthly First Fruits worship takes place the first Friday night of each month at 7 p.m. It’s a special time of worship (led by Ryan), teaching, and prayer. Tomorrow night, May 6, we will have as a special guest, the Rev. Mark Browne...Read More

The New/Old Moral Order

The basic problem in our culture is a lack of a shared center. The bottom has dropped out. There is a giant vacuum in our moral and spiritual life. Nature abhors a vacuum and so those with a different worldview are filling it with what perceived to be true to them. This is true, of course, for people outside the church but it is also true for a majority of people within the church as well...Read More


In his book “More”, Simon Ponsonby makes the claim that despite the invitation from God and the constant wooing by the Holy Spirit there seems to be a reluctance on the part of many Christians. He lists seven handbrakes on the Holy Spirit. They are: an unexpectant heart, an unyielded life, an unconfessed sin, an undiscerned enemy, an unclaimed inheritance, unwanted gifts, and unbelief because of unworthiness...Read More

Do You Love Me?

Failed. Fickle. Faltering. This describes Peter in John 21. It describes us often. It’s so hard to admit to brokenness, weakness, and failure. It hurts our pride and our self-worth. The problem is we can repent in a Christian way or a non-Christian way. To repent in a Christian way is to recognize our full complicity in sin and need for Jesus...Read More

Presence, Promises, and Property

This Sunday I will be talking about the third resurrection appearance. Out of all the many post resurrection appearances, St. Luke picks three for his gospel. In Luke 24:36-49, Jesus appears, gives them the peace, shows them His wounds, and eats fish. The disciples are startled, in awe, disbelieving, and yet they marvel. The presence is not only the miracle of resurrection but a sign of God’s forgiveness...Read More

Will Good Triumph?

Lent lasts 40 days. The Easter season lasts 50 days. In the church calendar, time runs through the church, the church does not run through time. We order our time in a certain way to reflect the timeless nature of the gospel. As we continue to days in the joy and power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are not unmindful of the trials and tribulations in this world...Read More

The Holy Triduum

The sacred three days of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, all of which precedes Easter, is the apex of our liturgical year and of our lives as Christians. We begin the Triduum by celebrating the Lord's Supper tonight at 7 p.m. The word "Maundy”, comes from the Latin for "commandment". We recall Christ offering of his body and blood to the Father, which he gave to the apostles as food for their nourishment...Read More

The Revival Begins

If there is ever a Super Bowl week for the Christian faith this has to be it. Big things, cosmic things happened during this week almost 2000 years ago that fulfilled the trajectory of biblical prophecy and radically altered the world’s view of life, death, the dignity of humanity, and the power of God...Read More

Good Meat Makes Its Own Gravy

Recently I was a speaker at funeral for a woman who meant a great deal to me growing up. Many people spoke about the impact she had on their lives. She worked with my family for over 40 years. One of the stories I told was when I was about 5 or 6 I heard a voice calling my name. I went to the kitchen where Alice was and she said she had not called me...Read More

Instructed Eucharist and Coming Home

The gospel reading this Sunday is taken form Luke 15, the story of the Prodigal Son; or, as some call it, the Prodigal Father. “Prodigal” means to give something on a lavish scale or recklessly. The younger brother was reckless in his spending, ending up with stinky pigs. He “came to his senses” and returned home. The father was prodigious in his mercy and love...Read More

El Paso and Beyond

Whenever El Paso is in the news, I pay attention. As most of you know, Claudia and I spent seven years in El Paso raising our family while I was the Dean of the Church of St. Clement in downtown El Paso. I grew up in Dallas. Most people who grow up in Dallas, or Houston, or Austin, or most anywhere don’t dream that some day that they may live in El Paso...Read More

More Than Sin Managament

I first came across the phrase “sin management,” while reading Dallas Willard’s book “The Divine Conspiracy.” Sin management is the idea, especially prevalent among Protestant evangelicals, that the work of the cross is kind of a barcode that automatically cleanses us from any responsibility for our sin. While this is true, it is not the whole truth...Read More

Generosity and Mission

When we started ASD in 2010, we received a financial gift from the AMiA’s "Living the Mission Fund" to help support and encourage our work. And as Jay+ and his team have met certain metric goals in their plant, we at ASD, have been given financial support for All Saints East Dallas. The AMiA exists to plant churches, and when they hit certain goals of attendance, ability to gather, and other key components that contribute to a healthy church plant, then this encouraging investment is made. “Building on islands of health” is one way to understand this. It is important that we appreciate the culture of generosity and mission that ASD and the AMiA have...Read More

Prayer for Life

Most of you know that during the prayers of the people on Sundays, I usually include a prayer of protection and the valuing of life for the lives of those in the womb through natural death. The value of protecting the most innocent and vulnerable has been a constant Christian witness throughout the ages...Read More

Winter Conference: Feb. 3

As most of you know, I am not only the senior pastor of All Saints Dallas, I also lead a 3 stream Anglican church planting society called the Anglican Mission in America. I took office 2 years ago as the Apostolic Vicar, fancy title but true nonetheless. The AMiA has a 16-year history that has reshaped Anglicanism in North America for generations to come...Read More

"In the Beginning..."

At the end of the year we remember that the gospel of John proclaims, “in the beginning” (John 1:1). Every moment offers us a new beginning. His presence changes the meaning of time. In Ken Dean’s sermon last week he drew parallels between Genesis 1:1 and John 1:1. Every moment is an opportunity for a new beginning, the start of a new time...Read More

Words about the Word

No doubt, over the past several weeks you have heard and probably some all kinds of hymns and Christmas carols. I believe they are divided into three different types. One is that it’s cold outside and we need to be warm and jolly. Think "Jingle Bells" or "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". Secondly, there are hymns and carols about the sweet baby. Then there is a third kind that highlight the mystery of the Incarnation...Read More

Six Hours of Free Coffee?

Obedience to the Holy Spirit releases His presence into our world. I recently heard a story that illustrations how this works out. One person comes through the drive-in lane of coffee shop to order coffee. He says to the salesperson that he wants to pay for the car behind him. That car behind pulls up and the driver realizes her coffee has been paid for and wants to do the same...Read More

Hard Questions and Advent Waiting

I have had some pretty embarrassing moments in my life. Raising seven children will bring about lots of opportunities for that. One time, when all seven children were in tow, we had eaten at a restaurant and came home. We had taken two cars and upon arriving home got a phone call from the restaurant. “Mr. Jones, I think you left one of your children"...Read More

Mirroring God's Generosity

Well, it is the day after our first All Saints Christmas party at the Arboretum, and I am still on an emotional and spiritual high! The party was amazing; there were at least 400 to 500 people there. Church was breaking out all over the place, with people full of joy and praying for one another. Someone came up to me last night and while we were looking at all the people and joy in the room they asked me, “This really started a few years ago with only 15 people?”...Read More

Empty Nest and Transitions

After 34 years of raising kids, Claudia and I are enjoying being perched in an empty nest somewhere high in a tree, looking upon seven children and nine grandchildren with great joy. To be sure, some come back to live with us for a season. Nevertheless, for us it is a time of change. It is an Advent time. A transition time...Read More

Culture of Invitation and Wild Turkey

Many, almost 250 of you, have signed up for the All Saints Christmas party on December 2nd from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Arboretum. We have room for 500, so keep signing up! Bring friends, family, neighbors and enjoy the feast and live entertainment. The culture of invitation is a high value at ASD and we are excited about this opportunity...Read More

Christ and Culture

Tomorrow night, November 13, at the Arboretum in Dallas, I will be part of a panel discussing the question of how Christians are to respond to a changing cultural landscape. It is interesting to me that over the past 10 weeks we have been discussing this very same issue in our sermon series on 1 Peter ...Read More

Tooth Decay and Burning Cars

The last two Sundays have been powerful moments. Two Sundays ago we celebrated the sending out of the East Dallas campus leaders, Jay+ and Chris+. Last Sunday was likewise powerful. We had many baptisms at both services. So, it was a great morning. How quickly things change...Read More

The Feast of All Saints

This Sunday, November 1, is All Saints Day throughout the world. This important feast day is celebrated throughout the world in most Christian traditions. But why? The church has always understood that the resurrection of Jesus Christ has opened the way to a new life after death. Consequently, those who have gone on before us in the faith are, in one sense more alive than we are...Read More

I Know It When I See It (But I Can't Define It)

When I was in law school, we were discussing Supreme Court cases dealing with the issue of obscenity. Believe it or not, there was a time when the law allowed for there to be curbs on obscenity. The hard part was to define it. One Supreme Court justice remarked regarding obscenity, “I know when I see it but I can’t define it.” This is often the case when people talk about the Holy Spirit in the church...Read More

Parenting Teaching

This Saturday, October 10, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m., Tim Kimmel will be leading a teaching on parenting, here at All Saints Dallas. Entitled “Grace-Based Parenting” he will focus on the three basic needs that all of us, both male and female need. These three needs are hard-wired by God into every human being. They are 1) The need for security, 2) the need for significance, and 3) the need for strength...Read More

Learning Worship as We Worship

This Sunday, September 27, we will lead our worship with an instructed Eucharist or instructed communion service. It has proved to be a very valuable tool to help people understand how we worship, both what we do and why we do it. We all come from a variety of backgrounds whether unchurched, Protestant, Roman Catholic, or Orthodox. For many of us, coming to All Saints Dallas has been a whole new experience in church life...Read More

Pay Attention

David knew his identity and purpose was to be the king of Israel. It had been thirteen years since he had been given that prophetic word. Both the Israelites and the Philistines had refused him. His “mighty men” were a collection of rejects and even they were now conspiring against him. Rejected, discouraged, disappointed, and in despair the Scriptures say, “David strengthened himself in the Lord”...Read More

Outposts of Hope

The good news is we can draw on the spiritual direction of Peter as he addresses these outposts of hope in what is now modern-day Turkey. The encouraging news is that this letter is from the apostle Peter. Peter, Mr. Stick-Your-Foot-in-Your-Mouth himself, was transformed over time by the love of Christ. He shows us what Christ and the Holy Spirit can do in us...Read More

Kickoff Sunday and a New Sermon Series

This Sunday, August 23, will have our fall kickoff. It always seems trying to talk about a “fall” kickoff when it is still 90-plus-degrees outside. Nevertheless, you will have plenty of opportunity to hear about the upcoming fall schedule, sign up for volunteer ministry in all kinds of areas including greeting, ushering, lay reading, chalice bearer, etc. With school starting next week all over Dallas, this is wonderful opportunity to invite friends and families to come and see what God is doing...Read More

Climate Change

Today, August 6, is the feast of the Transfiguration. In this remarkable passage (found in all three synoptic Gospels: Matthew, Mark, and Luke) we participate in the event of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ on the top of mount Tabor. The transfiguration represents a climate change in God’s revelation through His Son...Read More

Submitting to One Another Out of the Fear of Christ

This text, of the husband and wife in marriage, is so often misunderstood and reduced only to certain culturally defined roles. But it actually is part of a much larger context that God has created called “church.” It is in the context of the church where the power of the Spirit resides in God’s people, people like you or me. The fruit of this transformation by the Holy Spirit is humility and spiritual authority...Read More

Holiness and Submission

What does St. Paul mean when he says we need to keep on being filled with the Holy Spirit? So many of us are unacquainted with the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, or even who or what the Holy Spirit is much less how to be filled by it. So we are particularly going to look at this aspect of the Holy Spirit and how it transforms our hearts both in relationship to God and other people...Read More

Family Matters An Important Announcement

As you know, at All Saints Dallas, we highly value the physical, emotional, and spiritual development of our kids. That’s why we include them in parts of the worship service to be with their parents to sing, pray, and take Holy Communion. With more kids coming every week and so many new babies, we want to be sure we meet the needs of this fast growing part of our congregation...Read More

Hope Flourishes in Unlikely Places

It may seem, like it did with St. Paul in prison, that there are so many forces against us. Suffering may come. In this context, what do we treasure? Even in prison, St. Paul’s faith was unwavering. And what’s more, even more churches were planted. Hope in Christ flourished. If our treasure is in Jesus Christ, we possess an inheritance that can never be taken away. Here at All Saints Dallas we will never stop offering this hope to those who do not know Christ...Read More

Somber Truth and Exciting News

When I was in seminary, there was a course offered entitled “the Bible and the New York Times.” At our most recent staff meeting I opened with “the Bible and the Dallas morning news.” We read the Scripture for the day from the daily lectionary, Acts 5. In it we read about the authorities pressing down upon Peter and his disciples for the preaching of the gospel. Then Gamaliel stood up and cautioned the ruling Council to not further punish these people as their ministry may be from God...Read More

Prayerfully Seeking the Good of the City

Politics is not usually a subject for our church blog, however, as a church, we do hope to affect and influence our culture in a way that furthers Biblical values regarding current cultural conflicts as well as protects our rights under the United States Constitution. And one way to do that is through politics and law. We all are familiar with the host of issues facing the church right now...Read More


Vacation is an important part of family rhythm. Family rhythms play an important part of the spiritual formation of our families. For example, last week, I wrote about our growing Family Ministry. There were several big ideas that came out of a parents meeting last week. Perhaps the most important was that we, as a church, are not primarily responsible for the spiritual development of children. But, we are responsible for building into the lives of the parents and children and teenagers to bring about healthy environments at home...Read More

Focusing on the Future of Family Ministries at All Saints Dallas

Allow me to spend a moment to address a wonderful growing ministry and need at ASD: Family Ministry. By Family Ministry we mean children’s, middle school, and high school ministries. This newsletter deals primarily with 5th grade and below though we are focusing on middle school as well. Over the past 3 and a half years we have been blessed with all ages of people. Many of the younger people are coming with children and we have been blessed with lots of babies...Read More

Mothers and Others

Mother’s Day; even the sound of it usually brings a softness in our hearts and appreciation for all that mothers are and do. As we remember our own mothers, alive or not, it is usually with great affection and gratitude. My mother died 13 years ago; yet, from time to time, I still pick up the phone and try to give her a call just by habit...Read More

And How Do You Know That You Know?

Last Sunday, the subject of my talk was taken from 1 John 1:1...Read More

Big Sunday

This Sunday, about 25 people will become new members of All Saints Dallas. This has always been a powerful worship service. As people publicly proclaim their faith and their desire to join All Saints Dallas, I will lay hands on each of them asking God to give me words of wisdom and prophecy. Often, people asked me how does one become a member of all Saints Dallas? The easy answer is the 3 C's: the Class, the Covenant and Confirmation...Read More

Resurrection Life

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia! The Lord is risen. He is risen indeed. These words at the beginning of our Easter service set the tone for the next 50 days in our liturgical calendar. In reality, they set the tone for the rest of our lives on into eternity. The empty tomb found by the women on that first Easter is a reminder that Jesus is on the loose and nothing is safe...Read More

The Holy Triduum

The sacred three days of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday, all of which precedes Easter, is the apex of our liturgical year and of our lives as Christians. We begin the Triduum by celebrating the Lord's Supper tonight at 7 p.m. The word "maundy", means "commandment" in Latin. We recall Christ offering of his body and blood to the Father, which he gave to the apostles as food for their nourishment with the command that they celebrate these mysteries in his memory forever...Read More

Let Revival Come

If there is ever a Super Bowl week for the Christian faith this has to be it. Big things, cosmic things happened during this week almost 2000 years ago that fulfilled the trajectory of biblical prophecy and radically altered the world’s view of life, death, the dignity of humanity, and the power of God. Christianity is full of paradox. In order to gain your life, you have to lose it. In order to be exalted, we have to be humble...Read More

What About the Church?

In a Bible study and worship service that I lead on Thursday mornings, I was talking about the need for repentance in our life. Repentance is a reminder that we are made for something much more than the things we settle for in this world. Like the prodigal son in Luke 15, we often find ourselves in a far country where the spiritual beauty of our relationship with God is broken. It is up to the church to perpetually help us remember who we are and whose we are...Read More

The Beauty of God's Humility

Recently, I was giving a Bible study on the topic of humility. A Wikipedia definition of humility defines it as "a low view of one's own importance." C. S. Lewis says that humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. A still better definition of humility might be "radical dependence upon God.” We can all define humility in different ways but in the parable of Luke 18:9–14 Jesus offers us a picture of humility...Read More

Going Deeper Into Fasting and Mission

On Ash Wednesday, Chris+ Myers gave a talk on our Lenten journey and the significance of fasting. I have heard many people positively respond to it, as I did. Fasting has a goal to draw closer to God by spiritual disciplines. We often draw closer by recognizing our need for him. Fasting from something like food can have a profound affect for us. Actually, he said, fasting can have something to do with more than just food...Read More

Get Behind Me Satan!

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Really? Names do hurt us. But these words, which Jesus spoke to Peter, don't just hurt they are wounding. Is this really what Jesus said to Peter? How are we like Peter? Why does true friendship so often necessitate these kind of wounds? This Sunday we will be looking at a pivotal moment in salvation history...Read More

Annual Parish Meeting

God leads His people. He provides a place and a promise. There are times that we, as a church, are led to gather and be faithful stewards through communication and elections. This Sunday, February 8th at 10:25, we will hold our Annual Parish Meeting in the sanctuary. All are invited for this short 25 minute meeting. In our time together, the following will take place...Read More

Why Does Membership Matter?

Does membership in a church matter? In one word, yes. Why? For the next four weeks at 10:45 AM on Sunday mornings, there will be a membership class offered for everyone to help explain why. Going through the class doesn't mean you have to be a member but it does give you more information about what we do and why we do it...Read More

Community and Outreach

All through scripture and church history there is the focus on knowing God as found in community. We...Read More

New Year, New You

This was the rather cheesy title used by Chris+ Myers last Sunday. It was a department store tag line he used as a foil in his sermon to talk about the joyful search of the Magi, compared to the threat that the Christ-child meant to Herod. True, its cheesy, but it represents the same hope that we all have as we begin a new year...Read More

A Christmas in Crisis

As we read the news headlines, they all seem to be more and more crises. There is North Korea deciding what kind of movies we can watch. There is the potential normalization of relations with Cuba that has its consequences. Terrorist attacks around the world and in our own country create anxiety and fear...Read More

Advent Warfare

Well, here we are knee-deep in Advent and Christmas preparations. Usually, about this time of year, because of all the expectations, promotions, nostalgia and hope for a more "spiritual" Christmas, we get bombarded by the enemy. Feelings of loneliness, dashed expectations, financial issues, family troubles, or physical illness sometimes dog us day by day...Read More

How to Have Joy: Science and Faith Unite

Eric Metaxas quotes from a book "The Paradox of Generosity: Giving We Receive, Grasping We Lose." Notre Dame professor Christian Smith writes "by grasping onto what we currently have we lose out on better goods that we might have gained." One such good is happiness. The study shows what most of us know: generous people are more likely to describe themselves as happy than those who aren't generous...Read More

Why Christmas?

I know. It's not Christmas yet. But this Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. We begin a new year in the church calendar. We feel the anticipation and the need from Old Testament texts for God to render the heavens and come down. (Isaiah 64) On our tiptoes: the Advent posture. But, there are many who don't know the "why" of Christmas, much less Advent...Read More

Candlesticks and Thieves

The opening scene in Les Miserables is a lesson on generosity. Jean Valjean steals some silver plates from the kindly old bishop who had taken him into his home. He is caught, brought back by the police and faces the bishop. In the scene that always makes my wife Claudia cry, the bishop tells the police and Jean Valjean that he had given Valjean the silverware...Read More

New Members

Many of you ask, "How do we become members of ASD?" Whether you have been here one week or 4 years, it is a great question. This Sunday culminates the process of membership for our most recent class. Membership involves the 3 C's: Class, Covenant, and Confirmation. Join us this Sunday as we celebrate new members being confirmed. The service is designed to give them, and all of us, a chance to make a public acclamation of our faith...Read More

All Saints' Day

Centuries ago, the early church would gather in church cemeteries on the Eve of All Saints, called All Hallows’ Eve, to tell stories and remember ancestors who lived and died in the faith. I know that culturally we think of Saints as those people who have attained a certain spiritual status. However, biblically, saints are simply those people who recognize their need for Savior...Read More

Exploring the Theology of Creation

Thanks to so many of you for taking the time out this past Saturday to hear the presentation by Christopher West. Through lecture, dialogue, song, and video, we were presented with a vision of what it means to desire God more than anything. One of the things we've learned is that God loves us faithfully, totally, freely, and fruitfully...Read More

A Feast for the Heart and the Mind

"Live in God's presence" is an integral part of our mission statement. It focuses on the "being" part of us, not just the "doing." There is a lot we are doing, but that must come out of our being. On Saturday, October 4th, Christopher West will be here at All Saints Dallas for a special presentation...Read More

God's Desires for Our Desires

Sex has a way of getting our attention. But, there's more to it than we could ever dream or imagine. The longing, the desire that God has built in us is often fed junk food when what He really has for us is a banquet meant to fulfill our most intimate desires. With a sex saturated culture, it's confusing and tempting to give into the dominant themes we get bombarded with daily...Read More

Christopher West - Fill These Hearts

Want a new way to understand our ultimate desires, what and who we are made for, and how we understand our sexuality? Come to a day away here at All Saints Dallas on October 4th from 9-3 and hear Christopher West talk about the theology of the body. This is a mind blowing presentation that several of us have heard. Claudia and I heard him speak on this important topic a year ago and we couldn't wait to get him here to ASD...Read More

Divine Appointments

In 1996, Claudia and I had the opportunity to attend a worship conference in South Carolina that had a profound impact on our ministry. It was hosted by Bishop Chuck Murphy who was an Episcopal priest at the time and later started AMiA. At the time, we were pretty worn out spiritually and in ministry. I was the Senior Pastor of Trinity Episcopal Church in Marshall, Texas. While we were there, we met Rev. Dr. Jon Shuler. Never heard of him...Read More

The K2 of Scripture

For the past few weeks we have been looking at Romans 6-7, setting the table for the feast we are about to have on Romans 8. We will spend the next 4 Sundays on Romans 8 which has to be one of the high water marks of living the Christian life. What is the basis of Christian hope? Why do I struggle yet am dead to Sin? These and other significant questions will be addressed...Read More

New Sexual Revolution Coming Soon

Wow. That probably got your attention. Hope so. Over the next few weeks, as we give messages on St. Paul's exposition of new life in faith and baptism, we will continue to look at chapters 6-8 of Romans. What does it mean to be human? How do we understand our bodies as our presence to history?...Read More

Christian Freedom

Freedom. What a great word describing all that we as a country fought and live for. Political freedom, tax freedom, religious freedom, freedom of speech, etc. these are just some of the freedoms we talk about often. But, there is another kind of freedom, and I invite you to join us this Sunday and the next several Sundays to look at the freedom Christ won for us...Read More

What is Hope?

For the Christian, hope is based on the work of Christ in my life. In our culture, hope is a wish in an uncertain situation. For the believer, hope is the waiting for the full outworking of the presence of God in my life that began with conversion. There are specific criteria, a foundation...Read More

Meet Brent Meeting Others

As I have said before, God continues to bring incredible Christian leaders to All Saints Dallas. This is true for people who lead ministry organizations as well as most of you who work either in the house or outside the house in day to day jobs. Let me introduce you to Brent Mccune and his wife Kim....Read More

Relational Wisdom: Community

As the early church reflected on Scripture and their experience, the reality of the three persons of the Trinity became clear. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. You will note in our liturgy after the reading of the Psalm each Sunday we say "Glory to God the Father...." Also, the collect for the Sunday always ends in a Trinitarian formula. The creed likewise reflects that truth as do the words in the Eucharistic prayer...Read More

Dinners for 9

It's back! Certainly one of the most popular ideas ASD has ever had is Dinners for 9. We started these 3 summers ago as a way to create community. The number "9" is important as it shows this is for all people not just couples. Dinners for 9 will begin in June and last through the summer...Read More


One of the great joys in kingdom living is to participate in or hear about breakthroughs in people’s lives. At ASD we talk a lot about profound transformation. This kind of transformation takes place when we have a safe place to be transparent, be honest, take the masks off, and allow the Holy Spirit to do His transforming work...Read More

Easter Drama, Easter Hope

The drama continues. The triumphal entry into Jerusalem was quickly followed by conspiracy, betrayal, the Gethsemane experience, trial, crucifixion, and death. We experienced the reality of this in our Palm Sunday liturgy. Only the church, during the beautiful beginnings of spring life around us, would have the courage to talk about sin, evil, and death. But, if anything, we try to be honest about our true condition and need for a Rescuer...Read More

Passion Week

This Sunday, April 13, begins Passion Week or Holy Week throughout the world for the Christian Church. For almost 20 centuries, the Christian church has observed this time in order to bring to the present the reality of the new life God offers the world through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The word "passion" is Latin for the word "suffering."...Read More

The Value of Testimony

In this week's gospel reading, John 9, you will hear about the man born blind receiving his sight. It is a valuable testimony to the progressive insight we can have about who Jesus is. This man born blind is actually under trial. He represents all of us. We are all blind without the light of Christ. We are, also, under trial with the value systems of this world...Read More

Are You Offended?

There are people who have the right doctrine, are emotionally involved, and love doing service works for God; but never knew God. Ultimately, it requires a surrender of the will and a teachable heart. This follows from my response to God's grace illustrated in building the house on sand (our contributions) or on rock (God's grace)....Read More

Ashes to Ashes

Lent is upon us. Ash Wednesday is next Wednesday, March 5th. This is the beginning of a high holy season in the life of the church. Celebrating the return to our rhythms of the year, the church for centuries has set apart this time of roughly 40 days before Easter...Read More

The Why of Our Worship

This Sunday, February 23, we will lead our worship with an instructed Eucharist or instructed communion service. It has been a couple of years since we did this. It proved to be a very valuable tool to help people understand how we worship...Read More

Three Streams--What is that?

For many of you, coming to All Saints Dallas has been a whole new experience in church life. Rooted in the Anglican tradition, ASD has a historical connection to the church through the ages. This Spirit filled, Christ centered, Bible teaching liturgical style has been both a welcome way to worship God and a mystery to some...Read More

New Heart--New Life

Beginning this Sunday, February 9, we will begin a new sermon series on Matthew chapters 5-7, entitled "New Heart--New Life." The Sermon on the Mount is regarded as one of the most sublime in all of world history...Read More

A Super Sunday

I know, that's corny, but it might have your attention. Three significant moments in the life of All Saints Dallas will be happening this Sunday. All of this is really inspired by the Holy Spirit. First, as many of you know, I was installed last week as the Apostolic Vicar (chairman) of the Anglican Mission in the Americas...Read More

God is Faithful

This has really been an exciting time for All Saints Dallas. As I shared with you last Sunday, through you God has been so faithful to provide the necessary spiritual, physical and financial resources over the past year...Read More

Vision Sunday-The Feast of the Baptism of Jesus

On this Sunday we celebrate the feast of the baptism of Jesus. It is a reminder to us of how Jesus, entering into the humanity of the world, claimed the call of the vocation of his life to be filled with the spirit and moving in ministry...Read More

Radical Inclusivity...Profound Transformation

This Sunday, the second Sunday of Advent, is also the 2-year anniversary of worshiping in this sacred space, our church home. God clearly led us to this location and we are so grateful...Read More

Thanksgiving and Advent

It's that time of year. My personal favorite being the next few days. Thanksgiving is my favorite. As one of my children said, "It's only the best eating day of the year." Well, yes, but it also says so much more spiritually...Read More

Who is King?

Last Sunday was quite a celebration with 27 people joining All Saints Dallas in membership by being confirmed or received. Lots of friends and family came to witness God's work and presence. We praise God for His power and love...Read More

God is on the move....again!

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday I would like to share some things that God is doing here at All Saints Dallas in and through His people that should move us to thankfulness. Thankfulness for His work in our lives and in the life of our church, and for using us in His work around the world...Read More

A Kingdom Moment

Last Sunday you were given a bookmark with specific opportunities for you to make a commitment in 2014 regarding time, talent and treasure. This bookmark represents your commitment in these areas, and is for you to take home as a reminder throughout 2014...Read More

All Saints Day

Historically, this has been a time to remember that through faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are made holy, saints. Centuries ago, the early church would gather in church cemeteries on the Eve of All Saints, called All Hallows Eve, to tell stories and remember ancestors who lived and died in the faith...Read More

The Church Will Never Shutdown

So, the government did not shut down after all. Probably no big surprise. They have kicked the can down the road for three more months. Understandably, there was lots of "hand wringing" and political posturing, which make great headlines...Read More

Freedom Through Obedience

Obedience, for some people with this word has an severe and harsh connotations. "You must obey God so that he will love you." For me, 30 years ago, the understanding that I could obey God and hear his word was actually liberating...Read More

Community--"Common Unity"

One of the neat memories I will always have about All Saints Dallas is the strong sense of community with which we started. We met on Sunday evenings for about nine months...Read More

Ordination Weekend

From the beginning, God has richly blessed All Saints Dallas to be a missionary church plant drawing all kinds of people from a variety of backgrounds. As an Anglican bishop, it continues to be a joy and encouragement to serve as the founding pastor...Read More

What is God doing?

First, a lot has happened in the last several months. God is on the move. There is a great deal of information you may want to know, or have questions about...Read More

Living a Sacrificed Life

Today is the celebration of the passion of John the Baptist. Think about his situation. He is to lie in prison and be blessed by his unquestioning acceptance of God's will...Read More

It's Back to School Time!

Yes, it's that time again. Back to school. I still can't help thinking in terms of semesters. Either with my own schooling or raising seven kids, life simply makes more sense to me in semesters. From preK through graduate school, a new semester is beginning and we want to honor that...Read More

A Day in the Life Of

There is so much I enjoy about being a pastor, especially at All Saints Dallas. Leading, teaching, preaching, communicating the good news, getting to know people, listening to them, and praying with them are all high values of mine. Following is a brief summary of a typical day relationally...Read More

There and Back Again

Our new staff introductions continue, however, some of you already know our next team member as she has been with us since the beginning months of All Saints Dallas. We welcome Caroline Norris back on board full-time...Read More

God's Complete and Gracious Provision

This summer we are introducing to you several new staff members, and we continue that today. So far you have met Ken Dean, Anna Carol Brymer and Chris Myers. Now let me introduce Cassie Lewis. She, her husband, and two children have been worshiping with us for two months. Cassie is our new Communications Coordinator, and we are excited to have her on staff...Read More

Staff Needs Fulfilled

All Saints Dallas has been and continues to be blessed with exciting leadership. Recently, Chris Meyers graduated from Redeemer Seminary here in Dallas. He and Morgan have been involved in ministry for 2 years at ASD. Recognizing, recruiting, and raising up kingdom leaders is a priority in any church movement, and Chris is an outcome of that in our church....Read More

The Heart of Our Church

Many of you have been very generous over the past couple of years to the mission and ministry of All Saints Dallas. As you know, Jesus says where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matthew 6:21). His generosity to us is the basis of our generosity to Him through the local church...Read More

Profound Transformation

Sounds good doesn’t it? Most of the stories we love to share resonate deep within us because they speak of transformation- Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia. The Bible stories we love reflect the true nature of transforming lives- Jesus and the woman at the well (John 4), Jesus and Zacchaeus (Luke 19), and Jesus and Peter (John 21)...Read More

Staff Announcement and The Holy Spirit Across the Pond

I am pleased to announce that Anna Carol Brymer will be beginning her ministry at All Saints Dallas next week as our new children's pastor. I have known Anna Carol for eight years. She is the oldest of seven children and her father was my worship pastor at St. Andrew's church in Little Rock, Arkansas....Read More

Giving from our Abundance- Tornado Victim Outreach

All Saints Dallas would like to reach out to the victims of the tornadoes in Moore, Oklahoma and Granbury, Texas. We are talking with St. James Anglican Church in Moore, Oklahoma and other ministries supporting relief efforts to these two areas. Besides praying for these two communities, there are also two ways you can participate in our response efforts:...Read More

Come Holy Spirit

From C.S. Lewis to the most ancient prayer in the Christian church we hear, experience, imagine, and even dare to celebrate one of the greatest feast days of the year, Pentecost. This Sunday, May 19th, is Pentecost Sunday, 50 days after Easter....Read More

Mark Browne at First Fruits and Preaching this Sunday

Most of you have heard our story about how we came to a deeper faith when Claudia and I lived in Waco, Texas. I was a lawyer at the time. We were blessed to get to know and develop a friendship with the Rev. Mark Browne and his wife Yolie. Mark was an Episcopal priest at the time, in 1983, and is now part of the Anglican Mission......Read More

More Testimonies

You are now hearing the refrain more and more, "you are blessed in order to bless others." Reggie McNeal a few weeks ago encouraged us to bless those people he puts in our path. Not just people we know or like....Read More

The Meaning of Blessing

A few weeks ago Reggie McNeal challenged us to bless others as we go about our daily lives. I remember one example he gave. He asked the waitress how could he bless her. She responded with a life story of needs. He told her he would pray for her and then started to finish his meal. He looked up and saw her waiting with her head bowed. She didn't realize the words "I will pray for you" are words that end a conversation! He then prayed with her on the spot as he should....Read More

Finding Peace and Freedom in a Broken World Pt 2

As we continue our message series on "Finding Peace and Freedom in a Broken World" let us hear the words of the risen Jesus as he appears to his disciples in the upper room, "peace be with you." That our world is broken and that our lives are broken is no surprise. It was no surprise 4,000 years ago. What was a surprise to the disciples and still is to many in our world today is that God has been, is, and will continue to be at work to free us from the gods that enslave us. How?...Read More

Finding Peace and Freedom in a Broken World

Palm Sunday was cold, wasn't it? Burrito, the short donkey, was cold, too. So, we brought him inside as the first donkey ever at All Saints Dallas. He found peace, warmth and lots of friends. We really are radically inclusive!...Read More

Reaching Out and Reaching In

Last weekend, Reggie McNeal spoke about the importance of blessing others. Drawing from Genesis 12:1-2, Reggie pointed out the importance of being a blessing to others, taking the church to the streets. He gave many humorous and real life examples that you can find on this. Listen to the sessions here....Read More

Seeking His Will & Voice

"Encounter With God" (a daily devotional many of you read) recently talked about Joshua 7:1-9 (on March 4). In this passage, Israel sent out spies to check out the town of Ai and report back. They returned and told Joshua that he really didn’t need many people to attack. So Joshua decided to send only about 3,000 men to go to battle. They were soundly defeated. But, the defeat wasn’t caused because of the number of men that went out to fightâ€"there was another reason . . ....Read More

Expanding Role for +Philip Jones

All Saints Dallas is a member of the Anglican Mission in the Americas or the AMiA. The AMiA is a society of mission and apostolic works whose structure is intentionally simplified to keep the focus on mission. ...Read More

We're all Missionaries

In his book, "The Uncommon Life", author and former NFL football coach Tony Dungy has an entry entitled "Spotlighting the Best in Others". Quoting Proverbs 27:17 "as iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend." He talks about a Colorado Rockies baseball player named Jamey Carroll....Read More

Taking the Church to the Streets

Conference on Outreach- March 16th, 9-1pm I have been blessed to hear many great speakers over the years. One of the best is Reggie McNeal. He is a nationally known speaker. We pray a lot about how to make an impact in Dallas in our mission and ministry....Read More

Holy Spirit Weekend

Last Sunday, many of you heard Bishop Doc Loomis speak a prophetic word about what God is doing in Dallas through you. Through our culture of transparency and dependence upon God and the power of his Holy Spirit, many people's lives are being transformed. Honestly, I can see it in many of your faces....Read More

Offer Yourself to be a Blessing

Recently, I preached a sermon on Ephesians 3:8-11. Two things stand out. The "mystery" hidden for ages is God's grace. Notice in Scripture there is no mystery to the 10 Commandments or to the golden rule. Those we can understand under any religion. But Grace is a mystery. Because it's so countercultural and counterintuitive....Read More

Mission and Children's Ministry

All Saints Dallas has been blessed with a remarkable collection of people involved in mission and ministry in Dallas and abroad. This Sunday, January 27, I will highlight how some of you are involved in mission and ministry in Dallas. Some of this work is done inside the church. But, most of it is outside the church building itself. Yet, it is still "church." It's God working through you in the community....Read More

Just Jesus.

Do you ever get woken up during a night of sleep? Do you believe that God speaks to you? Do you believe that God speaks to you during strange hours? This isn't some abstract question. Often I wake up during the normal hours of sleep. I do believe that most of the time it is God wanting to get my attention. I can't always say I go to prayer, but I often do....Read More

Mystery of Mission

This Sunday's brilliant, winsome, witty, and brief sermon (you wish) will focus on St.Paul's letter to the Ephesians Ephesians 3:1-13. It's one of the great biblical insights on "church." He isn't speaking of denominations or structures, but about the Mission God gives to the church....Read More

God's Grace

f you want an uplifting experience at the movies for this season, go see Les Miserables. It was the greatest Christmas gift I gave the family and myself. The Christian themes of God's grace, mercy and forgiveness cannot be missed. They appear over and over in the drama of lives caught up in yet another French revolution. To see a movie so artistically done that pulsates with Christian spirituality makes the heart glad and gives ample material for discussion with your family. "Wasn't Javert just doing his job?"...Read More

10 Reflections on the Christmas Story

As Advent draws to a close and we prepare for the celebration of our Savior's birth, I would like for us to look at 10 phrases from Luke 1:26-38. Read the passage first. Each of these phrases have a potential to ignite your thinking and pondering over the mystery of the incarnation. I am thankful to author Ray Hollenbach for some of these insights....Read More

On Mission

God is on mission and Jesus is His first missionary. Does that make sense to you? I hope so. We worship a God on mission and that makes us a mission people called by God to reflect Him. Reaching out to the unchurched, dechurched, overchurched with radical inclusivity and profound transformation. That is God's DNA and ours by His grace....Read More

Be Ready, Be Open

Last Sunday was another high point in worship. There were 7 baptisms, an All Saints Day celebration, "little saints" dancing in the aisles, a testimony by Brent and Adrienne Jackson about their personal stewardship and 2013 Commitment Cards filled out....Read More

Your Real Treasure

It is the story of the dishonest steward. I have chosen to preach on this passage this Sunday, November 4, Commitment Sunday. It is not exactly the clearest passage to preach on, particularly on Commitment Sunday. Nevertheless, I believe it has some important principles about God's generosity that we must hear. Remember, as I have said many times, God's authority in our lives is based on His generosity. He gives and gives and gives. Even in creation, the son gives, the moon gives, the earth gives, the beast of the field give, the ocean gives, the sky gives, we.........?...Read More

Exercising our Gifts

Last weekend I led the Holy Spirit Retreat weekend for the Alpha Course (next retreat will be open to the church and visitors). In one of the sessions I talked about what the Holy Spirit does. He gives gifts. If we are followers of Jesus, we have gifts to be used. Most churches can be divided up into 3 types: pulpit centered, altar centered, or gift centered. The first, pulpit centered, focuses mainly...Read More

One Call, One Culture, One Community

What does it mean for me to be a bishop in the AMiA? In 2008, I was consecrated a bishop in the province of Rwanda for the AMiA. At the same time I was still the senior pastor of St. Andrew's in Little Rock, Arkansas. As a bishop, of Christ’s one Holy Catholic and Apostolic church consecrated by then Archbishop Kolini of Rwanda, I had and still have clear responsibilities for defending the faith, pastoral care and oversight for the flock, as well as taking counsel with my brother bishops under the pastoral leadership of Chuck Murphy....Read More

God's People Gathered, Following Christ

All through scripture we see God's people being shaped and formed to learn to respond to God. Patriarchs, prophets, priests, kings, women and men speaking God's word for over 2500 years in the OT. From the "tent of meeting" to the Temple in Jerusalem God was preparing His people, not for a place, but for a person. In the gospels, we see the beginnings of people accepting the reign of God as it comes through Jesus....Read More

The Searching Questions of Life

Anyone can join. Laughter will fill the room. Food will be shared at a common table. Helping people along their spiritual journey is the focus of the enterprise. Asking any question one would like is the level of inclusivity and hospitality....Read More

Invite, Invest, Include

Recently, Claudia and I made our 11th move in 35 years of marriage. Yes, we have had 11 different addresses. Each move brings a mix of sadness in leaving the memories of one house and an excitement about another. Each house has been...Read More

Saving Embrace

Lord Jesus Christ, you stretched out your arms of love on the hard wood of the cross that everyone might come within reach of your saving embrace: So clothe us in your Spirit...Read More

First Fruits Healing and Prayer Service - What is it?

This Friday, August 24th, at 7:00pm, All Saints Dallas will offer our monthly prayer and healing service called First Fruits. The name comes from the spiritual reality and breakthrough described in the New Testament and especially the book of Acts......Read More

With Joy and Reverence

The Holy Spirit is at work. He is at work in the sacramental aspect of our worship as well as in scripture. What about the sacrament of Holy Communion? How do we prepare ourselves for that? Every Sunday we celebrate Holy Communion. We gather as a worshipping community to hear God's Word in song, fellowship, scripture, confession......Read More

Prayer - Being Brutally Honest

I believe one of the driving forces of our church is prayer. Many of you have All Saints Dallas in your prayer focus and it bears fruit for you personally, for...Read More

Mission is messy.

As a missionary church near downtown Dallas, All Saints Dallas is on the cutting edge of mission and evangelism. Our location, our DNA, our outward and inward focus and the Anglican society of which we are a member (AMiA), all speak to kingdom......Read More

Build Community, Share Life, Share God

This Sunday I have asked Michael and Hannah King so share about places God has opened for them. The Kings are heading up a ministry downtown......Read More

In Christ, we have favor

Amos is called by God to deliver some tough words to king Jeroboam of the northern kingdom of Israel. Amaziah is the high priest for the king and does not like Amos......Read More

Hanging Upside Down

Ok, so you heard it last Sunday from the mouth of Rev. Allen Hughes. He had to use an embarrassing illustration of me in his sermon. Two weeks ago I was repelling down a cliff in Colorado. Someone was holding the rope......Read More

Peace! Be still!

All Saints Dallas has experienced some wonderful stuff over the last week. We had our first Healing Prayer service last Friday, June 15. We gathered to worship God through song, heard teaching from Holy Scripture, then we offered prayers asking...Read More

Healing Prayer and the AMiA

Big things this weekend......Read More

What went wrong?

This Sunday we will take a look at the story of Genesis 3. It, too, is an archetypal story of the breakdown. The drama played out in that story, is displayed every day in our lives. The breadth and depth of the sin in Genesis 3 is a mirror to our own lives. ...Read More

He Abides with Power

Pentecost Sunday. What a celebration! Streamers, kids, great crowd, one reading done in 6 languages at the same time, and great eagerness for the Holy Spirit......Read More

Let the Fire Fall

Something like tongues of fire and a rushing wind fell upon them. Weak, scared and powerless, this group had been praying for 10 days when the Father's promise came....Read More

A lifelong conversion into the life of Christ

The book of Acts provides rich historical accounts of the early church that help point the way for evangelism and discipleship for us in the 21st century. Who converts? The Holy Spirit. Where does real conversion take place? In community....Read More

Continually Converted

For all of us the Christian life is a constant conversion of being transformed. It's not just a "one time" conversion. How each of us is first converted and continually converted is a unique story....Read More

Times of transition

When I look back a year or even just four months when we went to Sunday mornings at our new location, so much has happened. The obvious, to most of you, is where we worship and the excitement that God is building...Read More

Fifty days of Easter

Christmas has 12 days of celebration. Lent is observed over 40 days. But Easter invites our meditations to stay focused on the resurrection and resurrection power for a full 50 days. This is the liturgical way, to give time and attention to the acts of God in history, in our lives....Read More

The Journey to Easter

We don't just skip into Easter Sunday like it's any other Sunday. It's not. The whole basis of Christianity rises or falls on the reality of what took place on that morning....Read More

Being Teachable

Are you teachable? One of the aspects of Christian maturity is the humility of being teachable. The fruit of the cross of Christ and the resurrection is the atonement made for our sins and the out pouring of the Holy Spirit. Through these are hearts are able to be made soft, moldable, teachable. There is always more we can learn from scripture and the experience of the Holy Spirit....Read More

With thanksgiving

What about answered prayers? God is so faithful and gracious to respond to our prayers. There are many answered prayers and we want to hear about them. As we have shared in the praying, should we not also share in the praising? We truly believe that the more we pray the more we experience His life. Let us know how you have experienced prayers answered because it encourages all of us. ...Read More

Been there

The One we worship, Jesus, has been where we are. He leads the way through the wilderness, aware of every trick of the devil. We see our faithful high priest being assaulted with deception, mocked, and tempted in every way we are, and even more. ...Read More

Give it Up

Come and see this Sunday as we begin our Lenten study called "Give it Up." Give up the counterfeit idols that dominate our world and cloud our relationship with a living God. Give up our guilt and shame by receiving anew his grace and forgiveness. Give up our need to control life and instead receive his life. ...Read More

A Generous Response

If I were to ask you what is the basis of God's authority in your life, how would you answer? Scripture? The church? Jesus? (always a good answer!) I submit that the basis of God's authority is His generosity. He gives and gives and gives....Read More

Stewards of Generosity

Bonhoeffer's theology taught that God is bigger and more involved than we could ever imagine. God has entrusted more to us than we dare to believe. He has made us to be stewards of His generosity....Read More

Healing, holiness and hope

There are so many healing stories in the gospels and the book of Acts. Does God heal today? How? What's our role? Do we believe He can? Does talking about healing hold out false hope?...Read More

Living out the mission

Too often we treat church like a destination, a place to settle in, when it is supposed to be a place from which to be sent out in mission. Mission to neighborhood, office, family, to the poor and poor in heart....Read More

Questions Not Asked

All around us are those who are not yet woven into the Body of Christ. I encourage us to think and pray how we can reach this group. Instead of answering questions about church that they are not asking, let's learn what questions about life and God they are asking. ...Read More

Power for Mission

All Saints Dallas is a mission outreach, part of an Anglican mission movement. As you participate in the life of All Saints Dallas, you are a missionary, called to love others in name of Christ. Empowered by the Holy Spirit to change your environment. Enabled by God to bless others. ...Read More

The Feast of Searchers

Like the star for the Magi, the Holy Spirit sheds just enough light so that we can take one more step, and then we must look at Him again. Always a fresh twist, a new pain, a new joy. Likewise, we are called to be sensitive and open to welcome others who are also seeking....Read More

With thanks for great things

2011 was a tremendous year for All Saints Dallas, full of "firsts". We give praise to God for the great things he did among us as his Spirit has hovered over us, lived inside us and worked through us. ...Read More

The scandal of particularity

As we celebrate our first Christmas together at All Saints Dallas, it is a time for hope. The Word made flesh is the surest sign of hope, ever. ...Read More

The Hovering Holy Spirit

In the beginning, at creation, when the earth was 'formless and empty and dark' the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters of the earth. As our ministry in and from Oak Lawn is created, he hovers over us, forming us, filling us, making his light shine through us....Read More

Heart Exam

When I played football in college at Sewanee our coach used to say, "Don't be late for the kickoff!" It was his way of making sure we were awake and ready for game day. One day I was late for the team bus and therefore required to run laps around the bus to wake up. Embarrassi...Read More

Stay awake

Last Sunday, Christ the King Sunday, was the last Sunday of the liturgical year. We asked the questions, "Who is really in charge here?" "Who is king?" "Who rules?" ...Read More

Thy Kingdom Come

The truth of the resurrection of Jesus and the outpouring Holy Spirit are evidence also to us that the "end of the ages" has arrived....Read More

Law of a transformed heart

At All Saints Dallas, we talk a lot about the transforming work of the Holy Spirit; Radical Inclusivity, Profound Transformation. A recent reflection I read spoke to this reality of transformation. Scripture is full of examples. ...Read More

What saints do

As we continue our "moving experience" at All Saints Dallas, no one seems to be anxious about exactly when the move into Oak Lawn and our move Sunday morning services will happen. Instead, people like you just want to keep praying, doing mission, reaching out to others, and preparing for ourselves for ministry in our new neighborhood by getting our own spiritual house in order. ...Read More

Going and loving

The Trinity's divine shared love spills over into our lives to encourage us that in Christ we are known, loved and accepted. As this healing and transformation takes place we can reach out to others in humility and love....Read More

Be Ready

We are in the midst of a moving experience. We need to be ready spiritually to follow God's is leading and we need to ready the location where he is placing All Saints Dallas....Read More

On The Move...

God is always on the move and He calls His people to move with Him. He led Abraham to move to a foreign place. Jesus sent the disciples out to the communities around them. At All Saints we see God moving in Dallas and we eagerly follow Him....Read More

A moving experience!

As I mentioned on Sunday, at All Saints Dallas we are on the cusp of launching two new gatherings. First, it is my joy to tell you that in late October or early November we will move our Sunday service to morning time and to a new location at 2733 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas. Second, we look forward to begin meeting in smaller groups in homes every other week, as we continue to learn to minister to one another as the early Church demonstrated for us. ...Read More

What's Your Motivation?

Proverbs 21.2 says that man makes his plans but God weighs his heart. God looks at our motivation. I hope and trust our motivations for planting All Saints Dallas weigh well with the Lord....Read More

How Do We Remember The Attacks On Our Soil?

It's been 10 years since the attacks on our soil by enemies of our country. How do we remember? How do we deal with feelings of anger, justice, humility, fear, God's sovereignty?...Read More

Be Filled With The Holy Spirit

John declared: "He who is coming after me is mightier than I…He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire." (Matthew 3:11) This filling of the Holy Spirit makes a lifestyle available to us to which not even John had access....Read More

Hope In God

With all the bad news of impending hurricanes in the east coast, failing financial markets, continued unrest internationally and all the political and social turmoil in the U.S. one could really get depressed and discouraged. Like the psalmist we ask of our own hearts, "…why are you in turmoil within me?" The psalms speak to and reflect our everyday emotions....Read More

From Whom all blessings flow

It has been one year since Claudia, the family and I moved to Dallas. God has really been moving in our lives and in the ministry of All Saints Church. It's exciting to see what He is doing to establish a 3-stream, Spirit, Sacrament, Scriptural body of believers. ...Read More

Are You Walking On Water?

We read or hear the news about the economy, politics, weather, etc. and a wave of depression heaves upon us. More so than ever in times like these there is a call for us to get out on the waves where the wind is high and the water deep. It's a call to exercise faith in a sovereign God and trust Him. ...Read More

The Holy Spirit Rests Upon Us

What Jesus was showing the people in His hometown of Nazareth, and us, is the Holy Spirit dwells inside every believer for their sake. Every Christian has Him living in them. But, not every Christian knows that the Holy Spirit rests upon them, like a dove, for the sake of others. ...Read More

Weeds, Seeds and Holy Spirit

How's your yard? Any weeds? Want to get rid of them? The parable of the sower and the seeds shows God's extravagant even wasteful scattering of seeds on places that seemed like there was no chance to grow. Rocky soil? Bare pathways? What chance is there to grow there? God's grace is just wasted on so many people who never respond or respond then fall away. What seems like waste to us, though, is actually a principle of His lavish grace....Read More

Freedom isn't free

On July 4th, as we watched the fireworks show and heard the familiar patriotic songs, we were all reminded that freedom isn't free. It never has been....Read More

Pay attention! Lots to report!

We are super excited to announce the hiring of Rev. Jay Wright as our new assistant pastor. Jay+ is from Canyon, Texas and will serve as our worship leader....Read More

A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

Look at Acts 2 (we will take a closer look on Sunday) and you will observe something like fire, wind, and shaking that took place. It's powerful and supernatural and it still happens. Today I heard a report of a healing that took place at All Saints Dallas....Read More

Opportunities and Prayer

Typically at this time of year, people are looking for new churches for all kinds of reasons: moving to town or trying something different. Look and pray for opportunities to bring a friend this summer....Read More

Summer Plans

After almost two months of weekly Sunday services many thanks to you all for parking, greeting, serving, singing, inviting, including and letting the power of God move among us. This Memorial Day Weekend we will have our last 4:00 p.m. service. Next weekend we will begin our "Summer Hours" and our worship service begins at 5:00 p.m. ...Read More

Welcome to Galilee

WOW. What a glorious Holy Week and Easter sunrise service. I thank God for our first Easter celebration at All Saints Dallas. What a thrill and honor to celebrate with you. Thanks to so many of you who contributed by helping, singing, participating, and inviting friends. Keep inviting! In my Easter sermon, I posed a resurrection question: Where is Galilee? ...Read More

The Promise of God

How do you keep your promises? Your marriage vows? Other promises to relatives, friends? In Luke 24:49 Jesus, after the resurrection, tells the disciples "… I am sending you the promise of my Father upon you. Stay here until you are clothed with power from on high." What is that promise?...Read More

Preparation for Holy Week

This weekend begins with what historically has been called Holy Week. What we appreciate about the Anglican tradition is the preparation we make for celebrating the resurrection at Easter. We just don't dance into Easter without preparing our hearts and minds as we remember the steps of Jesus ...Read More

Things which were cast down are being raised up

“Let the whole world see and know that things which were cast down are being raised up, and things which had grown old are being made new, and that all things are being brought to their perfection by him through whom all things were made…" Book of Common Prayer, p 540. This ancient prayer speaks to the reality that in God's world He is always creating and raising up new things......Read More

We are the clay, you are the potter

I am humbled, honored and awed by God's provision and grace as we prepare for our Weekly Sunday Kickoff beginning this Sunday, April 3rd. "Yes, Oh Lord you are the Father. We are the clay, you are the potter. We are all the work of your hand." Isaiah 64.8...Read More

Pointing us to Jesus

In the book of Acts St. Luke writes about the early church, "And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread and the prayers. And awe came upon every soul and many signs and wonders were being done through the apostles." (Acts 2:42-43)...Read More

Bring a Friend!

In Mark 2 we read of the familiar scene where some friends bring a paralytic to where Jesus is teaching. Because of the crowd they had to remove the roof and lower him down. What is amazing to me is the care and perseverance of the four friends. They bring their friend to hear and experience the love of Jesus....Read More

A Holy Season, A Call to Change

Lent is a call to change. Beginning Ash Wednesday the call is for us to consider some significant change which we understand as the three pillars of this holy season....Read More

Worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness

Worship- what does that mean to you? For me it has to do with intimacy, transparency and power. At All Saints Dallas we talk a lot about the three streams of Spirit, scripture and sacraments. ...Read More

Weekend with Archbishop Kolini

This past week we were blessed by the presence of the retired Anglican Archbishop of Rwanda, Emmanuel Kolini and his wife Freda. Nearly 100 people shared dinner Sunday night at El Fenix with them and listened as he shared his Christian journey and gave some prophetic words to us. ...Read More

Put out into the deep and let down your nets

As a church plant it would be tempting to rely on our own strengths, and they are many. Jesus will humble us. He's doing it now. Note that Jesus calls Simon in his area of strength, not his weakness. We can't build this church. Only Jesus can. "I will build my church." (Matthew 16:18)...Read More

What's Your Mission

What is your mission and how is it going?...Read More

There It Is

This is why the church exists...Read More

Make Glad the City of God

True faith always develops a culture because it affects vision, arts, justice, hope and, most of all, love. And that is a culture that we can grow right here in Dallas....Read More

New Year's Message

New Year's message, AMiA Winter conference...Read More

Merry Christmastide!

Christ is Born!

Christmas Message...Read More


Reflections on the recent preview service; Celebrate the birth of the our Savior Jesus Christ! ...Read More

Advent/ Preview Worship Service

Thoughts on the upcoming Advent season and Preview Worship Service...Read More

Blessed to be a Blessing

Upcoming Events: Alpha, Prayer/Praise/Prepare, Preview Service...Read More

Visits to Rwanda and Little Rock

Report from visits to Rwanda and Little Rock...Read More

More reflections on the Holy Spirit Retreat

More reflections on the Holy Spirit Retreat, Trip to Rwanda, Upcoming schedule...Read More

Holy Spirit retreat

Holy Spirit retreat, update on the preview service...Read More