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Good News Keeps Coming

Our Gospel reading for this Sunday, March 12th, is John 3:1-17. It is about being “born again.” Nicodemus, a devout Pharisee, comes to Jesus at night. This is a controversial meeting for him. There is something about his daytime life that is empty. He sees something in Jesus...Read More

Downtown News

As most of you know by now, ASD is now the proud owner of 901 S. Ervay. The Lord has clearly guided this process over the past several years. Working through your generous and sacrificial hearts, to date we have raised in upfront cash and 3-year commitments over $5.5M. Interestingly, the property closed on the same day that I was giving the opening invocation at the Dallas City Council meeting...Read More

Art House Dallas Featured Artist

This post was written by a staff member of Art House Dallas to feature Ryan Flanigan on their website. All Saints and Art House have been in partnership over the past few years offering concerts, songwriters events, and other artist enriching events. AHD seeks to cultivate creativity for the common good by encouraging and equipping everyone to live imaginative and meaningful lives....Read More

For Such a Time as This

You know the story. From the biblical book of Esther we hear these words spoken by Esther’s uncle Mordecai calling on her for courage in the face of risk to tell the king about a plot against the Jews, “if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, then you and your house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to this kingdom for such a time as this?”...Read More

Exodus: Movement of Jah People!

As defined by Bob Marley. I’m not here to poke heretical holes in his Rastafarian theology, but on this particular point he got it right, especially when you consider that Jah (or Yah), the short form of Yahweh, appears over fifty times in the text of the Hebrew bible...Read More

Invitation to Fasting and Prayer for Crossroads

Fasting and prayer are a form of worship mentioned often in scripture including times during which people are set apart to do the work of the Lord and are making important decisions. Prayer has been a constant for the last year about a possible move and our location, especially in the last month as the vision has become clear to me, our clergy and our Board of Stewards...Read More

Glorifying God in Our Prayers

The next time you prepare to enter into prayer, I would just ask that you think for a minute about who it was that Jesus and Paul prayed for (others, not for themselves) and what they prayed for (spiritual strengthening that glorifies God, not material results). Consider the possibility that the most important prayer that one can pray is for others, and that the most important end result is that the answer to that prayer could be spiritual fortification of the recipient in a way that glorifies God and draws others to Him...Read More

Fight for It

“Philip, I want you to fight for it.” This is what the Lord told me last week and I spoke about it last Sunday. The time is now. There is no turning back. He has spoken and we must obey. It has taken some time to be sure we have heard correctly. But, I, we, believe that God is calling us to a deeper responsibility with the opportunity that is before us...Read More

Blessed are the Uninvited

Jesus wasn’t always a very good house guest. In Luke 14:12-14, while sharing a Sabbath meal with some Pharisees, he goes so far as to take the time to critique his host’s guest list. “Don’t invite the rich or influential to your parties; invite the poor, the lame, the blind--anyone who can’t return the favor”...Read More

Warehouse, Therehouse

In my favorite comedy, “Young Frankenstein”, Dr. Frankenstein asks “where wolf?” and Igor responds, “there wolf”. Well, the play on words made me think about Crossroads. There probably is not much of a parallel except that I love that comedy and just had to use that line. I hope it got your attention and I hope you’ll see the movie. Mel Brooks’ best...Read More