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Heart Exam

When I played football in college at Sewanee our coach used to say, "Don't be late for the kickoff!" It was his way of making sure we were awake and ready for game day. One day I was late for the team bus and therefore required to run laps around the bus to wake up. Embarrassi...Read More

Stay awake

Last Sunday, Christ the King Sunday, was the last Sunday of the liturgical year. We asked the questions, "Who is really in charge here?" "Who is king?" "Who rules?" ...Read More

Thy Kingdom Come

The truth of the resurrection of Jesus and the outpouring Holy Spirit are evidence also to us that the "end of the ages" has arrived....Read More

Law of a transformed heart

At All Saints Dallas, we talk a lot about the transforming work of the Holy Spirit; Radical Inclusivity, Profound Transformation. A recent reflection I read spoke to this reality of transformation. Scripture is full of examples. ...Read More

Commemorating The Saints

This Sunday we will be celebrating All Saints' Day. This feast is so very important to us at All Saints Dallas not only because we derive our name from it, but because in it we commemorate the saints who have gone before us, celebrate their redemption and witness in Christ, and anticipate the day when we will join with all the redeemed and see God's face and worship him for eternity....Read More

What saints do

As we continue our "moving experience" at All Saints Dallas, no one seems to be anxious about exactly when the move into Oak Lawn and our move Sunday morning services will happen. Instead, people like you just want to keep praying, doing mission, reaching out to others, and preparing for ourselves for ministry in our new neighborhood by getting our own spiritual house in order. ...Read More

Holiness in community

In Sunday's sermon, +Philip spoke about holiness in community and how this quality must be present in the All Saints Dallas community for us to be effective followers of Jesus in the world. One way we enact holiness in community is through table fellowship. ...Read More

Going and loving

The Trinity's divine shared love spills over into our lives to encourage us that in Christ we are known, loved and accepted. As this healing and transformation takes place we can reach out to others in humility and love....Read More

Be Ready

We are in the midst of a moving experience. We need to be ready spiritually to follow God's is leading and we need to ready the location where he is placing All Saints Dallas....Read More

On The Move...

God is always on the move and He calls His people to move with Him. He led Abraham to move to a foreign place. Jesus sent the disciples out to the communities around them. At All Saints we see God moving in Dallas and we eagerly follow Him....Read More