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Make Glad the City of God

True faith always develops a culture because it affects vision, arts, justice, hope and, most of all, love. And that is a culture that we can grow right here in Dallas....Read More

New Year's Message

New Year's message, AMiA Winter conference...Read More

Merry Christmastide!

Christ is Born!

Christmas Message...Read More


Reflections on the recent preview service; Celebrate the birth of the our Savior Jesus Christ! ...Read More

Advent/ Preview Worship Service

Thoughts on the upcoming Advent season and Preview Worship Service...Read More

Blessed to be a Blessing

Upcoming Events: Alpha, Prayer/Praise/Prepare, Preview Service...Read More

Visits to Rwanda and Little Rock

Report from visits to Rwanda and Little Rock...Read More

More reflections on the Holy Spirit Retreat

More reflections on the Holy Spirit Retreat, Trip to Rwanda, Upcoming schedule...Read More

Holy Spirit retreat

Holy Spirit retreat, update on the preview service...Read More