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Christmas Proclamation

The Christmas Proclamation historically is read or chanted on Christmas Eve. It sets the birth of Jesus in relationship to the events of the Old Testament as well as the Greek and Roman worlds preceding Jesus’ birth. It is a way of dating His birth different from modern dating systems...Read More

Faith Walk

My entire life has been a “faith walk” even before I was born. I say this because I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my grandfather’s faith. You see, my dad was born with a few rare diseases, including myasthenia gravis and retinitis pigmentosa, that made the doctor’s prognosis on his chances quite negative...Read More

Advent Transitions

This Sunday’s Gospel reading, Matthew 1:18–25, reflects a significant transition in the life of Joseph, the husband of Mary. He had heard of her pregnancy. They were engaged. He was perplexed, scared, and angry. Just imagine how he felt when Mary gave him the news, “I am pregnant...Read More


In this las week of Advent, one of the ways we learn to prepare our hearts for the celebration of the arrival of our Savior is to see how others have done so. In Luke 2:25-32 we meet Simeon as he meets Jesus. But before the Messiah is revealed, Simeon is a man-in-waiting...Read More

Tuning in to Advent

Advent, for me, is a season of wonder and expectancy in anticipation of celebrating Christ’s birth. It is a time for me of deep reflection and renewal of my faith as I prayerfully gaze upon the Perfect One, Jesus, our Savior...Read More

Faith and a Rising Tide

Last weekend we were blessed in a way that I have rarely experienced. Anglican Bishop Todd Atkinson talked at our Friday night First Fruits service and preached on Sunday. Personally, with his teaching on the spiritual gift of faith from I Corinthians 12, I experienced a rising level of faith...Read More

Signs and Wonders Today

In the New Testament, the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was confirmed by signs and wonders. We are learning, at All Saints Dallas, that through the use of the gifts of the Spirit, the gospel is still confirmed in this way today in the city of Dallas. This weekend has two great opportunities for you to see first hand what the Lord is doing in our midst...Read More

Needs of the Forgotten

We are reminded often as we join in the “prayers of the people” that Christ calls us to be his hands in caring for those whom he called “the least of these.” Likewise, in his sermons, Phillip regularly keeps before us “the least, the lost, the lonely, the left behind.” Who are they...Read More

Thursday Night Life

Once a week The Well Community doors swing open wide and members eagerly start trickling in for Thursday Night Life. They come from all across Oak Cliff for fellowship, Bible teaching and the opportunity to worship God. Each faces daily challenges with mental health difficulties...Read More

A Thanksgiving Prayer

I know you are all busy with Thanksgiving preparations, so this isn’t long. But, here is a Thanksgiving prayer that you may want to use tomorrow. It is a litany of thanksgiving that you could read and everyone else respond “We thank you, Lord.” I am deeply thankful for all of these things, and for all of you...Read More