A Weekend with Bishop Todd Atkinson

First Fruits – Friday 7 – 9 p.m.

Prayer Training – 9-11 a.m. (with light breakfast)

Passion/Palm Sunday – 1 Peter 5:1

Turning Vision to Action – this is always the challenge the people of God have faced when the Lord has birthed a fresh vision within a worshiping community. In these new seasons of life, the Lord often brings new graces to these communities through new people.

Bishop Todd Atkinson has become this kind of friend to All Saints Dallas. Many of you will remember his visit in December where he spoke to great effect on the subject of the gift of Faith. As I write to you our dear friend Todd is in the air on his way to spend the weekend with us.

Friday Night – First Fruits 7-9pm// The Apostolic

+Todd will be speaking on a word that the Lord has given him about All Saints, It’s role within the city of Dallas as an Apostolic Centre. Hang on – what does Apostolic even mean, you might be thinking?

A brief history lesson on the role of an “Apostle” – In the Roman empire – as the borders of the empire stretched and entered new cultures it became imperative for the Empire that the culture of Rome extend at the same rate. In order to accomplish this Caesar appointed Apostles and delegates his authority to them so that they could be sent into a culture opposed to that of Rome and by using gifts of grace – give that culture a taste of Rome so that the Roman way could be established in the outposts and outskirts of the empire.

A Christian Apostle then is one who is given delegated authority and sent into a culture opposed to the Kingdom of God so that through the use of gifts of grace, natural abilities, and acquired skills - the kingdom of God can be established and flourish in new parts of the culture.

It will be an evening of worship, prayer, and teaching where we will hear about how the Lord is sending All Saints Dallas, in a renewed way, into the heart of the city - to the end that the Kingdom of God will be established and flourish in new ways.

Saturday – Prayer Training 9-11am// Praying in the Power of the Holy Spirit

This is an opportunity for the whole church to come and learn how to pray in the style and manner of our Sunday Prayer Ministry Team. +Todd will be with us and the teaching will be more of an interactive interview with +Todd hearing some of his stories, learning from some of his mistakes and then having some time to put it all into practice by praying for each other.

Sunday – Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is like no other Sunday. We begin the service singing All Glory Laud and Honor as we process into church and we end up shouting crucify him as part of the Passion narrative that will be read interactively. +Todd will also be preaching on 1 Peter 5:1.

This weekend will be a powerful start to Holy Week. Philip and I are full of expectation as we anticipate what the Lord will do in our midst. We look forward to seeing you over the course of the weekend.

Every blessing,

Rev Dave Larlee