Breaking Ground Downtown and Fire and Brimstone

Yep. It’s happening! This Saturday, December 9, at 10 AM you are invited to 901 S. Ervay for the Crossroads Groundbreaking of our new church site. Who knew that a year ago we would own this building, raise the funds for design and construction, and prepare for our move in November 2018.

Months and years of praying and planning have brought us to this exciting moment. We will break ground for the raising up of a house of prayer and worship in downtown Dallas. This is the continuation of the vision God placed on our hearts to plant a three stream Anglican church (Scripture, Sacrament and Holy Spirit) in or near downtown Dallas 7 years ago. As we move into the second Sunday of Advent, the common themes of hope, expectation, and anticipation dominate. These same themes reverberate throughout the ASD community as we look ahead to where God is leading us. 

Here is what’s going to take place this Saturday, December 9 at 10 AM at our new building site:

  • To view street closures due to the Dallas Marathon, Click Here>>
  • Park in the parking lot next to the building on the south side.
  • Gather inside on the first floor for a welcome, prayer, worship, a short guided tour, explanation of the floor plans, and exciting news of developing plans in the neighborhood.
  • We will move outside the building and follow the processional cross as we prayer walk the boundaries outside of the building.
  • This is followed by a ceremonial “breaking of the brick.”
  • Our short time together, approximately one hour, will conclude with a time of ministry in the Holy Spirit inside the building. 
  • After the Crossroads Groundbreaking, you are is encouraged to have lunch together at the Farmers’ Market or other surrounding restaurants and bars. 

Children and teenagers are invited and encouraged to come. This is a significant ASD community event. Looking forward to seeing you there. 

I'd like to share two quick stories from the ASD Christmas party. One of our members was being dropped off by an Uber driver and asked him if there is anything he could pray for. The driver said yes, pray for him to meet some friends. Our member invited the driver to come in to the party. He did and made friends. That's outreach. Secondly, one of the workers was amazed a church would take time to enjoy dancing and drinks/food. He said he was taught fire and brimstone is what awaits you if you dance and drink and as a result, he had not been to a church in a long time. He asked us to come back to the museum. We asked him to come to Alpha and he said he would. More outreach. 

I am sure there are many other stories you have. Please share them with us, preferably by e-mail, so we can collect them. We love hearing stories of how God is using all of you to bring His kingdom to Dallas now.